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Weight Watchers Summer Fruits Fromage Frais

Flavoured, Fromage Frais, Low Fat

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published 24/05/2008 | Amy69
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Pro full of flavour, fruity, healthy, good size
Cons Aspartame :(
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"Summer snacking!"

Attractive with clear information

Attractive with clear information

Being both a huge fan of yoghurt, and having shared my time with scrumptious pots of Weight Watchers yoghurts, I decided it was time to sample the Weight Watchers Fromage Frais. These come in two pack options: Summer Fruits and Berry Fruits. At the time of purchase, they were on a '2 for £2' deal at Asda, which was fantastic as they were usually £1.97 a pack! This was an offer I simply could not refuse to take advantage of, and added both to my shopping trolley!

The Summer Fruits option has six pots of yoghurt, in four exciting flavours: 1 x strawberry, 1 x raspberry, 2 x peach and 2 x apricot. Each one looked scrumptious, and I couldn't wait to try them!

Each yoghurt has a vanilla layer on the top; a very smooth and thick, creamy fromage frais with a distinctive plain taste, more of a natural yoghurt than a vanilla! It doesn't taste much like fromage frais, but certainly has a similar texture! Underneath this fresh white layer, you can find the fruit section; a compote style puree in one of the delicious stated flavours! Each 100g yoghurt comes in a clear pot so you can see clearly what it looks like, each incredibly appealing I must add, with the general nutritional information clearly stated on the lid (calories, weight watchers points), as well as an image of the fruit you are to be consuming.

After trying each flavour, I have managed to conclude clear opinions on each:

The first fromage frais I decided to try was the strawberry option. I didn't eat this straight from the tub, but poured it directly onto my weetabix. I found that there was a nice amount in the pot for this particular meal, not too much or too little. The puree was quite sticky, but not overly sweet. Matching the appetising aroma, it's glorious taste definitely was strong in strawberry, a flavour I always love! Blended into the compote were fruit pieces, which I feel were actually a little large for the yoghurt. Each piece of strawberry I found was a little gritty, as it seemed each piece came from the skin of the strawberry. Nonetheless, it was delicious and most certainly juicy! The flavour went splendidly with that of the vanilla fromage frais, and provided a delicious topping for my cereal! With only ½ Weight Watchers points value, and 50 calories per pot, I was in yoghurt heaven!

The second yoghurt I decided to try was one of the two available apricot flavours. This one, I just ate straight from the little plastic pot. The image on the lid of the apricot looked incredibly luscious. It matched the bright orange shade of the fruit at the bottom. After passing through the sweet vanilla top layer, I scooped out some of the apricot fruit layer. It was quite thin, but not too watery. Its taste was a cross between apricot and what I thought was a little like orange - quite unique and extraordinary. The actual pieces of fruit were quite petite, but at the same time not so small that they lodged themselves uncomfortably in my teeth! It wasn't much of a possibility to eat the bottom layer first, so after spooning my way through the fromage frais, I left this layer until last! Each angelic little apricot pot has a mere 1 Weight Watchers point, and just 58 calories!

When you get peckish mid-morning, you can either reach for that big packet of tempting chocolate biscuits, or if you are like me, you'd rather opt for a yoghurt! Opening up the fridge, the first one I stumbled across was the raspberry flavour. I love raspberries, but hadn't had raspberry puree or compote before so I wasn't sure what to expect. As I peeled back the lid, a delicious fruity aroma mildly floated around, not too strong. As usual, the vanilla fromage frais was pleasantly sweet. When I reached down to the fruit, I discovered that it was quite a thick paste. The rich red layer didn't actually have much pieces of raspberry fruit in it, however it was indeed quite gritty like compote! As I ate, the fromage started to turn a pretty little shade of pink, but thankfully kept its separate and luscious taste. Only 51 calories present in the pot, and a little value of just 1 Weight Watchers point, this is a scrumptious yoghurt!

Peach yoghurts are one of my favourite flavour options in general, whether its Müller, Weight Watchers or a store's own brand. I was looking forward to this one, but had I left the best until last? As I sat myself down, spoon in one hand, yoghurt in the other, I examined the contents. The layer of peach at the bottom was quite a mustardy gold colour, a weird combination to say the least! Scraping away the fromage and heading straight for the fruit, I discovered that it was quite paste-like, rather than thin and watery. The fruit pieces inside were quite 'stringy', though juicy at the same time. This unique combination baffled me, though I was not disappointed in the slightest, especially with its incredibly refreshing peachy flavour! It was definitely rich in taste and went amazing with the fromage frais. A delicious fromage frais yoghurt with only 1 Weight Watchers point, and a splendid 57 calories!

Many people turn their noses up at diet products, claiming that they taste artificial and bland. Personally though, I feel that Weight Watchers are almost worship-able, and these yoghurts make it all the more worthy! Each one is low in calories and a delight to eat. Although the task seems impossible, I have managed to conclude a favourite, and settled on the strawberry. It's unfortunate that there is only one in a pack, but considering each flavour is amazing, it's not the end of the world!

I would definitely recommend these yoghurts, but they are not suited to everybody. To start with, I know many do not like consuming anything which isn't considered as 'real food'. They like to stay clear of those 'false' dietary products! If this is you, you do not know what you are missing! Of course, these are reasonably healthly yoghurts compared to other options available (I shall not name and shame), and are suitable for those doing the Weight Watchers diet, the information needed clearly stated. They're great for others watching their figure too, or just trying to eat a little healthier. Though, you do not need to be on a diet to enjoy them; they provide such a phenomenal experience all the same!

They are a decent size too, which means they are suitable for childrens' school lunchboxes. The lids are easy to teat off, so there need not be a struggle to open them. This makes dinner time much more hassle-free and enjoyable! Though, the fussier kids may not be so fond of these as the texture of the fruit pieces can be quite weird.

Although I have a lot of praise for these, I will knock them slightly. These yoghurts contain Aspartame, which makes you crave carbohydrates and sugary sweet treats. If you have self-control, there should be very little problems here, but if you are not so strong and have a biscuit barrel at hand, then they may not be the best option!

Aside from the slight sweetener problem, these fromage frais yoghurts are both refreshing and scrumptious, a perfect little pot of joy!

© Amy 2008

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  • MarcoG published 08/06/2008
    Super review Amy x
  • avacarrdo published 31/05/2008
    A nice review, I don't think I really like fromage frais.
  • johnny040676 published 27/05/2008
    Brilliant review
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