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Review of "Wetherspoons"

published 15/06/2006 | ben100100100509
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Pro Brill food, brill price
Cons Toilets. Ah, well, at least it's got some...
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"Wether or not... *cringes*"

As I am sure a lot of you know, myself and some other ciaoers recently went up to ciao.Manchester, organised by Dempsey. and he wisely chose Wetherspoons for our meal. I believe that it was a brilliant choice.

My first point is that the entire chain of restaurants is non - smoking, obviously not brilliant if you are a smoker, but as for me, it is nice to have a 'pubby' atmosphere without the smoke. Wetherspoons market themselves as 'The worlds first non - smoking pub', however because of that non - smoking factor, they have developed a general public view of being a restaurant, I feel. Needless to say, as soon as we got out of the restaurant, Demps was quick to get out a cigarette, having only recently started up smoking again, after stopping for ages...tut tut. But this is not a ciao meet review, but a Wetherspoons review, so I shall rapidly move on; although I am sure that I won't be able to resist a few more meet references...

My next point is the food itself. When we all went, everyone seemed to enjoy their meals, I had a five bean chilli which was nice, not particularly hot (although I am sure that my Dad would find it hot; one chilli flake and he's off...), but although it WAS surprisingly flavoursome, and I got a goodportion for my (or rather my Dad's) money, oh, which leads me on to my next point, about the price...

...is very cheap! Mine was only a couple of pounds, brilliant value! That makes a perfect course of that is, in the first place, cheap. But then it needs to taste nice...tick! So, two good things...but then you also, the teritarial thing is the portion siz, of which I have already mentioned, and it is these three main factors combined together that I find is the key combination when it comes to food with regards to value for money.

My fourth point is the selection. There was a choice of about 30 things, both starters and main courses, on the menu, brilliant choice, and for me, being a vegetarian, obviously the choice for vegetarians was very important to me. So, what was the choice for vegetarians? Well, it was very good, quite frankly. There was about eight different things upon the menu for us veggies, and most of those vegan...thats as well as chips etc, but I found that the five bean chilli suited me fine portionwise.

And drinks? Well, there is a bar there, so plenty of selection of beers, ginger beer for me, and all of the usual pub favourites at reasonable and decent prices.

One disadvantage point is the fact that when us at ciao were there, Gina's meal came 10 minutes earlier than everyone elses and Esthers conveniently came the second we had all finished ours... I think the staff were European; when I decided that I had had one ginger beer too many and needed the toilet, I asked the waitress where it was and she didn't seem to understand me. Eventually, after lots of frantic fnger pointing and bladder grabbing, she directed me to a sign behind me that read 'Toilets'. Ah. Clue in the title.

I went down the small back - ways stairwell, and it seemed that this was the part that the cleaners had forgotten about...it was dirty as eurgh! Maybe they don't expect people to stay at Wetherspoons long enough to drink enough to need the toilet...

And the actual toilet itself was awful too! Stuff all over the floor, ominous looking stains on the door....hmm-bluergh. liol, fdjk, hshhh yunnb!!! h...nikkitowinbigbrother!orpeteorglyn. And as for the sink...all cracked and manky, and it took aaaaaaaages to get hot water out of the hot tap, I was beginning to think that someone had swapped the 'H' and the 'C', I dunno if I am some kind of hygine freak or something, but I like my hot water!!!

The atmosphere at Wetherspoons was nice, with a 1500's feel with all wooden tables 'n' all, wooden chairs, and their famous 'not very clean' tables, but hey, for that price, can you really complain? Not really, so I won't.

An' thats about it! Summing up Wetherspoons in no more than 30 words I would say...

Wetherspoons is a superb value place that serves cheap but quality food and drink at a bargain price. Wetherspoons is family friendly, and completely non - smoking. Exactly 30 words!

So there you go. If I was in a negative mood, I might say...

(in 30 words...)

Wetherspoons is a crap pub where I can't get me ciggy out. Can you believe it? A non - smoking pub. Ridiculous. The toilets are manky, and so are the tables. And by the time I've found out where the toilets are, I've wet meself. So there.

I haven't counted up the last one...if anyone is really sad enough to count them, please tell me so I can ignore you for the rest of my time on ciao!

*hah! That wll stop them noticing the fact that it is, in fact, 48 words! I think. hee-hee...*

There are Wetherspoons' all other the country, in most big cities and also in some major towns.

One more thing of note and mention is a large TV screen, that exists in Wetherspoons.





Yay I have recently turned orange! Thanks to everybody who reads my reviews, it is nice to know that they are appreciated!!!

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Comments on this review

  • fabfrog5 published 18/08/2006
    haha - laughed at roys comment below, was going to write the same!! (hes from the same area!) blergh, this pub doesnt sound too nice either! oh well, im sorry for only giving you a helpful little lovely, but there are a few wetherspoons that have restricted under 18 times so you need to say something like that, no music, set menus for certain days (curry club) etc! other than that, i laughed loads at the familiarity of everything! well done, glad you enjoyed the trip! guess you wont be going to a wetherspoons again though!! :) x
  • n13roy published 14/08/2006
    Well, we have two Wetherspoon Pubs in our City Centre, and they are both " cheap and nasty " outlets, with crap service most of the time too, I avoid them like the plague..........Roy....
  • helencbradshaw published 26/06/2006
    It's a bit too injokey for me too, if you lose half the Ciao references it would be MORE useful.It's a balancing act. As for Wetherspoons and non smoking, my experience is they have non smoking areas too. They DID try and beat the non smoking ban across England by publicly saying their entire chain was non smoking, however that backfired, and takings went down, so they famously reversed that decision and will ban smoking when they have to. Their food's dreadful though, ok if you are starving to death and caught out in the rain, but three star at best for me.
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