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What I Do - Alan Jackson

1 CD(s) - Country - Label: Commercial Canada - Distributor: Sony Music/Sony DADC - Released: 13/09/2004 - 828766365528

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Review of "What I Do - Alan Jackson"

published 15/05/2016 | CoffeeQueen68
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"This is what I do."

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson

I have reviewed one of Alan Jackson's other albums previously. I do enjoy Country music, especially the traditional sounding Country music and Country singers. And I find with Alan Jackson he fits that bill for me. He sings a wide selection of Country and Religious songs, and have quite a wide selection of his music in CD and MP3 version. One of his other CD's I have in my collection is called What I Do.

The Album

Too Much Of A Good Thing (3:08)
Smiles in the morning is as warm as sunshine. Kisses when I lay down at night.

To start the album off, this is a lovely song to begin with. The guitar starts the song off before Alan starts singing. This isn't a fast track on the album, but it has a nice tempo with the guitar and drums playing in the background. He sings about how 'we've got a good thing going on.' You can hear the lyrics clearly through the song, and with the piano also playing along as he sings the verses, this is a good choice to start the album off. As he sings the chorus – too much of a good thing is a good thing – I find the tempo picks up pace, certainly in his voice, a little bit. This is a lovely song which I enjoy listening to.

Rainy Day In June (4:43)
I need some sunshine on my face to help me dry my eyes.

Slowing things down, this is a lovely, mellow song. He sings about maybe a soft breeze on his back to make him feel at ease. He sings about how it's a rainy day in June and how he's feeling blue and trying to 'make it without you.' Although quite a melancholy song, it is a beautiful track to listen to. I love the lyrics and the music to this song. At nearly 5 minutes long, it's a little longer than most of the other tracks, but it is a lovely song to listen to. The piano and drums can be heard softly playing in the background, and now and again and short intervals, you can hear the backing singers singing along with him.

USA Today (3:24)
I heard you been wondering how I'm getting along. I guess you think I can't make it with you gone.

Speeding things up with this song, this has more of an upbeat tempo to it, and as Alan starts to sing, his deep, rustic voice really comes through on this song. I like how he sings this clearly and with the band playing along in the background, the drums can be heard beating more upbeat during the chorus, and there are a couple of short musical interludes as the band play before Alan starts to sing again. This is a nice song on the album, and more upbeat than the last track.

If Love Was A River (3:55)
If love was a river and I was a drowning, would you get in the water, would you lend me a hand?

This is quite a fast track on the album, and sings about what someone would do for love? This is an interesting song to listen to, and asks what someone do in different situations for love. About three quarters through the song there is an instrumental which finishes the song off. What I like about this song is his ability to sing quite fast yet still being able to clearly hear all the lyrics being sung.

If French Fries Were Fat Free (4:15)
Well I made a mess of my life. Each time I went left, I should've gone right.

I like the title of this song. If only they were fat free! This has a nice beat to it, and I like the typical Country song feel of this song. I love Alan's voice, and he sings about if 'french fries were fat free and you still love me, what a wonderful world this would be.' This is quite an upbeat song, although not as fast as the last song. Midway through the song there is a short instrumental from the backing band. This is a good addition to the album, and another excellent choice which I enjoy.

You Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture (3:46)
The kiss was colder and I remember when we first said hello.

Although quite a slow song compared to 1 or 2 of the other songs, this still has a nice tempo to it with the band playing gently in the background. Again, his deep rustic voice really comes through in this song. He has that lovely deep, American voice that I love in Country music. And as he sings you can hear the words clearly throughout. I like the sound of the band in the background, and with the short instrument, this adds to the harmony of the song before Alan starts singing again.

There Ya Go (3:15)
Starting over again is a bit like dancing.

Speeding things up slightly with this track, he sings about 'lay your head on my shoulder, let me hold you close. That's it, there ya go.' I like how he sings this, and sings about how when one door closes, another one opens. It's all about doing fine in life and taking each step one at a time. I find this song is interesting to listen to. I find it quite an uplifting track with the lyrics and how we go on in life and how lives can change. It's not a sad song by all means.

The Talkin' Song Repair Blues (3:00)
The mechanic raised up from under my hood, n-he shook his head and said 'This ain't good.'

Speeding things up in this song, he starts this song off by talking quite fast to the music. This is an interesting song and he sings about a mechanic fixing his car, and talks about all the things wrong with his vehicle. After the first verse, he starts singing about not being downhearted. The mechanic says he's also a musician and how his song also has a 'broken hook.' I like how he compares his song to the car, and how his car won't take too long to fix, it will just take money. Throughout the song he talks through the verses and sings the chorus. I like this upbeat song, I found it quite enjoyable to listen to.

Strong Enough (4:02)
I just took your picture off the table. And I just took your picture off the wall.

Slowing things down ever so slightly with this this song, he sings about Tennesse doen't make the wine, California doesn't make the wine, and Mexico doesn't make the tequila strong enough to take her off his mind. You can take down pictures, but can't take her out of your mind. I like this song as he sings about his love. I like the chorus as he sings about he various liquors in different parts and compares it to not helping clear his mind. His voice is clear throughout the song and the band are playing nicely in the background with the beat of the drums playing along as Alan sings.

Monday Morning Church (3:24)
You left your Bible on the dresser, so I put it in the drawer.

This is a slow song on the album, and this is a lovely song on the album. He sings about how he can hear the devil whispering how things are only getting worse. Although a little meloncholy, this is a nice song to listen to. I find it easy on the ears and quite a romantic song to listen to.

Burnin' The Honky Tonks Down (4:53)
She's burnin' the honky tonks down...

This a very fast song on the album with Alan singing right from the start of the song. He sings this very fast and I like how that is a base singer throughout the song adding little added bits like 'yeah' and 'burning down' in base tone which I find adds to the musical tone of the track. As the band plays along and the guitar can be heard strumming at speed, I like how this sounds. Although the lyrics of her burnin the honky tonks down is sung quite a lot of times, I like the sound of the band as there is quite a long instrumental during the song. Along with the base singer that you can hear at short bursts during the song, this is a fun song to listen to.

To Do What I Do (3:03)
I've been a waiter, a roofer, a clerk. I've shovelled manure till my pride hurt.

The last song on this song can be sung clearly by Alan. He sings about doing what he does in life and it's all part of work to do what you do. This is a rather slow song to end the album off, and I personally enjoy listening to this song. He sings about how it's been worth everything to do what he does. It's a pleasant song to listen to, and I love Alan's voice as he sings about counting his blessings as he gets up to sing. Definitely a lovely song to listen to as he sings about how thankful he is that he does what he does.
Price And Availability

This is available on Amazon from £5.15 for a CD, or used from £4.90. Or this is available from the Amazon Digital Music Store for £7.99. This is also available from Alan Jackson's website, but is being sold in Dollars for $7.
My Thoughts

I do like this album. Although there's not a great amount of songs on the album, I think it's reasonable and I think the tunes are varied. I like the variety, and Alan has a magical voice that I just love. If you're a lover of Country music, then I would recommend this album.

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  • Chippytarka published 14/06/2016
    Not for me but excellent write up!x
  • jb0077 published 12/06/2016
    An E from me, top reviewing.
  • mikemelmak published 21/05/2016
    Not really heard a lot of him but I like country music. E!
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