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What I'd put in room 101

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INTRODUCTION I have had very little to complain about during my time here on Ciao. The community is great, the reviews are of an excellent standard (most of the time) and I very much appreciate the reads, rates and comments. However, having been born in England, I feel a pathological need ... Read review

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Room 101: 1500+ Words of Unadulterated Therapy

AdvantagesGetting lots of pent up frustrations off my chest

DisadvantagesIt's a LOT of pent up frustration!

"...the next light change. So what does numpty do? The second the light goes green, he decides he’s going right after all, and belatedly, flicks on his indicator. Of course, now I have to wait for oncoming traffic to give him a gap so he can turn. Meanwhile, the line of cars to my left file on past in nose to tail formation, their drivers smirking at me in barely disguised glee at my misfortune with not the slightest hint of a gap for me to duck into ..." Read review

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"Stop - That's My Goat You've Got!"

AdvantagesThe world would certainly be a better place. For me, anyway...

DisadvantagesThere may not be enough room for everything!

"...generally, but damn, I know what I like and what I don't. The word isn't 'negative', it's 'discerning'. I am a lady of impeccable taste, after all, and us ladies don't like to waste our time on rubbishy things not worthy of our concern. So without further ado, let me introduce the things I would consign to the shadowy depths of Room 101 so they would never cause me bother again. Harsh Reality I'm really, really, really fed up with Reality TV. ..." Read review

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AdvantagesSome of the savings to the environment actually save you money

DisadvantagesSome don't but we still need to grasp that nettle

"...hell dey all about, eh? Or, what about those people who seem to have little shopping, so you get in the 'shortest' queue behind them at the checkout, only to find that there's a whole enlarged family unit of Artful Dodgers out there returning extra items to the Fagin with the trolley just in time for the assistant to 'bar-code' them, leaving you no nearer the front than you were 10 minutes ago? On the subject of supermarket queues, what about ..." Read review

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room 101! Review with images

Advantagesfeel much better to get it off my chest

Disadvantagesits not real

"...are being paid so much, what makes it worse is the fact they spend money buying designer clothes, posh food and expensive holidays and not even considering to give a small potion to charity. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie are just one example of celebrities caring for others; she gives 1/3 of her pay cheque to charity. Also all the volunteer work she does as well. If most celebrities did this it will help so much to the disadvantaged people or ..." Read review

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My room 101 is filling up



"...ailments of the week or what they saw Johnnie doing with some ones wife last Thursday evening… but the ones that really irritate me the most are the shoppers that seem to find it funny to pack there bags with the speed of a snail and then decide to pay… by bloody credit card… staring at me as if I was trying to spy their pin number…(2435 if you're reading this that bloke in Asda last Thursday… watch where the box is pointing instead of watching me ..." Read review

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A good rant can make you feel wonderful
I got really annoyed just writing them down (*)
"The way things are going...."
"....they'll soon be none left." (Ben Reich) (*)
Might remind you of some of the year's events
Might go on a bit! (*)
Fill a couple of minutes of your life
None (*)
Help you score..................
Make you look increadibly stupid (*)
Travel is good for the mind, body and soul
Expensive (*)
You're not lining fat cat's pockets or working for shareholders
Bureaucracy and internal politics can get in the way (*)
I loved my toys
Where are they now? (*)
No ex-boy band members, R&B "artists" or soap characters
None (*)
Charities will benfit
I realise how ungrateful I am (*)
Jogged a few memories and let my imagination wander
I can't actually time-travel - in some of these instances, I'd love to! (*)
Easy.Blows most money-making schemes out of the water.
Not for those with little self-control or lack of patience. (*)
You could fall asleep
I nearly did! (*)
Many of them I hope you agree with me with
Like the actresses, some of them are an acquired taste. (*)
You may get a laugh
You may not (*)
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