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published 12/04/2006 | emi_angel
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moving house soon so need to make some extra pennies!!! thanks for all who rate my reviews, always rate back :)
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"room 101!"

stop fox hunters

stop fox hunters

Fox hunting

On Monday, February 21 the government finally banned the vicious "sport". It took a long 20 year battle in Parliament by many animal-rights activists to finally put a stop to this.

The foxhunters have always been arrogant, cruel, brutal people to believe that fox hunting is a good thing. A sport that allows men and women to ride horses as a group of hound dogs go and chase a poor defenceless fox until it gets tired then the dogs sadistically kills it by ripping it to shreds. This barbaric way has been described by foxhunters as the best way to reduce the amount of foxes. But Mother Nature controls the amount of foxes as it always balances it out some how. But its there fault that foxes are endangered because of their stupid reason for the murder of these beautiful creatures.

I hate the fact that foxhunters need to mention that it's a tradition. But why don't they make a tradition that does not lead to killing of animals. All this is is a murdering excuse. They should realise that its not accepted in modern society and that it's the twenty first century and we don't need to kill animals for sport.
Even though it has been banned it still does ahead and they don't really care. I'm sure they would not like it if bloodthirsty dogs chased them until they got so tired, ending up with the dogs cruelly kill them by tearing them apart. Fox hunting should have been banned when other cruel sports were banned like dog fighting.

Celebrities who do not donate to charities

In modern society it does not shock us when we find out that celebrities are making millions of pounds by doing film, TV programs and modelling. But even though it is stupid they are being paid so much, what makes it worse is the fact they spend money buying designer clothes, posh food and expensive holidays and not even considering to give a small potion to charity.

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie are just one example of celebrities caring for others; she gives 1/3 of her pay cheque to charity. Also all the volunteer work she does as well. If most celebrities did this it will help so much to the disadvantaged people or animals in the world.

If the majority of celebrities did give money to charities or do volunteer work it would influence others to do the same and to set an example of how much every penny helps. I'm sure celebrities would not miss this money and I am sure it would give them that warm feeling inside that they have helped someone else.


I know that spiders are needed for the food chain and are needed so that other animals can live and there are 3,000 different species. But whatever anybody will say will not change my mind on how much I hate these creatures. The moment I see one, whatever the size of they are, the hairs on my arms stand up. The fact they run around with their long hairy legs freaks me out. I hate the look of them whatever the size. Just typing this is making me feel sick. If I ever find one the only thing I can do is get someone to get rid of it by taking it out of the house.

Reading facts like spider bites can be very painful and even fatal makes me even more freaked out. But even though they do help with the food chain and all that I will still put them in room 101 and let Mother Nature to sort it out.

People who abuse animals and children

What kind of evil person can enjoy the pain of someone weaker than them either of an animal's pain or a child? I hate the fact its still happening today.

Child = All they receive is a between 2 - 5 years and get out due to "good behaviour" but what about the suffering for the child for the rest of its life. The life of the child is destroyed and there childhood will never be restored again. Many abusers go on to destroy other children's lives and it's a chain of ruined lives. So what better way of stopping this for good is by locking them away for good and let those victims have proper justice for a change.

Animal = When watching the RSPCA adverts I am shocked to still see that people are still being abusive to animals. The use of an animal to get kicks out of hurting an animal is just sick. Hearing stories of what owners do to their pets makes me think at what the world has come to. But what makes it worse is the fact that the abusers will either get a fine or a few months in jail and a stupid ban. This ban only stops them having pets but how do they know it will stop them. This weak punishment shows as a society we do not accept it but it's not important enough to stop the problem. It's proven fact that people who abuse animals will go on to abuse people to get the same thrill.


Where do I start with this one? Politicians are well known for their big plans and reforming laws and all that but do we really see these changes. Do you think we really believe that they will lower our taxes but put more money into the NHS and schools? I mean where will you get this money? Or have they got a secret money tree they don't want us to know about!

I hate the fact that a few months before the next election you see those stupid adverts about how great they are and how much we will help to make Britain a better place. Also seeing Tony Blair going to a local school and meeting all the children and answering their questions. But do you see that after they have won their election? Do you see our taxes lowered and more money for the NHS and schools?

I will vote as I think every woman should because it took us so long to get the vote but I still worried about what my vote actually do. We as a society voted for Tony Blair to be our prime minister, which lead us to having £4million wasted on a war we had nothing to do with.

Pop-ups on websites,

I don't think anyone likes pop-ups so just put it in room 101.

Plastic surgery

Plastic surgery was first invented for the soldiers of the First World War who were burnt when the aeroplanes were set on fire by bombing. In modern society it's all for show and to get the most attention from the media. Celebrities such as Jordan, Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson, Tara Reid and Mariah Carey are just a few to name. But why do it? I think it's the pressure form the media as well as wanting to be perfect, fit in and having this weird thing that they will be young forever.
What happened to the belief that we should all grow gracefully?

Now people who really need to have plastic surgery either by having a skin condition or an accident have to wait on long lists as celebrities get there next face list. Now it has taken over our T.V by stupid shows on how to blow thousands of pounds on how to look younger. All this gives us is how vain and self centred our society is becoming. Also how we now think beauty is what you can see on the outside and that if you look "perfect" it's all we need in life which is so wrong.

All you need to do to convince yourself that plastic surgery is not needed is by looking at some of the botched plastic surgery done on some of the celebrities of today. Jocelyn Wildenstein, Michael Jackson and Pete Burns are just a few to name.

Dogs wearing human clothes

Is this a form of abuse? Do you really think that dogs want to be dressed up in tiny dresses and stupid hats? Do you really think they want to make a fashion statement? Do you think they want to wear matching outfits with there owners? Do you really think they care if their outfit does not fit in with what is seen on the catwalk? I'm sure not! If I dressed up my dog like what some people do I would be too embarrassed to leave the house with the shame of inflicting this torment on my dog.

People wearing fur

If its not bad enough to kill animals it is worst that you would want to fashion the murder of an animal as an item of clothing. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez will actually use fur in her fashion shows. This influences others to wear it and making people believe that it is acceptable. Which it is not. Why cant people just wear fake fur as it looks the same and no poor animal has had to be killed because of it. This will keep activists happy and the person can "look good".

Reports have been made that poor animals are actually being skinned alive, which makes it even worse. Also coats made from hamsters, which is the strangest thing ever and makes me sick to think of how people would have had to kill hundreds of poor hamsters because of a stupid coat.

But because so many animals are being killed for this unnecessary fashion it has lead to endangered animals or even worse, extinct. I hate the fact that we are all fully aware that animals such as elephants are endangered but people still buy ivory or are we now just letting environmentalists do all the work of keeping the numbers up.

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  • gazhack published 26/01/2016
    Well put
  • RICHADA published 14/11/2011
    A fascinating (and intelligent) read here - you might not want to read my forthcoming review on the dogamac then, long story, but dog and I may well not be seen out in public again wearing matching waterproof gear. R. xxx
  • n13roy published 26/02/2007
    Personally, at this moment in time, I'd put CIAO in there !!!!.........Roy.....
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