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What I would do if I won the lottery

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Review of "What I would do if I won the lottery"

published 10/02/2008 | docpov
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"I can dream can't I?"

Put your hands up if you have ever day-dreamed about what you would do if you won the lottery. Those of you that didn't put your hands up read the first line again and then put your hands up.
Yes I reckon nearly all of us have had the dream at one time or other.
So let us set the scene for my big win. I am only ever going to win it this once so I might as well go for the whole hog and be greedy about my daydream so let us make believe that the draw in question is this weeks Euromillions, a paltry £95000000 but it might just about tide me over for a while.

So what would I do, first off I wouldn't believe that an unlucky person like myself would have a remote chance of ever winning such a sum or any sum come to that
Secondly the pessimist in me would be sure something would go wrong, I would lose the ticket or the dog would eat it. Knowing my luck I would have the wrong week on the ticket or something. So I would have an extremely nerve wracking time until there were an awful lot of zeros on the end of my bank balance.

Once it had sunk in and there really was all that money in my bank account it would be time to book plane tickets, time to disappear for a goodly while. I would, of course have put a very large cross in the absolutely no publicity box, but I still wouldn't trust the press in this country not to do it's best to find out who I was. I wouldn't be surprised to see them set up camp outside my front door, so I would want to fade into the background until something more newsworthy came along. I really could do without the sacks full of begging letters that would be sure to wing their way to me as fast as the postman could drag them up the path.

So off we go to Florida for a month. Have great holiday and time to take in what has happened and to make some decisions about what we will do next. It would be a fantastic holiday, not having to watch the budget, just do whatever we liked when we fancied doing it. Getting there would be a joy too, first class of course so no after effects of being cramped in economy for nine hours.
While I am there I suppose I had better text work and tell them I'm not coming back. Now that would be a rather enjoyable few seconds.

So our holiday's over and it's time to come home, hopefully with no fanfare. It's time to start work on making a hole in the bank balance.
The first thing to decide is whether we are going to move or stay in our house. That is more of a decision than it at first seems. We have to ask ourselves some serious questions, would we be happier somewhere else. I mean we like our house, yes it could do with some work but we could do all the renovations without blinking now.
There is a problem however. We start having major building work done there is bound to be the odd whisper about it. I mean there would be builders for the extension, plumbers for the new boiler and heating system. Kitchen fitters to put in the new kitchen after we have knocked the kitchen wall down into the extension, and of course there would be no way I would be doing any decorating so the decorators van would be parked outside with the rest of the tradesman's convention.
Yes I know we could have it done piecemeal but with that kind of money behind us would we want to wait?

I think I would stay in our house however. We have had our plans for so long I don't think I could just forget about them and anyway the kids are settled in their schools and I wouldn't want to uproot them just like that, especially with exams on the horizon.
That wouldn't stop us buying a holiday home though. France I think, a nice large farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, a large piece of land to go with it complete with a fishing lake. I imagine an old farmhouse sitting in a yard with a large lake in front of it, fields and woods surrounding it and a small village just visible as I look over a gentle valley. Of course the main prerequisite would have to be a broadband connection. I can just see myself sitting outside on a sunny evening, laptop in front of me as I write whatever my superb surroundings bring to mind.

So that's our housing arrangements sorted out, for now anyway, transport next. New flash cars, mmm something else to get the neighbours tongues wagging. It's harder than you would think to spend that kind of money whilst keeping your anonymity isn't it? Anyway I would buy a Mitsubishi Warrior; you know one of those big black 4X4 trucks, always fancied one of them and my wife wants one of the new Citroen Picasso seven seaters, nothing too outlandish there.
No point in having a supercar, nowhere to keep it. A car like that wouldn't be the sort of car you would want to leave on the street would it. No leave the supercar for France. An Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2 that would do for me. Of course we would have to have a more family orientated car in permanent parking at the airport to take us to and from our French abode.
So that's that, a range of auto's to cover all eventualities.

Housing and transport covered. Haven't made too much of a dent in our pot of gold yet have we. In fact in the time that has taken to organise all that we have probably made enough interest to buy the lot.

So far you may have thought that I am a right tight fisted so and so, all that money and all he can think about is himself. Well no you just haven't given me a chance; it takes time to spend that kind of money you know.

I would make quite a hole in the sum by giving it away. Family members would receive a nice little nest egg and there are a couple of non family members who I know could also do with a bit of a leg up. So let's say we give away ten million between them and a couple of substantial donations to causes that are near to my heart. Maybe I am not so tight after all. That said the one thing I wouldn't do is be drawn in with all the begging letters I am bound to receive however many precautions I took to protect my anonymity. I am sure many would be very heart rending and I am sure some of them would even be honest but that's not the way I want to deal with it. If I want to give away money I give it to who I want, not scroungers that beg for it.

Of course my girls would be looked after, trust funds set up for them. College or University all sorted out and really they are set for life, not that I wouldn't want them to have to work a little to make their own life. I think that is important that they learn to stand on their own two feet but they wouldn't want for anything at the same time.

Now what? I have bought the big things; I have made several people happy bunnies, what am I going to do next. I have all this money and need something to do.
Well that's not hard, many of you know about my novel writing exploits, well now I have the money to do it properly. I can expand our company and maybe help a few budding writers up the ladder and get them published as well. So I'll put a million or two into that, do what I have tried to do on no budget and do it properly this time. Money talks in the publishing world and now I have a lot to rabbit on with.
Of course I want to continue my own writing so a new suite of computers is bound to make its way into my study.

I have been dabbling in the stock market recently. Now I would have the money to do that properly too. Make some real money, not that I need it now of course but it is exciting watching those numbers go up (not so good when they go down though) I suppose I now have the money to buy half the companies on the AIM market, don't know if I would want that though, too much pressure. I don't need that and really have no reason to do it. I could well be a major shareholder though, that would be fun, to go to the AGM's and be able to go to the company, see how it's run. Maybe go for an exotic mining operation or maybe an oil producer. Get me out and about in the world.

Yes I think it would be good fun to be able to buy a million or three shares in a company and suddenly have the CEO on the phone to me as a major shareholder. Could be a good change of career, I think I would be happy doing that in conjunction with my writing and the publishing business.

So that's my time sorted, apart from seeing the world on frequent holidays. That is something I would love to do. There is so much to see in this world of ours and I have only had the good fortune to see a tiny part of it so far, so trips far and wide would certainly be on my agenda.

I guess I am easily pleased really. I wouldn't want the glitzy party life, that wouldn't appeal to me at all in fact I would loathe it. I wouldn't want the country mansion life either. I am not that sort of person and wouldn't fit in to that sort of thing at all.
I wouldn't mind employing someone to do the garden and maybe have someone to do the housework. I think I have had enough of doing that and I am no gardener.

I suppose the bulk of the money would be invested and forgotten about, a legacy to pass on to my girls, the start of a new dynasty that my children and their children could use to maybe make a difference in the world. Who knows what that sort of money could lead to in future generations?

Maybe the 95 million is a bit extreme but if I am going to dream of the impossible I might as well do it properly.
So what inspired me to write this journey into dreamland? Well I did buy a ticket in the £95 million draw and I did win. I don't think my £7.10 is quite going to cover the above though somehow.

You have to have dreams or you have nothing to aspire to so I will dream on. Maybe one day.

© Docpov February 2008.

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  • TheHairyGodmother published 08/10/2009
    keep dreaming lol
  • MizzMolko published 30/06/2009
    Lol, I'd be the same with regards to thinking something would go wrong with the ticket! I'd want to cling onto it but then be worried I'd drop it in a puddle or something : S Eleanor x
  • jo145 published 25/06/2009
    Afraid I haven't dreamed about winning as i never do the lottery, but enjoyed reading how you'd spend it! Jo x
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