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What are your plans this Autumn?

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Review of "What are your plans this Autumn?"

published 04/10/2017 | 1st2thebar
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Lighter theme from the Franco archives: Les démons.
Pro Being random
Cons Chasing one's tale

"A Rake's Progress"

Boris, the nation's 'programmed randomizer.'

Boris, the nation's 'programmed randomizer.'

My Autumn plans as a Ciaoer rarely changes; 'aving mentioned this, indeed, times may differ dependent of my Ciaoer availability, partly of the common-denominator I am much more than a Ciaoer, or to add a finer detail: '1st2thebar.' Difficult to imagine I know, that behind the hyper-text-markup-language coding... flesh and blood circulates my vessel, rendering me human. Furthermore, I did check my passport to see if 'Ciaoer' had miraculously replaced my ethnicity, the result was, I am still subject to the monarch and remain a Caucasian male; reassuringly owned by Elizabeth II. By being a Homo Sapien I need warmth during Autumn of the premise mankind can't yet warm themselves up while reading and writing reviews, although, I do go via 'Ciao' to see how I can retain heat... fortunately other members are also human and will pass on their extensive knowledge of keeping warm - I shall read, learn and shop purely to help aid my internal thermostat, this is my main plan. Admittedly, just saying: Survival... is too generic and simplistic on a debate topic such as seasonal planning, why I will elaborate.

In the coming months I'll continue to be heartened by ethical practices by super capitalists, i.e. the hedgefund consortiums, Silicon Valley conglomerates and global fiscal sector; they're enlightened by the fortune model of putting social value first. Something the current administration has ignored and infamously misinterpreted for neons; it'll be to their detriment and fore-coming extinction. International Trading Groups are now seeking other business policy / human right methods to disenfranchise our current administration's barmy path to self-destruction. The result will leave a degenerative figurehead of a governance in name only... until 2021, which has zero power / influence at all on the global stage. Alternatively gifting an opportunity for rich influential corporates to fill the power-chasm, there's potentially three years of chaos in the political sense, why businesses are seizing the moment, to implement customer loyalty schemes and dissolve impending WTO tariffs, call it a total reorganization of inter-corporate-relations. Amazing era to take advantage of deregulation for crowd-funded, open day start-ups, notably if you're socially incline and technological.

Off the cuff, there's robotic platform based in the UK which can pinpoint where you left your smartphone and retreive it.. all you have to say is "Fetch" in a Scottish accent --- (basically, this is a canine without the saliva) ; the patent is extortionate duly because drone manfacturer (s) have a replica concept (for outdoors), the indoor one somehow defies common-sense to the so-called patent chieftains - Granted, they're prehistoric of mind, spirit and their soul vacated them as soon they entered the profession. Sunken-eyed and crusty lipped, devoid of sunlight and a balanced meal; one sip of a 'Fright Night' cocktail and they hang on to you like a moist bit of clingfilm, fascinated with your adam's apple. By mid November the 'Robodog's' skin will thicken on the canine as if by magic, thanks to the heat sensors; yeah, well that's the alleged plan. And here's the plus, no need for a poop-scoop. I know the developer eventually would like to get capital for a model which'll fetch a stick thrown in a park. The main unique selling point is again no need for a poop-scoop and there's health benefits for owners requiring a reason to do exercise, even if it's exercising a Robodog that doesn't need a good run. In layman terms... the advantages outweigh the craziness; because we all know exercising a Robodog is superfluous -- however, it leads to healthy-living, equating to healthy-lifestyles; leading the way to taking pressures off the NHS and Social Services; ah ye-s, now the Robodog has legs.

Any plebescite who fundamentally announces tariffs are a valid means of competitive trading seriously is an alien from the Neolithic period. There's zero credentials in substantial tariff-orientated dealerships, of the pretext, tariffs are not fixed, their randomness can dent profit-margins and worse still they're based on too many contagion variables that's *divinely* uncontrollable. Evidence of suchlike can be witnessed recently: US / Canada (Bombardier / Boeing) systematically delivered a 223% construction tariff on UK's aviation industry -- notably, prodigious in recent trading times. The secondary scheduled phase will commence in January 2018, not long for the actualities to damage the Northern Irish economy. Of course, this is politically seisemic and would wipe out any DUP deal made last June - effectively losing 1.5 billion pounds down the sofa. Businesses have no choice but to plan five years ahead, for stability and future investment -- private firms don't bathe in the luxury of working on a month to month analysis which government departments do without heed, usually with three backseat drivers. Loose laws engineers severe breaches in trust business and economic output, why I hope in the forecoming months private firms engage in archaic policy and laws and act on my advice. If EU subsidies diminish via a vote of no-confidence by the ECJ / EU States then our agriculture and farming industries will be first to suffer: within six weeks of any EU deviation / via pressure tactics; these hardworking, family enterprises could find themselves unable to sustain an income if there's any red-tape infringes from the EU. Their profit margins are so tight, over a third of enterprizes are 70% self-sufficient, and not via choice. An area whereby automation is eliminating skills that's passed on generation to generation.

Random plan

Currently, whenever I can, I'm testing out my very own randomizer program. I've named him 'Richmond' due to conceiving the idea in the London Borough next to the Thames. There's a few hitches still, as it thinks too numerically; quite a flaw if you're randomizing numbers for example if you're doing your accounts. The plan is to get Richmond to know the difference between numbers Richmond has added and numbers I have added; at present, he's like Yoda reading the shipping forecast, hardly 21st Century and if the content is longer than seventy characters, several end characters are tagged onto another line, just randomly. My aim is to tweak the codec so I can get clearer readings each time I randomize content... October 17th is when the tweaks end and then I can embark on interface graphic enhancers, to enrich Richmond's identity, I'm thinking Bobby Davro. By Christmas, Richmond will be doing the national lottery and Euro ones too. Although, due to Brexit I'll have to get him a working visa. I've got my fingers crossed that Richmond won't have to learn any other languages, To get him on song or up to speed with twenty two years of weekly National Lottery draws I suspect its possible that eventually Richmond will make you a millionaire overnight, the downside is you'll be ancient to enjoy the lolly. A faceless London-based Hedge Fund executive jovially claimed: "why not give Richmond a free float on the stock exchange once he's got some shareholders..." On this advice, I'm planning to sell Richmond as a fortune-teller, a quick chat with the attire department of 'Strictly' and hire a tent. In preparation, I'm watching the Tory Conference in Manchester this week for random quotes and irrational prophecies.

If I've time left this season, after incessantly sweeping the leaves and JWs away from my front door, I plan to find an Autumn drink, inspired by a recent debate on Ciao. In my foggy state I concur that you can have too much of a good thing and so the 'Special Reserve' is having a seasonal revamp; single malt picklers, you better cover your ears --- for I am going for a hop this season... The beer sommelier Sophie Atherton has tweeted: Support 'Hoptober' --- 'moderation is the answer. Not abstinence.' Understandably, she can't singlehandly save the public houses and small breweries, hence she needs help. I'm going by her moderation terminology, (which is unusual); she doesn't do moderation... Obviously, the beer sommelier queen has been slashed by the hop. I'm a sucker for worthy causes and a femAle tweet, why I deem it inhumane to not ablige during her 'moderation' phase. I'm more than a Ciaoer, I physically interact with real people, my plan is to visit at least one stale public house this season - Indeed, going against the trend of inhuman practices as eloquently described by Jean-Francois Lyotard in his book: 'The Inhuman' (1991); "without change, you lose humanity." Perhaps this is what Atherton mean't by adopting moderation to her beer consumption - and what is better than changing your habits in regards to season, the romanticist within states, it's nature orchestrating the change which keeps us human. Giving the Homo Sapien jobs to do like sweeping up leaves and JWs from our front doors, to increase bodily warmth.

However you construct epistemology, there's a direct kinship of what's gone and what happens today, henceforth, planning via definition really is a surreal, 'time opulent' activity. In truth very few of us plan unless it's a special event - a season change itself isn't worth wearing party hats for. May I suggest that this debate topic warranted a poetic force rather than paving way for just 'plans.' The key is Ciao's descriptive tones here: 'If we have a garden, we will pick up the leaves that begin to fall and if the weather is cloudy and rainy, we stay warm.' Very expressive and I nearly missed it, ye-h, too busy writing my 'plans.' I like to end off with a splurge of Autumn done in the same vein which captures Autumn for me.

Here's one for the Ode

"Beauty is what lies beneath the mystic leaves; Autumn is when the embers of nature collide and make a colourful climax.. a true feast for our eyes... I sense the earth thinking and in turn I can smell the stale warmth, not dissimilar to a 1934 first edition book with a crumbly spine. The wind echoes down the chimney replicating the sea, a mini scent of soot adds to the ambiance of warmth, a reminder of colder days and nights ahead. Alas, Autumn has a collected honeysweet essence of over-ripeness, it lingers ubiquitously. Before long depth and darkness will have a new existence, bitter sweet for most of us I'm sure; indeed Autumn is impossible to ignore... just like a sad man walking a Robodog.”©1st2thebar 2017

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  • Chippytarka published 10/10/2017
    An excellent readx
  • stacey2911 published 10/10/2017
  • Secre published 09/10/2017
    Nicely written
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