What are your plans this Autumn?

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What are your plans this Autumn?

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published 07/10/2017 | justarube
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Thank you everyone for all your reads and rates over the years and thanks Ciao for letting me be part of the community. Hope to see some of you on other sites, perhaps. xx
Pro Lovely cool weather; creepy Halloween; nature looks beautiful.
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"My Favourite Time Of Year..."

What are your plans this Autumn?

What are your plans this Autumn?

Autumn has always been my favourite time of year. I particularly love the month of October when the temperature change is much more obvious and the nights begin to darken earlier. I love to see the sun as she drops into the horizon and at this time of year the sunsets always look much more dramatic and artistic.

I also love this time of year because of Halloween. It's definitely my favourite 'celebration' in the calendar year. I used to take Halloween way more seriously than kids seem to do today. Now it appears to be all about collecting chocolate bars and dressing up as anything including in rather innocuous costumes such as princesses or cute animals. I genuinely used to try and summon real ghosts while dressed as the most gruesome creature I could imagine! I simply love how creepy everything gets at this time of year. The foul mists and fogs that gather over the fields and roads chill me to the bone. What unearthly things could emerge from the half-light and the freezing banks of gloom? In the 'olden' days I used to love seeing (and smelling) carved lanterns but they seem to be more of a rarity these days because of health and safety fears. However, is there anything more eerie than a crooked, demented grin and evil, piercing eyes cut into a pumpkin or a turnip with that strange orange glow of a candle light behind them?

Now that Autumn is upon us I have begun to trim and tidy my garden. I always like to leave tree cutting to as late in the year as possible. I have always assumed that birds will have stopped nesting by this time of year. Unfortunately last year this was not the case. I launched myself up into my cherry tree to cut off a branch and came face to face with a startled collared dove who was sitting on her nest. I'm now a lot more cautious about pruning but it's usually a safe time to start lopping off branches. I have a garden with many leylandii trees and they are a real pain to trim as they grow so much each year. The little bits of growth actually cut your skin if they fall past you so it's essential to wear gloves and long sleeves. I've also got a couple of large cherry trees which need controlling as I have neighbours and I don't want them to be offended by the height of the trees. Luckily I don't have a fear of heights and I love to climb and do these physical jobs.

At this time of year I also clean out bird boxes that have been used. I adore birds and I'm always happy to see the boxes being used but it's sometimes sad if there is a failed nest and I have to clean out all of the dead chicks. Luckily, I know that this year we had a happy wren family in one of our boxes and that they successfully fledged. I'll leave some soft segments at the base of the boxes to encourage other birds to roost in the boxes over winter.

October marks my sister's birthday so I always have to remember to send something to her as she lives at the other end of the country. It's also the birthday of my eldest spaniel. He is ten this year and it's hard to believe that the decade has flown by so quickly. I still remember bringing him home and setting him down on the floor. He was really scared for a moment until I told him that everything was okay and then he just sprung up like a crazy thing and started leaping in the air and wagging his tail. He has been bouncing around like a mad thing ever since then. He is the most energetic dog I've ever owned. We also visit out local vets every October to get a yearly check. Our vet looks and sounds uncannily like the television presenter Johnny Ball. So much so that I even did a sly online search to make sure that Johnny wasn't masquerading as someone else and that our vet was really who he said he was. Luckily, I discovered my lovely vet is the real deal and not an amateur!

This Autumn I'm giving a helping hand to my mother because she literally needs one. She broke her arm falling on her stairs a few weeks ago so I have been doing many jobs for her including shopping, cooking and cleaning. It's something that has made me think about the future a bit and worry about how my parents are going to cope as they get even older and less mobile. I'm trying to get the rest of my family to pitch in and help but I've discovered that my sister, brother-in-law and my pretentious nieces are approaching the matter like they approach most things in life. If there is nothing to gain from it they won't offer their support or assistance. They have actually given a few lifts to my mother but only if she pays them to drive her around. I'd perhaps understand if they were a poor family but they are the most affluent of all of us so I think it's all a bit sad and cruel.

I'm a huge tennis fan and the sporting calendar comes to end at this time of year. I usually go to the ATP year end finals and I'm off again this year. A trip to London is a big deal for me because I live up in the quiet country near the Scottish Borders. It takes a good few hours to get into the city and then it's a huge culture shock for me because I usually spend much of my time in empty fields and in woodland. However, it's hugely thrilling to get into London and just do simple things like riding the underground trains. I love the drama of the ATP World Tour Finals which is held at the O2 Arena. It's the perfect tournament for a lover of tennis as you get to see the best eight players of the year. You can watch them practice and you can take part in so many interactive activities in the 'Fan Zone' that is created for the event. I'm really looking forward to that in November.

I'm currently also updating my wardrobe. I'm not a person who enjoys wearing warm clothes in the autumn and winter, which may sound odd. However I seem to run at a higher temperature than most people. I remember one year walking around in a t-shirt and crop jeans as people were walking past in duffle coats and gloves, gawking at me as if I was a crazy person! I tend to buy things which I can layer up if I do get cold but which I can still wear if I am feeling hot. I've recently realised that my wardrobe is in dire need of a refresh. There are some things I've literally kept hold of for over twenty years. I'm a bit of an old hippy and I won't throw things away unless they look REALLY bad but I think the time has come to stop this and to just buy a few new things. I'm planning a big shopping trip soon, which may be a lot of fun!

Today I'm going to walk my dogs up into the farm land near my home. I tend to find myself spending longer outside in the Autumn than I do in the summer. There is no harsh glare from the sun to deal with and I generally find there are less people about so it's a bit calmer and I can do whatever I want such as turning cartwheels in the meadow or training my dogs to leap through my arms without anyone thinking I'm a bit strange. I love to explore the fruits of Autumn too. All of the trees are covered in berries or nuts and I love to try an identify them. I love to take my camera outdoors and grab some cool shots of the colourful tainted leaves. It' cool to kick around in the muddy fields when they've just been ploughed after the harvesting period. There used to be pit houses nearby where I walk and old pottery is often dredged to the surface. I recently found an old broken jug which was printed with the slogan "There are no gains without pains..." which made me really reflect on life as if this was a message from the universe!

I hope you are all enjoying Autumn!

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  • rolandrat123 published 29/10/2017
  • euphie published 22/10/2017
    vh :o)
  • BNibbles published 11/10/2017
    Lovely time of year - I particularly like the deeper sky colours (when the sun is out!) as summer photos can be a bit of a let down until the evening.
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