What are your plans this Autumn?

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What are your plans this Autumn?

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Review of "What are your plans this Autumn?"

published 11/10/2017 | thedevilinme
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I came on ciao to write and be published. It seems most wrote for money after-all. Well there is no money in writing and a vocation
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"Let the arguments begin!"

My tree monster photo. They come out after big storms.

My tree monster photo. They come out after big storms.

My major main plan for the autumn is to keep warm. This time of the year means one thing only – arguments over putting on the central heating! A house full of guys would not fuss over it. We know it’s expensive and so we put it on when it’s cold. But when people get older the colder they get, especially women, and so they are ALWAYS cold. The women of the family like the heating on but when that bill comes in the rows explode and it’s never down to them. It’s almost as if he or she that controls the thermostat controls the home and when it’s a she then that bill becomes a catalyst to start just about any argument on anything. You have to pay your rent and mortgage and you can’t make those bills go up or down much. The gas bill is one of those bills that has the most strain with couples and families alike and it’s going up and up and up.

Keeping heating costs down under the Tories is far more serious, of course, and for some it’s a choice between heating and eating. Its estimated 10,000 pensioners a year in the U.K. die of the cold. No government is prepared to seriously subsidies heating costs for the elderly and the bills are so high now because we are actually subsidizing the energy companies! The market has been rigged for exactly that reason. So the next time you argue over the thermostat its life and death for someone so stick another jumper on.

A reason to celebrate autumn for some is it’s the end of the summer, autumn the time when the miserable people cheer up. The summer season is pressure on young women to look good in very little and very few women are happy with their bodies. In the autumn and winter you can cover it all up in a snug coat and trousers and a bit of a leveler. Those peacocks that love the sun and look good in it are not best impressed with autumn as it means cold and rainy night’s in. Autumn leads to the winter and then the Goths and pasty weirdoes in black come out to play, town center high streets at their worse.

Autumn is certainly an exciting month weather-wise in the U.K. Those powerful ex hurricanes from the Americas are ‘slingshotted’ across the Atlantic Ocean by the Jet stream and hit us with less than glamorous names like Strom Brian as angry low pressures that bend octogenarian trees like a gnarly witches spine until they submit, producing a blizzard of fragile yellow and browning leaves like tears as one or two bought crashing down in the windy season. And when it rains in this month it rains, the mulch of leaves on the floor making the pavements as slippery and greasy as a Tory MP. Hurricane Ophelia is on its way to the U.K. but you can bet it will have a naff name the moment it comes up the approaches.

I do enjoy early autumn for long walks in the countryside though. It’s a good way of squeezing more summer out of summer. Winter is all about being stuck indoors and so any way of shortening that hibernation gets my vote. Now I don’t mean tottering around the local parks shouting instructions at your dog and kids but some serious miles. Last week I did a round 18 miler to target a country house as the buoy and was back in Northampton with the spinnaker up after 7 hours on the road fully refreshed. Leaving the city boundaries without your car and getting some proper exercise on the country roads is surprisingly refreshing this time of the year and a great way to think things through and clear your mind. It’s very quiet on the back roads and you get in touch with nature. There is surprising array of road kill out there. My first public sighting of a badger was a dead one in the gutter, and they are big old things, the size of an armchair! You see hawks, pheasants, voles and all sorts in the sky and bustling around in hedges. Its great way to get fit with the sun on your face and new things to see. You can’t beat a suspicious look form a yokel. You certainly can’t beat a pint in a village pub. Being in the city for a long period is never good for you. I used to run marathons in my teens so like the challenge of the big miles, the biggest being the county line. Could you walk from your house to another county and back again? I can, and will next week.

The 1st of November and you are as good as in winter here, frosty dark black nights and twinkly pavements. Fireworks boom away in housing estates as pets cower under the bed and ‘Trick or Treat’ gets bigger and bigger. If you don’t give those kids some chocolates when the bell rings those fireworks will be coming through your letterbox.

Late autumn is when moms start thinking about Christmas. Those marketing messages are too powerful to resist. Your mum bought Marks & Sparks half-price crackers in January (the most overpriced things since printer ink) to proudly get out for the big day but then buys some more in October because the clocks have gone back and so its time to buy for Christmas. Christmas, like buying a diamond for your lover or being part of an organized religion, is just one big marketing trick.
But Christmas is something nice to look forward to in a long dark winter and October is the first hint its coming.

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  • siberian-queen published 08/11/2017
    great review
  • euphie published 23/10/2017
    vh :o)
  • sellerleygirl published 16/10/2017
    Well reviewed and well done on the win!!
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