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What is Blair's legacy?

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published 25/07/2008 | milleniumzeus
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"The soul of the country is dead."

Well I haven't written a review for quite some time but thought I would try to invoke a revolution with this one. Only joking. I am getting increasingly angry with this government and all it stands for, it is my way of venting that anger. I hope it is also a way of justifying my feelings and gaining a consensus of some of your feelings and whether we agree or not.

Those of you who have read my past reviews know that I can be outspoken and labelled somewhat eccentric, but I do write from the heart, am brutally honest, and always tell the truth.

I believe I have the credentials to speak from experience on this matter as I live amongst the people generally stereotyped as lower/working class, work with their everyday problems due to my career as a counsellor and teacher, and have lived in a multicultural city most of my life.

"Blair's legacy" seemed to be the most apt slot to fit this into so here I am back again like the phoenix.

I feel President Blair as he became known affectionately and sarcastically in his later years was no worse a prime minister than many others that litter our historic past. Please bear in mind this is just an opinion. Opinions are opinions and we all have those, and that is exactly what they are, just opinions. No one can say an opinion, interpretation or perception is right or wrong.

As Mr Blair wrenched power from the Tories in a landslide victory some of us may have thought a new dawn, and fresh beginning beckoned. I was not one of those people. I gave up long ago the belief that new governments will ever give us what we all want and have seen in my 51 years successive governments, many of these so-called new dawns. After the initial euphoria and hope, it always degenerates into a mood of apathy, depression and false promises.

I realised long ago that the large majority of our elected members of parliament have the interests of only themselves and what I call middle England at heart. The lower classes, the man on the street, the man who goes down the "offy" at ten o clock at night with his dog are the last people on their minds. Local government is not much better. They think they know what we feel, want, and need, and the only way they deliver this is not by asking, but by ordering us to do what they want, or get fined, prosecuted or harassed.
We are told when to eat, what to eat, what to drink, what not to drink, how much to drink, banned from smoking, harassed and taxed to oblivion if we drive, told what to drive and what not to drive, told what to put in our bins, spied on by more cameras per square mile than any other country in the world, and taxed for insuring ourselves or for having a holiday. We now have our lives blocked with complication (example below, see jobs) and stress like an artery in a diseased heart, strangling the hope and dreams of us all.
Money and everything to do with it is the only motivational tool in Britain today. It seems to be the only thing that matters anymore. It provides the materialistic backdrop to a society that has imploded upon itself into a selfish, apathetic, and moralistically defeated nation full of out-of-touch politicians with no answers, and the invasion by an army of do-gooders hell bent on telling us how to run our lives.


Education is a farce. From early years to further education I have watched in horror as standards have plummeted and many children leave school unable to read or write properly. Why? Because the people on the front line, the teachers, have been strangled by red tape, repetitive paperwork, complication, the search for perfection, and bureaucratic lunacy that means they now spend more time in meetings, photocopying, and pen pushing than they do teaching.
Shares in photocopy machine companies would be a good investment these days.
Discipline is almost non-existent as the power has been stripped from them in the interests of the poor child and political correctness. This is the same poor child who might stab or kill a member of your family in the future. The ultimate sanction the teachers now have is to exclude a child from school which in many cases is exactly what they want. Hardly a punishment.


This has now got so bad that colleges actually run courses in parenting, dealing with teenagers, and other topics to do with childcare. Why? Because many families are now one parent families (usually female) and children need a role model. Male children especially need fathers they can aspire to. The missing father has now been replaced in many cases through tribal gang instincts where the most macho is the one thing that matters. Add to this the common vindictiveness of the female species and the obvious bias the court have towards mothers regarding childcare, and access, and is it any wonder many fathers give up on their children.
For those families and children having the good fortune to have two parents in the same home the financial pressures have become such that they work all the hours god gave to just survive, and are rarely there to spend quality time with them.
They have no consistent role models so fend for themselves the best way they know.
Commonly in gangs, and commonly ending up in trouble.

The police and the law

The police are another agency that has been eroded of its powers and made largely impotent by red tape, not enough visibility, political correctness, and government interference. The token answer to our public complaints was the recruitment of the special constables, powerless plastic soldiers roaming the streets pretending to look busy or harassing the poor motorist once again.
We are told consistently by many agencies both from central and local government that crime is going down. It is safe on our streets at night. Really! Try walking in my area at 10 o'clock at night. I would not do it without my German Sheppard man-eater by my side with 20+ strong gangs roaming the streets and Local Park. Statistics are rammed down our throats, but the real reason that crime appears to go down statistically is because many people have given up telling the police that crime is happening. I long ago gave up informing the police of minor crime against myself because the usual reply is a letter in the post some weeks later informing you that the case is under investigation and that is the last you ever hear.

The courts are no better with large inconsistencies. Judges generally comprise of middle Englanders, the same breed as most of our politicians, and far removed from the man on the streets reality. Abusive childhoods are commonly blamed to let lying, scheming bastards, loose amongst the population to blight another innocent victim. The judges live in the country riding horses and drinking champagne oblivious to the stark realities of inner city life.


Now I have to be careful here as I have already been branded a racist on ciao. I won't get into that pathetic argument again but immigration on the present scale is unacceptable. Not because I don't like the immigrants or wish them harm but for the simple reason we are a small island and enough is enough. I actually admire most of them for trying to get a better life for themselves and would do the same in their position. However they are a drain on limited resources whatever anyone says. Yes you could argue they contribute but they do little that a native couldn't do.

Global warming

Global warming is open to debate as the planet has always suffered from extremes of weather in its history but I have looked at lots of evidence and something definitely seems to be afoot almost certainly manufactured by humanity. I don't want to get into an argument on the science of it. This topic is being used as a tax cow to hit the motorist and the public under another umbrella of disguise. I am sure there is a hidden agenda somewhere. Pollution has no borders so we may get slightly cleaner air in Britain but our contribution is tiny and will make not a blind bit of difference to the outcome. Whilst huge countries like China and India continue to open oil and coal power stations faster than I can eat my dinner the world will continue to damage its environment. Only drastic action by all the nations of the world at the same time may avert the most serious damage. Personally I think it's too late and that is never going to happen.


I used to believe in privatisation and healthy competition with transport. However over the years and after visiting many European countries this should definitely be put back into public ownership. It is clear that profit making, and not public safety or satisfaction is the only issue taken into consideration by the private companies. Personally I hate public transport and only use it when I have no alternative and after several brushes with unpleasant characters public transport should come with a health warning.

Jobs with a prime example of the complication in our lives

To get a job these days requires a huge test of your patience, and lots of time. After spending two days reading the job description and person specification, another day working out whether you fit the 275 criteria, you actually get to fill in the 80 page application form together with the 20 appendices. The first bit is easy with things such as religion, ethnic background, name, address, medical history, sexuality, hobbies, next of kin, covering letter, 10 referees, whether you have one leg or two, are both ears working, can you see, have you got all your fingers, can you speak, qualifications, work history, work experience, political beliefs, and the list goes on.
Then we get to the hard bit where you have to explain how you meet the 275 criteria. This can take several days. If you manage to finish this by the deadline for applicants you then have to go through the shortlist process. With 1000 applicants it had better be good. After the first round of interviews you are down to the last 500. Well done. Then comes the second round of short listing the short listed. The short listed are re-interviewed to short list the short listed and make another short list. The resulting short list of 100 is then short listed to the last short list. After two months you are nearly there. After your final interview you are offered the job but this is subject to satisfactory replies from your 10 referees and the CRB (Criminal record bureau) check. This of course now has to be enhanced because you may just accidentally talk to a child on the phone whilst in work. After another two months you get a final offer of a job and a start date. However you haven't finished yet.
You have to go on a training course where you have to watch 25 health and safety videos, do a 100 question multi-choice knowledge test, have a medical, prove you are an ardent fan of equality and diversity by attending a three day seminar, and watch even more videos on job specific tasks such as making the tea.
Then and only then can you start your job as a bar person in the local pub. Well done.


That is just a generalised sample of what Blair has left in his legacy for this country. Mr Brown is set to continue the trend with another inept and unaware preformance who clearly only listens to spin Doctors just as out of touch as himself. We are an unhappy nation of people and it's about time they realised that fact.

Every day is a constant struggle of balancing finances, hoping our families stay safe, keeping the roof over our heads, and feeding ourselves.

We are watched constantly from the time we leave our homes until we return. We are on more databases than cars on the road. The search for perfection and the complication this breeds is so intense we have gone backwards because they have forgotten we are human and make mistakes.
Equality and diversity take precedence over everything else and to preach it is easy, to practice it is another thing entirely. Anyone who lives in the real world will know that it is impossible in reality. Why? Because we are all different, we are all unique, and all have different needs that can't all be met all of the time.
We are besieged by red tape and bureaucracy every day and they wonder why people binge drink!
After working 50-60 hours for a pittance while politicians give themselves open ended pay rises it is not rocket science to figure out people need to relax. Recreational drugs and alcohol give them the chance to do it, and there you have Blairs legacy.

I could go on forever with this one but will not keep you any longer.

I'm off to get pissed.

Thanks for reading.
Tony © 2008-07-25

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Comments on this review

  • ICECOLD published 04/11/2008
    I loathe everything that this government has foisted on this country in the last few years and I worry about the loss of our basic freedoms, with cameras scrutinising our every move, and now the privacy of our e.mails and phone calls is to be eroded as well. I enjoyed your "rant" and can see how you have arrived at your opinions, a lot of which I agree with.
  • patriciat published 22/09/2008
    I see you got a whole book of replies from Muttley so all I'll say is that I thought Tony Blair was a disaster and didn't think things could get much worse - and then we got Gordon. Pat.t x
  • arnoldhenryrufus published 16/08/2008
    I bet that feels better getting it off your chest - lyn x
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