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published 27/04/2011 | donf18
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"The answer is in your heart"


What is love? Who is God? Where is God? What is the meaning of life? All questions with different answers depending on who you are, probably where you are, how you are feling at the time? Questions which will invariably raise other questions, but with regard to the question in the subject matter what is love is it tangible, is it merely an illusion of the mind, or is it indeed hidden in the heart.

Old Soppy

I’m an old soppy, a romantic, therefore I believe in love, in its power, in its ability to change things for the better. Many will disagree, and they have the right to do so, but I do think in doing so you are in all likelihood doing so because you have not yet found love, not yet seen its value. I’ve been in love with my wife probably since the first time I saw her………………its never changed, never faltered, never waned. It remains as strong as ever and at times it even seems to strengthen. How do I know this is actually love? Well I guess this depends on your interpretation of what love means.

Dictionary interpretations will have us believe:
== Love ==
a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
sexual passion or desire.

When I look at my wife even after nearly 40 years I still see the woman I married the woman I fell in love with, I want to be with her all the time, be her companion and her to be mine. I have friends, which I care for dearly, but my heart wants to be with my wife, so my love comes from the heart or at least appears to be ruled by it. My mind knows what love is it deciphers all the info and tells my heart; although it is too late my heart already knows.

Love in itself can’t change anything, but it can be the battery to power on greater deeds and desires. It can inspire and influence your decisions. It can make you make the wrong decisions, since it will confuse your mind and guide you only in one direction. It can make you feel as if you are young again even when the old body has told you otherwise. It can make you smile when the world seems against you, but mostly it will bond you with someone, someone for whom you care greatly and who reciprocates this love, so that you in turn can reciprocate more and so it grows and strengthens and the bond becomes unbreakable.

Love is tangible once you have found it, but to do so you don’t just sit and wait you have to look and look and know what it is you are looking for, then out of the blue just when you think you are winning it will surprise you and there it is smacking you in the face. It will astound you, it will make you slightly irrational until you find control, it will confuse and bewilder you and then steer you in the right direction. It will at times make you cry with happiness, and at others with grief, it will grow and mature faster than you and always be that one step ahead.

It can be the feeling of magnificent gain or tragic loss; it can be the feeling of immeasurable glee or insurmountable pain. Yet through it all it will make you strong.

Unfortunately not everyone finds love as easy as others, sometimes it seems so elusive its as though it may well just be a fantasy in someone else’s head, and you are being told it exists but have no proof. I have proof and I so hope the majority of you reading this have equal proof of its power and its magnificence. If not do not worry for if you cannot find love it may find you, it searches as you do, it is there to be found in many guises, just keep looking.

Love is the bond that keeps two hearts as one, love is the feeling that cannot be described yet you know exactly what it is. Sometimes you will be convinced you have found it only to discover it has become elusive again. Love is the sister of hope, and as such will go hand in hand sometimes, and may in some instances seem the same. It is the power that makes you feel everything is just right. She is so many things to so many people, she is the most powerful emotion we have, and she deserves a little respect.

I hope you find love, and once you do I hope you will know that you have found it for finding and letting go can be painful, the secret of holding on is hidden in your heart and only you can find the answer, but it is an answer well worth searching for.

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  • Marge3781 published 16/09/2012
    Lovely review. I am a believer in love as well and I can vouch for love finding you when you are not looking - I never thought I would ever fall completely love - then I met my husband :) And not only do I have him to love - I have our two beautiful sons as well - who are the light of my life.
  • Coloneljohn published 12/05/2011
    Excellently said. John
  • Gooseydyoo published 29/04/2011
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