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What is your Summer Drink?

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Review of "What is your Summer Drink?"

published 09/09/2017 | sellerleygirl
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Pro We all need water - don't we!!
Cons We don't always stick to water!!

"What's your tipple? Here's mine."

What is your Summer Drink?

What is your Summer Drink?

What is your favourite summer drink?


There is only one drink that I am addicted to – strong, hot and black coffee!!
I don’t think that I would ever make an alcoholic – I can’t sit and drink on my own (only coffee of course!) and the thought of an alcoholic drink early in the day makes me shudder, apart from the odd cold lager in a beer garden on a hot summer’s day with a ploughman’s lunch!
What alcohol do I drink? Well my children would probably tell you that I would “sup ewt out of a smelly clog”, but I am not really that bad – honest.
In fact, my very favourite beverage is……


Spring, summer, winter or autumn – coffee is ALWAYS my favourite drink; I can’t begin to function until I’ve had 2 – 3 mugs of the hot, steaming liquid of a morning!!
No milk, no cream no sugar just very strong, very black and very good coffee. No matter how skint I am the one item I won’t buy cheap is coffee – I’ll have ‘smart price’ bread, beans, cornflakes etc but I won’t skimp on my coffee!! Also, being lucky enough to live near Lancaster, I have the advantages of having the VERY best coffee available from Atkinsons Coffee Roasters!

But this review is regarding ‘summer drinks’ - if you're sitting in the sweltering heat, chances are you've tried every cold drink going - but have you popped the kettle or coffee machine on? For years I have heard it said that a hot drink like tea or coffee can help to lower the body's temperature.
Can this be true, and it is more effective than what we're really in the mood for - a freezing cold drink clinking with ice cubes?
'They' of course, advise drinking too much caffeine or alcohol during hot weather as this can raise the body's temperature; but we all know 'they' are spoil sports, don't we?
However, it turns out that, while those are obviously sensible measures, a hot drink on a cool day really can cool you down. Scientific studies show that if you drink a hot drink, it does result in a lower amount of heat stored inside your body, and when you drink a hot drink, because it's hotter than your body temperature, you increase your sweating.
So 'they' can do one - I still love my hot coffee as a summer drink in the afternoon, sat in the garden.

(The reason I have not mentioned tea is that I have not drank it since 1972 – I went off it when pregnant with my first child and have not been able to drink it since!!)

The old H20, Adam’s Ale or Corporation Pop is a real favourite of mine to quench a thirst, and I don’t think you can beat it!
Of course, it is commonly recommended to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day (anyone who has ever been on a weight loss diet will agree with this); and as our bodies are around 60% water, give or take, that makes sense.
Naturally, where you live can make a lot of difference to how your tap water tastes, when I was a child growing up in Widnes, our waster came from a natural underground reservoir at a place called Pex Hill, a disused quarry on the outskirts of time. the Widnes Corporation built the reservoirs in 1868, some of which are still in use today. Pex Hill is now a nature reserve and owned by United Utilities.
Now this water was DELICIOUS, it came from the tap cold and clear and the first thing my relatives from London ever did on visiting, was to have several glasses of ‘Corporation Pop’ -= as my parents called it. this was, I daresay, prior to the addition of fluoride etc to the water and it is now several years since Widnes has had the advantages of the water – it got sent to Liverpool (sore point for Widnesians or ‘Woolie Backs’!!).
Today the water I drink comes from a natural spring from under the farm; once again I have good tasting water but this is VERY hard water. There are no health problems from hard drinking water, in fact it is said that it generally contributes a small amount towards much needed total calcium and magnesium – doesn’t so a lot for the kettle though!!

Today of course, people pay a fortune for bottled water!
Each to their own, but I refuse to pay extortionate prices for water – when dairy farmers are paid just coppers per litre for milk!
When I eat lunch out, I generally ask for soda water – which is either free or around 25p a glass rather than pay £1.50 - £2.00 for a bottle of sparkling mineral water!

Water though, either soda water or Corporation Pop (or Farm Pop in our case) is still a BIG summer drink for me.


One of my favourite summer drinks, and one that I make for any family gathering is a good old-fashioned lemonade. Not to be confused with that clear, sparkling stuff you buy in plastic bottles but the stuff that The Famous Five and the likes would drink in the halcyon summer days of the 50’s!!
There has been a surge in the sale of retro jam jars etc for drinking out of lately and also the large glass Kilner-like drink dispensers with a tap on the bottom. I picked one of these up from Home Bargains for about £10 and it’s perfect to fill up with homemade lemonade.


3 un-waxed lemons, roughly chopped
140g caster sugar
1 litre cold water

Tip the lemons, sugar and half the water into a food processor and blend until the lemon is finely chopped.
Pour the mixture into a sieve over a bowl, then press through as much juice as you can. Top up with the remaining water and serve with plain ice or frozen with slices of lemon and lime.

A delicious, refreshing drink on a hot summer’s day.

When it came to visiting Spain, I was a late comer.
My thoughts of Spain were the ‘Blackpool with sun’, Benidorm-like tacky holidays and I stayed clear until I was in my forties.
Then we decided to book a week in a quiet spot in Andalucía – and I loved it, I have since visited there and Menorca on several occasions.
It was here that I was introduced to ‘REAL’ Sangria – not that stuff they sell for £3 in a bottle in supermarkets. My daughter had a holiday fling with a Spanish waiter (something she also did at a hotel on Lake Como and in Corfu!!) who advised us on the best way to make a sangria.
With dry red wine, brandy, orange juice, some sugar, diced fruit, ice and soda water - this is a REAL summer drink – perfect for barbecues – but don’t drink too much of the one my daughter makes – she is VERY heavy handed with the brandy – it is delicious though!!


My favourite alcoholic beverage of choice, but one that I actually don’t have that much is a Campari and soda. I was introduced to this in a hotel we went to several times on the edges of Lake Como in Italy.
Campari is an Italian alcoholic liqueur that ranges from between 20.5% and 28% in strength. Invented in 1860, the recipe for it is a secret but it does include grapefruit, mild herbs, orange and lemon leaves and light spice. It is a very distinctive taste – and also an acquired taste, most people I know say it tastes like medicine.
I have just a little of it with soda water, ice and usually a slice of orange and I LOVE it.
It has a rather bitter taste – which I love as I don’t have a sweet tooth.
Two of my daughters each buy me a bottle every year for either my birthday and Christmas, and I squirrel it away – all for me!!
It makes a lovely drink in the summer, as you can make it very long - as the aperitif itself is so strong tasting – so you can have a long, refreshing, not too alcoholic and not at all sweet drink – perfect!

Now I do like wine!! In fact, there are not many nights when my husband and I don’t enjoy a glass of wine in the evening.
It very much prefers on how I feel as to whether I partake of Vin Blanc or Vin Rouge – although I do usually tend to drink red more with meals and white to sit and glug!
My husband and I have a favourite wine – Barolo – another one we met on a holiday – this time in Naples. It can be very expensive, especially in restaurants – and is something that our children often buy us as an anniversary present.

A I am so old and decrepit, my wine drinking days go back to the 70’s when it was ‘the thing’ to drink Mateus Rose when you went out for a meal, this soon made way for Chianti in those little straw baskets. In fact, they were my candle holders in the late 70’s!!

I have to admit that nowadays, I buy my wine from Aldi – they have an incredible selection of some really good wines – ranging from £3 - £10 – believe me, the £10 ones are incredible!
Naturally I love Champagne, and the drier the better – I do love going to functions where there is dry champagne flowing, as so many people don’t like it as it “is not sweet enough” – I am more than willing to get rid of the surplus.

Beer/ Lager/Ale

I am not really a great beer drinker; however, when on foreign holidays I do often partake of several of their ‘beers’, and a trip to a local beer garden on a hot summers day for a ploughman’s lunch, does cry out for a glass of lager.
My son in law is a really keen home- brewer and our house is always full of some of his latest brews – my son and husband say that they are very good.
So, while a do have the odd lager on a hot summers day when eating out, beer, lager, ale, cider, stout etc all come fairly low down my list of favourite summer drinks.
Spirits and Stuff

Apart from special occasions I am not really a huge spirit drinker, I do enjoy a good malt whisky – but class it as more a winter drink (although I am going for a week by Loch Lomond in a month and daresay I shall partake of an odd dram or two), and I also enjoy a brandy after a meal – I especially like an Italian brandy. Vodka and lime is a ‘sometimes tipple’ for me – usually at parties but I do enjoy a gin and tonic, especially with a lot of ice on a sunny evening. I also enjoy a dry martini with soda water - both this and a gin and tonic can be a longer drink with less alcohol but very refreshing and not too sweet.

In Conclusion

Perhaps my kids are right and I will “sup ewt out of a smelly clog”, and I do admit to enjoying a social drink with friends and family – but everything in moderation, usually.

Reading over this piece makes me sound rather like an alcoholic, despite me starting off by saying that I wouldn’t make an alcoholic!
Looking through my pictures on Facebook also seems to empathise this fact – there are not many photos of me and mine without alcohol involved; but I assure you I do ‘drink responsibly’ well most of the time – my children are a bad influence on me!!
Do take a look at pictures of some of my drinks from over the last year!


1. My homemade lemonade – delicious and refreshing on a hot summer’s day
2. REAL Sangria – lovely!!
3. My very favourite alcoholic drink, on a sunny afternoon in the garden with the Kindle – and yes, it IS a pint!!
4. A Ploughman’s Lunch and point of lager at The Plough in Galgate – lovely – epitomises summer!
5. My daughter’s Sangria – don’t drink too much of this – and yes, she does put coloured sugar around the glasses!!
6. I am very partial to a nice G & T too!
7. The beer samples at The Water Witch by Lancaster Canal on a sunny summer day.
8. Now THIS is my favourite drink!!
9. Mine and my husband’s favourite wine – Barolo.
10. A cheeky cocktail to celebrate my son’s 21st!

Thank you for reading, I have now found that I am very thirsty! But it will be a nicer strong coffee that slates my thirst today.

If you are partaking in something stronger, Cheers!!

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