Whitenergy Notebook battery (05155)

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  • Whitenergy Notebook battery (05155)

Whitenergy Notebook battery (05155)

Voltage: 10.8 V - Capacity: 4400 mAh

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Product Information : Whitenergy Notebook battery (05155)

Manufacturer's product description

Voltage: 10.8 V - Capacity: 4400 mAh

Product Details

Product Description: Whitenergy - laptop battery - Li-Ion - 4400 mAh

Device Type: Notebook battery

Battery: Lithium Ion 4400 mAh

Batteries Qty: 1

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

Designed For: ASUS M5000, M5200, M5204, M5242, M5600, M5601, M5619, M5620, M5622, M5636, M5642, M5643, M5658, M5659, M5663, M5678, M5A, M5N16, M5N17, M5NP16, M5NP17, S5200, S5204, S5242, S5600, S5601, S5606, S5610, S5620, S5622, S5626, S5636, S5642, S5643, S5N, S5N16, S5N17, S5NE, S5NP16, S5NP17, Z33; M5N; Z33


MPN: 05155

Device Type: Notebook battery


Quantity: 1

Technology: Lithium Ion

Voltage Provided: 10.8 V

Capacity: 4400 mAh


Compliant Standards: RoHS

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support: 1 year warranty

Service & Support Details: Limited warranty - 1 year

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)

Shipping Weight: 418 g

Compatibility Information

Designed For: ASUS M5000N, M5200N, M5200NE, M5204NB, M5204NBH, M5204NBP, M5242NB, M5242NBH, M5242NBP, M5242NWP, M5600N, M5601N-BH, M5606NBP, M5619N-BH, M5620NBP, M5620NUP, M5622NBP, M5636NBP, M5636NUH, M5638NBP, M5642NBP, M5642NMP, M5642NUP, M5642NWP, M5643NBP, M5643NM, M5643N-UP, M5658NMP, M5658NUP, M5659NMP, M5659NUP, M5663NMH, M5663N-MP, M5678NWP, M5A, M5N, M5N16-C Pro, M5N16E-RW Pro, M5N16-RW Pro, M5N17E-RW Pro, M5NP16E-RW Pro, M5NP17E-RW Pro, S5200N, S5200NE, S5204NB, S5204NBH, S5204NBP, S5242NB, S5242NBH, S5242NBP, S5600N, S5601N-BH, S5606NBP, S5610NBH, S5610NBP, S5620NBP, S5622NBP, S5626NBP, S5636NBP, S5640NBP, S5642NBP, S5643NBH, S5643NBP, S5N, S5N14-C, S5N16-C Pro, S5N16E-C Pro, S5N17E-C Pro, S5NE, S5NE-C Pro, S5NP16E-C Pro, S5NP17E-C Pro, Z33A ¦ ASUS M5N-2360H ¦ ASUS Z33Ae


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