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Whittard Of Chelsea (Shop)

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Now I must say before I start writing that I o work for Whittard, but I am going o give a very honest frank opinion on what I think of my shop. - Store Layout - Wow! I used to go in there before I worked there and I was always very impressed. It looks good and other stores need to take ... Read review

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Community Level 5craigy2040


Tea and Coffee galore



"...can get are, Assam, Ceylon, Whittard Original, Spice Imperial, Sticky Toffee, English Strawberry, Earl Grey, Afternoon, and the (world) famous English breakfast. We have only about 20 – 30 flavours in our store, and some flavours (the most popular) come in tea bags, but the majority come in loose tea. Loose tea is always better because you will get a better, long lasting flavour. Tea bags are convenient, but not as good in flavour terms. Prices ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Sacheverell


Whittard of Chelsea - a haven for a tea or coffee addict

AdvantagesFriendly staff, good product range, frequent sales

DisadvantagesCan be expensive; ranges can sell out sometimes

"I have always been a tea enthusiast, and I think it tastes best when itís made in a teapot and enjoyed from a pretty teacup or mug. Itís even better presented on a tea-tray with a proper milk jug. I consequently enjoy popping into Whittardís whenever Iím looking for anything crockery-related, or even just to browse. They sell a wide selection of crockery: cups and saucers, mugs, small plates, dinner plates, bowls, teapots, jugs, glasses, plastic ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Martinscho...


Whittards supreme coffee for the discerning buyer

AdvantagesWhittards is coffee and tea, and chocolate


"...within the walls of your Whittard shop. Well, OK, almost all types of coffee, as I have never seen Wolf coffee or Civet cat coffee on sale at a Whittards, though I am not really sure I would want to in any case. (Those types of coffee are made from beans that have been eaten and passed through the respective animals. Movingly swiftly back to the purpose of this review! Whittards stock dozens of different types of whole coffee beans form all over ..." Read review

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Hot Drink Heaven

AdvantagesFriendly atmosphere & a good range of high quality products

DisadvantagesA bit pricey for frequent purchases

"I'm not a coffee drinker, although I wish I was because it always smells so tempting, but I love a good cuppa tea. I'm a bit of an old woman when it comes to my home comforts really, and I'm also a bit of a cup/mug collector, hence I have a cupboard full of different ones that have accumulated from impulse purchases. I quite like having a browse around Whittard's and think it's a good place to go for something drink related that is that little bit ..." Read review

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This is precisely my cup of tea ....



"I have an addiction . If I don't get my fix every day, I start to become irritable, snapping at anyone who comes near me . I start to shake, my eyes start to roll back in my head, and my head spins on my shoulders like that girl from the exorcist . Well, maybe I am exaggerating , but I do have a bit of a tea addiction - I even have penpals with whom I swap teabags . It should therefore probably come as no surprise then that I'm a frequent visitor ..." Read review

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