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Famine relief .... right or wrong ?


just my thoughts

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For those of you who donít know by now , I have broken my foot and am in plaster cast for the foreseeable future
On the plus side , it has given me more time to think , and to share my thoughts here

The problem is that I donít follow traditional ways of thinking .
I donít just absorb what I am told and go with it .
I analyze and mull it over and draw my own conclusions , which I am not at all shy about sharing
I am not here to win any popularity contests , so I am always completely honest and donít pull my punches .
But on the bonus side I also allow other people their opinion and welcome any comments , both for and against me

Despite this , I have made friends here .
For example Richada , hilariously funny , incisive and a real talent .
Fiona , crazy Irish woman that she is , but whose reviews make me howl with laughter .
And Minha , sweet , lovely and a joy to know .
The rest of you , ( Duncan , you know you are in there ! ) know who you are , and never forget that I appreciate my online friends as much as I do my real life ones .

You at Ciao have put up with my manic ravings , ridiculous observations , rants and tantrums for much longer than you needed to , or than I expected you to .
Medals all round .
But even to those of you who are familiar with my style of writing I will issue a warning ..
This review is hard hitting , and as normal , I donít expect to be agreed with .

My aim here is to lay out my thoughts and conclusions , provoke thought and create healthy debate .
Once again , the disclaimer

I am not racially biased , and do not intend to be defamatory in any way to any particular ethnic group or religion

We have all seen and despaired at the vivid and horrific images of starvation in the third world .
The visions of human beings , helpless , covered in flies , sitting and lying on the ground , pleading with their sunken eyes for help .

Mothers holding up their tiny newborn scraps of humanity for all the world to see , little bags of bones with no life behind their eyes and not enough strength to force movement from their wasted limbs , a tear from their eyes or as much as a whimper of pain from their lips .
I look away .

Do I donate money for aid ?
No , I donít
Do I feel guilty when I have so much in comparison to these poor dying souls ?
Yes , of course , but there is nothing I can do about it so I donít dwell on it .

Let me explain why
The land into which these poor souls are born is incapable of supporting the sheer volume of humanity which occupies it .

It is simply not possible to grow enough crops in the burnt barren soil , or to provide enough clean and constant water to keep them all alive , let alone the animals they would require for food and milk .
If I could transport them all to a place of comfort and safety where they could thrive and live as we do , then of course I would .
I would take each one of those children into my arms and love them , but impossibilities are dreams and as such completely unproductive .

The truth as I see it , all compassion aside and dealing only with stark and painful facts is this Ö
These people breed constantly
To them it is simply a fact of life .
They have been offered contraception and sexual education , but to no avail .

It is simply accepted that the sexual act creates another child , and very little is thought of it .
These children are not planned and eagerly looked forward to . They are simply a by product of life itself
How often have you seen the film footage of a dying mother , surrounded by the tear streaked faces of her children , some not old or strong enough to walk Ö a baby at her empty breast and her abdomen distended with a combinaton of yet another pregnancy and her own malnutrition ?

Before television and film brought these stark horrific realities into our comfortable living rooms , nature dealt with this massive overpopulation herself .
The small , the weak and the diseased would die
The remainder would survive in numbers that were naturally sustainable .

I believe that in this socially aware and charity driven world , it is we , those giving the money and sending the aid , mostly as a salve for our own consciences , are not only prolonging their agony but making the situation a thousand times worse .
For every adult we save four or five more children will be born into this misery
For every child we save will become another adult who will go on to produce yet more children to suffer .

The children who donít die at birth because their motherís starved bodies are not capable of giving them any kind of start in life will more than likely be born with AIDS , which becomes more pandemic in these countries with every day that passes .
Those born relatively strong and clear of inherited disease will quickly fall prey to land , insect and water borne disease , which may take them a little quicker and more gently than the other option which is to survive and slowly starve to death .

Our attempts to help are simply placing more and more adults and children into a rapidly worsening and ever more irresolvable situation .
Their land will never sustain them despite our efforts to relieve their suffering to some small degree .
Again our interference in the natural way of the world is to blame .

We are not saving these people , we are sentencing them .
J xx
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pmcds 17.02.2010 11:58

A very thought-provoking review!

Coloneljohn 07.02.2010 12:51

Very well said. You have stated what I have frequently thought but never dared utter in print.John

RICHADA 19.01.2010 00:31

Firstly we don't "put up with you" we actually eagerly await your every word....hang on, that's highly presumptious of me, I eagerly await.......Back to the much more serious matter in hand, I too broadly share your opinions here, the very latest developments have actually shown that even the infrastructure to process the donations - rather the aid on the ground - is woefully missing, not inadequate but absent. One could offer up an argument that the perished have been offered a blessed exit from an existance not worth living in the first place. Richard. xxx

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