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published 26/07/2013 | kiss_me2070
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Pro light & easy to grip, gives a really close shave, skin feels smooth and soft, no irritation
Cons moisture serum didn't activate the first time, razor gets slightly sticky/stringy
very helpful
Quality of shave
Durability of the razor
Durability of the blades
Value for money

"Moisture Serum . . . . Finally Activated!"

The Product
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Hydro Silk is a new razor for ladies by Wilkinson Sword which is a brand many of you will have heard probably heard of. This razor claims to hydrate your skin for up to two hours after shaving. The razor has water activated moisturising serum and 5 curve sensing blades that adapt to the contours of your body to give you an incredibly close shave. It also claims to help protect your skin from irritation, leaving it irresistibly silky smooth. The razor comes in a plastic blister pack and you will definitely need scissors to get into this. The plastic can also become rather sharp once cut so please be careful. On the front of the blister back it has a large Wilkinson Sword logo and it also states the name of the product and that it has Water-activated moisturising serum. You can clearly see the razor through the plastic packaging which is a pale blue colour. The razor does only come in one colour. The purple card inside the blister pack which holds the razor in place, gives you come information about the razor and it also states that the product is dermatologist tested. There is also a voucher on the piece of card which gives you £2.00 off Hydro Silk Blades. I thought this was quite good as blades are so expensive now.

The razor itself is blue and has the Wilkinson Sword logo on the bottom end of the razor. The blue is a pale colour and is almost see-through. There is a grooved area under the handle to the razor which feels slightly softer to enable you to get a good grip of the razor when using it. The razor blade itself comes with a clear plastic cover on to protect the blades whilst in the packaging. I don’t think you are meant to keep this for the razor as this is only thin plastic. I how-ever have kept it to help protect the blades when I’m not using it. The razor has 5 blades, all of which look fairly sharp. These have unique skin guards to help protect your skin form irritation. Above and below the blades are some white coloured dots in a line (15 in total) and these are where the moisturising serum is which is infused with marine extracts. The blade head moves slightly so it can adapt to the contours of your body for a closer shave.

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I recently placed a New Look order from their website and this razor was actually free with the order which I didn’t know until I received the order. In fact I had actually placed 3 separate orders and actually ended up receiving a razor with each order, so I have one at my boyfriends, one at my parents and I gave the other one to my sister. You can purchase the razor from various places such as supermarkets, Superdrug and boots. The razor is currently on offer in boots for £4.99 which saves you £5.00 off the full price. A pack of 3 refill blades for this razor are currently £7.64 which saves you 85p off the full price. Don’t forget in the packaging to the razor is a voucher for £2.00 off these blades.

Using the Razor
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After relaxing in the bath for good 5mins, I decided I would have a go at using the razor. My legs really needed shaving so this was the perfect opportunity to test it. As the razor has moisturising serum I decided not to use any shaving foam as the moisturising should work with the water to ensure I get a smooth shave. I gently moved the razor up my leg slowly, ensuring I wasn’t putting too much pressure on the razor. The razor itself is very easy to hold and feels light when using it. The soft grip handle with the grooves mean that you can hold it easily, even with wet hands. I started at the bottom of my leg and again worked the razor up to my knee in a straight line. So far it didn’t feel as though the moisturising serum had been activated despite putting it in the water after each shave. The razor felt a little too dry as I shaved my legs. I decided to hold the razor in the water for about 10 seconds in the hope that this would help. I continued to shave the rest of my legs and also my arm-pits. The razor definitely lives up to its claims of contouring to your body as I had no problems shaving my arm pits at all. The razor did a really good job at removing all the hairs that needed removing. After shaving I still didn’t really feel that the moisture serum had been activated. Perhaps it was activated but I just didn’t really notice it? I rinsed the razor off and popped the plastic cover bit back on the razor to protect the blades. You don’t have to do this. After having a wash I got out of the bath and patted my skin dry. My legs were feeling extremely smooth after shaving them and there wasn’t any irritation after shaving. I applied some moisturiser to my legs which made them feel even smoother.

My legs stayed feeling smooth and soft all-day, which was probably helped by the moisturiser I had applied after-wards. I always apply moisturiser after a bath anyway but in this particular case I am glad I did because I didn’t really feel that the moisture serum had made that much difference to my skin. I was expecting more. A few days later when my arm pits were getting a little stubbly, I grabbed my razor whilst in the shower ready to shave them. I removed the plastic bit off the razor head and noticed that the white dots at the top and bottom of the blades were looking slightly different to what they were when I first used the razor. I rubbed my ginger very gently over the white dots and it felt slightly moist. It looked as though the moisture serum had worked at some point after I had put the plastic bit over the top of the razor head. I shaved my arm pits and this time as I did so, I could feel the moisture serum as I shaved. What a difference this made! The razor glided over my skin so easily and it didn’t feel dry like last time when using the razor. This shave felt much gentler that the other one and it felt as though my skin was being moisturised at the same time. After shaving I rinsed the razor off again and then had a wash. The skin on my under-arms felt much softer than they had done before and I felt as though I got much smoother shave this time.

With the razor I noticed that all the time the razor head is wet the moisture serum keeps working. I know this because a few hours when I went back to the bathroom the moisturising serum had made the razor and the shelf where I put the razor a little slimy from the moisture serum. This has happened a few times and I can’t think of any-way to stop this from happening. This is a shame as I feel as though a lot of the moisture serum is wasted whilst the razor isn’t in use. It means you also have the leave the razor running under the shower for a few minutes to clean it.

Overall Opinion
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I have to admit that I’m not a huge fan of shaving as about 2-3 days later my legs start to itch a lot from shaving. I get this with any type of razor that I use on my legs which is rather annoying. As this was a freebie I thought I would try the product to see how good it was. The packaging that the product comes in isn’t that different to other razors, but they do make it clear that this is a Wilkinsons Sword product. The razor does a really good job of giving you a really close shave when using it. When using the razor for the first time I was disappointed that the moisture serum wasn’t activated by the water and this made the shave feel slightly dry. The second times using the razor when the moisture serum actually worked it was much smoother shave and left my skin feeling much softer than it had done before when the moisture serum hadn’t activated. Although the razor was good and I was impressed with the close shave of the razor I was disappointed with moisture serum not working the first time. I also was disappointed at how messy the razor was when going back into the bathroom as the moisture serum doesn’t really stop working until the razor starts to dry out which means it can end up in a slightly stringy mess. In terms of value I think the razor is very reasonable value with £5.00 off of it currently in boots. I would definitely make the most of this offer and also go back and purchase some more blades using the £2.00 off voucher that comes with the razor. This razor certainly does the job of getting rid of unwanted hair and didn’t irritated my skin, how-ever the moisture serum either doesn’t work or gets a little too messy for my liking.

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