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Wilkinson Sword Quattro Sensitive Disposable Razor for Women

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published 17/01/2017 | Nymphypig
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About me :
Pro Smooth shave, good conditioning strip, lighweight and easy to grip
Cons Four blades is no improvement on three
very helpful
Quality of shave
Durability of the razor
Durability of the blades
Value for money

"A smooth shave every time."

I'm a very hairy woman. Actually, I'm probably not, but I do have incredibly dark hair and incredibly pale skin, which means that any slight stubble will show up very clearly. Like many women I shave my legs and armpits fairly regularly, and as I've gotten older, I've also started sprouting weird stray hairs that need taking care of - I have a slight moustache, one weird thick hair on my chin, and another from the crease of my nose! I also have very hairy big toes, which are the bane of my existence - I hate my hobbit feet!

When it comes to Razors, I have always favoured disposable. I had a brief flirtation with a Wilkinson sword razor handle where you just renewed the blades, but then I lost the handle, which rather buggered things up. Disposable it is! I've tried many brands, in many price brackets, from the cheap Bic Razors which absolutely shredded my legs, Gilette (The best a (wo)man can get!) and various supermarket and chemist own brands, but generally, I try to stick to Wilkinson Sword most of the time, though I'm generally not fussy on a particular model, so long as it has three or more blades, and can quite happily switch between those designed for women and those designed for men.
Wilkinson Sword

Wilkinson Sword actually has a rather fascinating history - initially a manufacturer of swords and guns ( over the years the the company has also produced typewriters, garden shears, scissors and motorcycles), in 1898 they launched their first venture into shaving, 'Pall Mall' safety razor. Men had previously been using blades that were essantially just very sharp knives, but around this time, many brands were introducing differently shaped blades that made it much harder to do yourself a serious injury as part of your morning routine, as you'd have to press down pretty hard to really injure yourself. Wilkinson Sword were not the first company to do this (that distinction goes to Fredrik and Otto Kampfe of Brooklyn, New York) nor were they the most famous - Gillette was a much bigger brand at the time, and in 1901 cemented it's fame by winning a contract to supply razors to members of the US army fighting overseas.

However, Wilkinson was a well known and well respected British brand, and whilst razors remained mostly a side business for many years, with many men still preferring the old fashioned straight blade, the introduction of non stick PTFE technology in 1962, followed in 1971 by the 'Bonded System T70', the first blade to be encased in plastic housing, really helped the company get a handle on the market.

In 2003, they were the first company to launch a four bladed razor, Quattro, although it took a further three years for them to dye the handle pink and launch Quattro for women!

Nowadays, at least in the UK, Wilkinson Sword is a household name when it comes to shaving, and one you'll find stocked in any supermarket, chemist, or indeed corner shop.
Price and Availability

I've only every seen these particular Razors in packs of three. At the time of writing, a pack costs 3.87 in Boots and on Amazon, 4 pounds at Asda, and a fiver at Tesco or Sainsburys. Occasionally, a pack will be on offer at my supermarket (Tesco) for around 3.75.

The Razor

The razor itself, being marketed for women, has a lovely handle mostly coloured in deep pink, with other areas in a contrasting white. As the name suggests, it has four blades, all of them ultra thin to give a clean smooth shave, and also has a conditioning strip enriched with aloe vera and vitamin e to help it to glide easier.

There is some back and forth mobility on the head, and convenient grooves just below the head enable and easy, comfortable, and secure grip.


For legs, armpits, and hairy hobbit toes, I always wet shave in the bath, occasionally with the use of shaving foam, but mostly with just warm water.

I find the ridges below the head give me a nice secure grip, and that the razor itself is nice and lightweight. I do find that the addition of shaving gel or foam to the process adds to the smoothness and means it glides easily over the skin, however I find shaving without makes it easier to be certain I've covered all areas. Even without gel or foam this glides very smoothly over the skin, and I find I rarely suffer a cut or nick on the main parts of my legs, although the area at the back of my legs just above my knees seems to be the one area where I do snag myself - but no more with this make that with any other razor.

I do find the conditioning strip does help moisturise the leg, giving a smooth shaving process and skin that feels soft and not at all dry afterwards. I do find the strip starts to disintegrate after one or two uses, and that the blade lasts slightly longer than the strip, which is a slight annoyance. One razor will typically do me for three full shaves (legs, armpits, and hobbit feet) which, considering that I don't shave on a daily or every other day basis like many women, but probably once a week by which time I have significant regrowth, is perfectly reasonable, and indeed better than many other razors I've tried, and is especially respectable considering that whilst many oeple clean and recap the razor after use, I tend to just leave mine sitting by the bath until next time.

I've never particularly suffered from razor burn, or from sensitive skin, so in all honesty it's hard to comment on exactly how good these are for sensitive types, but they do leave my skin soft, smooth, and not at all dry, which is all I really ask for.


I've tried lots of razors in my many years of Leg Shaving, and Wilkinson Sword are easily my favourite brand. These aren't my favourite model though - I much prefer the Xtreme 3, and don't really feel that the fourth blade really adds anything to the experience. These are also more expensive (when on non offer price) than the Xtreme 3, which come in packs of four, so these aren't my main choice of razor.

That said, they are perfectly serviceable, and do the job very well, and, if the price is right, I'll certainly buy these again.

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    Interesting read - agree with jo-1976 Cost for razors is always crazy
  • jo-1976 published 21/01/2017
    Interesting to read about the history of the brand
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