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Veuve Clicquot nice one

09.07.2015 Review of Veuve Clicquot Champagne

"In my opinion Veuve Clicquot Champagne is very good reviewed all around and with a good reason. Very drinkable wine maybe slightly overrated in my opinion but still very good companion on some luxury dinners or celebrations. Coming for a French champagne ..."

Read full review by lifeitself123

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The name is the nicest thing about it!!

05.05.2015 Review of Antoine de Clevecy Non Vintage Brut Champagne

"We were given a bottle of this champagne at our engagement party last year and I opened it at the weekend because it was my boyfriend's brothers birthday and he was staying overnight so I ordered a Chinese meal and we ate that with a glass of champagne to ..."

Read full review by alliewallie

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Rosé Retro

04.04.2015 Review of Mateus Rosé

"...Wine-wise, the seventies seem to have been dominated by the triumvirate of Blue Nun, Black Tower and Mateus Rosé. Blue Nun & Black Tower were both German sweet white wines, very typical of the times, but both brands have since updated themselves, redesig ..."

Read full review by spanielize

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Cimarosa South African Cabernet Sauvignon

31.03.2015 Review of Cimarosa Cabernet Sauvignon

"I was suspicious of this wine for several reasons - It was young, it hadn't been oak aged, and anyone who has experienced a young Cabernet will know just how fiery and tannic they can be. In fact, I was tempted to try the more expensive Cabernet/Shiraz b ..."

Read full review by Vandermonde

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