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Winning Moves - Pass the Pigs

Using the two little pigs as dice, your objective is to score 100 points before your friends do. How those little porkers land determines the points y...

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published 13/11/2009 | oldchem
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"Oh No!! They're making bacon!!"

Pass The Pigs The Making' Bacon Game

Pass The Pigs The Making' Bacon Game


Pass the Pigs is a super little game from 'Winning Ways'.

To be honest I hadn't realised that this game was still around, and when I saw it I had to get it to relive some fantastic memories.

I can't be sure just when it was, but must be almost 20 years since one of my daughters recieved 'Pass the Pigs' one Christmas.

It was a game that I'd never heard of, but my goodness, as a family we did have some fun.


The basic game is VERY simple, I suppose you could say it's a little like 'craps' but with pigs instead of dice.

The small plastic carrying case holds two plastic pigs (both of which have a dot on one side), a score card, score pad, two pencils and the instructions.

On your turn you roll both of the miniature pigs, depending on how the pigs land you score points.
For example a pig landing on its back or feet scores 5 points.
At the end of your roll you need to decide if you want to add that roll's score to your total score and end your turn or roll again for more points. If when you roll the pigs they end up on opposite sides (one with a dot up, the other dot down) you lose all of your points for that round and play passes to the next player.

If the pigs touch when the land you lose all of the points you have earned for the whole game.

The first player to reach 100 wins. The game is recommended for children ages 7 and up and for 2-4 players.

Since everything is contained in a case that seals shut Pass the Pigs is a good game to take on the go. However because how the pigs land is critical to game play you must have a decent size smooth, level surface to play on; a picnic blanket on the beach isn't going to cut it.

Pass the Pigs is a "pass the time" sort of game.


There is no skill, just the luck of how the pig lands. Making the decision to risk the points you have earned is the only control a player has over the outcome of the game. I have found that smaller kids enjoy this just because they are actually rolling pigs is fun in a silly sort of way.

There is an educational aspect to the game.

Players need to keep track of their score as they roll which is good for children to practice their mental addition skills. We let our seven year old keep the scores for everyone, which provides a chance for him to practice written addition skills. But we use ordinary paper instead of the miniature score pads to keep score. The boxes on the pads are too small for little hand's big writing.


I must say that when we played this in the past there was a lot of hilarity, especially when the pigs landed in the 'making bacon' position!!

I do know though that my teenage daughters played this game at times in a rather different way than usual.
When they had friends round of a night our dining room would reverberate with laughter.

The way they played was that the position the pigs landed in determined which player would drink and how much. I am sure that is not how the makers intended their game to be played, and I am not recommending it.

Drink sensibly and all that, but they did have some fun.

This review is for the traditional game but in todays hi-tech society it is also available to play on your mobile, there is an electronic hand held game and there is alos a Nintedo DS game available.


I was glad to have picked up Pass the Pigs for the nostalgia factor, but playing it no it isn't really a fun family game if playing with younger kids, played as it is meant to be.

We only manage about 3 games in a row with the grandkids before they are bored with it.

If you are looking for a simple game of luck with some addition practice that might elicit some giggles then it might be worth the £5 - £6 you will pay for it.

It is handy for taking away on holiday as it all packs away together.

And if you want a drinking game - the pigs have it!!

I would have given this game 3/5 due to the boredom factor with kids - but have decided to add another point for nostalgic memories of my daughters and friends laughter over their drinks and making bacon.

Throw those pigs !!

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  • catsholiday published 13/11/2009
    Very rude piggies!
  • blackmagicstar4 published 13/11/2009
    Lovely review x
  • donf18 published 13/11/2009
    Not seen this about for a while
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Using the two little pigs as dice, your objective is to score 100 points before your friends do. How those little porkers land determines the points you score. Roll a â??Double Snouterâ?tm and score 40 points. Roll a â??Trotterâ?tm, get another 5 points and youâ?tmre well on the way to 100. But, do you bank those points or risk rolling again? Roll a â??Pig Outâ?tm and you lose all your points for that turn. A roll of â??Makinâ?tm Baconâ?tm and you lose all your accumulated points. Youâ?tmll need hog-sized helpings of luck and nerve before if youâ?tmre going to get your snout in the trough! The original party animals! Try your luck using pigs for dice. Will you roll a sider or start makin bacon? This game remains an all time classic game to be played anywhere, by anyone. 8 Years +

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EAN: 5036905000123

Type: Board Game, Card Game

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Age: 8 Years +

Manufacturer: Winning Moves

Long Name: Pass the Pigs

Character: Toy Story

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