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published 21/07/2008 | ChemicalRomance
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Hello lovely Ciao people I am officially back!
Pro Keeps skin fresh all day..
Cons Can be a little pricey
very helpful
How does it affect your skin?
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Value for money

"Its Not Witch-craft its Witch hazel.."

'Witch' is a brand of facial skincare products that uses witch hazel as an aid to soothing and preventing break outs.. Which can be found in Superdrug, Boots and the majority of cosmetic stores and supermarkets. It is a varied price product, with offers that vary from shop to shop, throughout the month the majority of stores have an offer on these products. As in the reality having to spend over five pound on even a stick to help treat spots is a little expensive for a tight budget. So as we all do.. Take advantage of the offers in store.. I got my products on a two of £4.99 offer in Superdrug…

What is witch hazel?

Witch hazel is a natural plant extract that is the main soothing ingredient in 'Witch' facial skin care products.
The botanical name for witch hazel is 'hamamelis virginiana,' taken from the Greek words for 'fruits' and 'together.' as the actual witch hazel treatment is formed from the fruit and the flower as an effective calming and soothing agent.
This fruit and flower combination grows naturally on the roadsides amongst other place down the east coast of America and Canada. its growth extends from high up in Nova Scotia following the coast down to Texas and to as far as Florida to soak up the sunshine..!
Luckily for us, despite desperately freezing temperatures, the flower still managers' to bloom in the deepest coldest winter.
This brilliant fruit flower medley of spot treating greatness has been used for years to treat many different ailments like; eye inflammations, bites, stings and even haemorrhoids…!

'Witch' the Company

'Witch' has been around, helping blemishes since the 60's. The 1960's enabled 'Witch' to be renowned for its spot treatments, with the ever popular 'Witch Stick,' that is still used country and possibly world wide. Obviously more products have been added over time, especially since the start of 2000, helping the nations sufferers of blemished and imperfect skin soothe their spots and blemishes. The brand since has also redeveloped and redesigned numerous times.
2006 saw a new softer development to the brand with two new moisturisers, and a soft to the touch new packaging. For the past few years all packaging as been redesigned to incorporate the soft touch packaging, used in the new moisturisers.

'Witch' offer a whole range of hydrating, cleansing and moisturising products, suitable for every skin type.

'Witch' Products

' Witch' have segmented their products into three sections, Targeting, Hydrating and cleansing.. Each with a number of products across the range.


Witch Stick : a handy stick to dab away those blighters lurking or even broken through the skin to help calm and bring down the spot and redness.
Witch Clear Pore Gel : to clean up excess oils to help clear pores and problem areas.
Witch Concealer : help fight the cause while covering up the spot.
Witch Clear Pore Strips : unblock pores and clear away dirt and oil that cause spots.


Witch Radiance Serum : complexion glow and fully oil free moisturising.
Witch Hydrating Gel : SPF 10 moisturiser designed for oily/combination skin.
Witch Natural Sunshine Moisturiser : gradual tanning moisturiser for combination skin for a natural bronzed look.


Witch Foaming Face Wash : foaming cleanser for smooth refreshed skin.
Witch Cleansing and Toning Wipes : cleanse away excess dirt and oil for clearer skin.
Witch Cleanser : removes even make up for a refreshed skin feeling.

And finally the topic of today's review…
Witch Exfoliating Face Wash :
This product contains micro granules that break down to get in and cleanse pores, of trapped dirt and remove skin cells leaving skin clearer and smoother..

Why this Product?

It was 5 days to my year 13 end of school prom and I decided I needed something to help keep my spots down or eradicate them completely, so I went of a facial skincare mission into my local town.. I dread to think how long I spent stood in my local Superdrug looking for the perfect priced and ingredients that I knew wouldn't bring my face up in blotches a week from then. So I picked up the bottle of 'Witch Exfoliating Face Wash,' and decided that the witch hazel it contained could be a good thing for my skin. This exfoliating micro granule beads also seemed incredibly attractive for my poor skin…!

Day One

The first day I used this face wash I was more than surprised how fresh my face felt after, the micro granule exfoliating beads were fantastic, my face had been neglected a little in the exfoliating department and just as I expected the beads did a brilliant job of clearing away some of the harsher imperfections on my skin, and as gross as is sounds the dead skin that was removed made my face feel a lot smoother. The freshness I felt like a whole layer of my skin had been removed and was feeling a new freshness like stepping into something colder and fresher. As it was the first time I had used it the wash the changes in the appearance of my spots didn't alter too much from before I used it. Though I could feel a difference in the feel of my spots like they were tingling like the treatment was working..!
Day Two

Waking up on the 3 day until my prom mark I was surprised by the difference in some of the blemishes on my face. Some of the bigger spots had reduced in size and colour quite dramatically.. So much so I really didn't feel the need to wear too much concealer on them that day which I guess is good to help them clear up anyway. Again I washed my face twice daily with this wash and again I left the bathroom with a fresh face and a smoother one. In the hope that over night my blemishes would decrease..

Day Three

Two days to prom and I was beginning to look forward to being able to wear a smaller amount of make up every day because of the new less shiny face with half the size blemishes from the previous week. As I washed my face in the morning I didn't feel anything of a change and that was a little disappointing, I felt that maybe the face wash had stopped working. So later on in that evening when I used the face wash again I was prepared for the magic again to have worn off, but to my surprise I felt cleaner and my face felt cleansed and smooth with excess oil and dirt from all the pollution removed.
Day Four

One day to go.. My face felt cleaner and I wasn't wearing any make-up to help the effect of all the pores cleaned and cleansed out. every time I washed my face it seemed to feel fresher, the exfoliating beads made my skin tingly and fresh with less spots and a clearer complexion. The blemishes I had were nearly gone totally and the redness was reduced by a huge amount.. So much so at that point I would say that the face wash was the best one I have ever used..!

Day Five

The day of prom and shock horror my face had erupted, but no where near as dramatically if I hadn't been using this face wash.. I washed my face as usual in the morning and before I applied my make-up for the night and thankfully had to use a tiny bit of concealer because the face wash had helped bring down my spots and give me the cleansed and good feeling that I was happy to step out in my skin with good pictures..!
Good Bits

Constant cleansed feeling
Smooth face feeling
Tingling fresh skin
Reduces spot size and frequency
Helps cleanse skin so skin isn't dry…

Bad Bits

Isn't always the cheapest product
Sometimes it does seem not to reduce spots much…

In general

This face wash is good if your not too sure what type your skin is but need something to combat the signs of blemishes and prevent such large outbreaks. It doesn't dry skin and in general even though sometimes can be a bit expensive is a great part of a daily cleansing routine..


I got my product on 2 for £4.99 but it can vary in price it is around the £5 mark for a full bottle but don't let that put you off it is a good product..!

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