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Wonderworld Amusement Park (Wii)

All of the fun and thrills of your favorite amusement parks and carnivals are now available in your living room! In Wonder World Amusement Park, you c...

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published 12/10/2017 | jb0077
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It has been fun all the reads and rates I have received were highly appreciated thank you.
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"Wonder World Amusement Park on Wii."

Wonderworld Amusement Park (Wii)

Wonderworld Amusement Park (Wii)

I picked this game up on Facebay a couple of years back and aside from having a look at the disc I never go around to playing it until now, I paid £2 for this along with another title which I paid another £2 for. I don't use Face that much now but back then I picked up a number of games quite cheap. I considered this one a bargain as the price was super cheap and the woman selling the game lived very close to my daughter's nursery at the time so even picking this up was not out of my way.

The Game

This is one of those amusement park games that is made up of a load of mini games and rides. You select your character or avatar for the game and dress him or her up in funny outfits or costumes, you can unlock more content for your character by playing through the amusement park games.

Starting Out

So when you have loaded up the game for the first time you will be asked if you want to create a save, of course you would. After this you press A and B together and you are taken to the mode select screen [I was a little surprised by this layout] there are three modes plus the options selection and credits. In the options you find simply a single adjustment bar foe effects volume and another for the music and that is that.

Quickplay Mode

Jumping straight into here on a new save will give you access to six games, there are more than this available but they require unlocking in other modes. There are five categories of games here with the idea being you can just jump into any of these and play with up to four players, it is a very straightforward and simple way to get into the games.

Story Mode

Before you begin a new game you can set a save profile and have as many as three separate save profiles. Once you have picked a profile you can then choose from one of eight characters to represent you in the game, before you confirm your selection you have the option to edit their appearance in a variety of ways. When you are happy with your choices you can save and then if you want name the character from the default provided.

When you arrive in Wonder World a letter greets you stating if you use your tickets wisely you can win your weight in prizes, interesting but of course the point is to have fun. You begin this adventure in the carnival are of the park where you also have 100 tickets, the maximum you can hold for each area is 999 as you can see in the menu if you wish to check statistics and such, you will see prizes you have attained here as well as going to the hall of mirrors [this allows you add new items to your character or make any changes that you may want to].

Beginning at the Carnival Zone you see six stalls and a gate in front of your character, you simply hover the pointer over the game you want or the prize stall which is also available. The games in carnival are...

Rodent Riot.
This is simply whack a mole and it is really well done an frighteningly addictive right away, the reason for this being it is really simple to play. The stick on your nunchuk is used for targeting and all you have to do is move the Wii remote in a downward motion to simulate the hammer, the trick is to keep the stick pointed where you want the target manually as letting go resets it to the middle, hit a high score and you get tickets but you only have sixty seconds to do it.

Picture Perfect.
This is your basic slide puzzle type game, all that is required here is to complete the picture. You move the tiles by selecting them and pressing A to move them, the B button can help you as by pressing that you can see what the picture is when complete. You will see the completed picture when you start and you have five minutes to complete the puzzle it is a nine by nine slide so it is pretty easy.

Crack Shot.
This game requires you to shoot the bottles, cans and jugs on display, this game is easy but to reach a high score you gotta be fast on the trigger. pressing B on the Wii remote and aiming the cross-hairs is all you need to do.

All you have to do here is hook frogs with an open mouth to nab them, this is another easy game as you only have to aim with the Wii remote and press A. Practice is required before you get a good score though as the target circle is quite small and you need to get it nearly spot on there is a little margin for error plus those frogs don't keep their mouths open for too long but the game is reasonable enough.

Ready Steady.
This is the well known hoop and wire game, probably best known by many as when Mr. Bean played the one at a church fate and upon losing decided to cheat by unplugging the power so it could not buzz. Well no such luxury here but you will need a steady hand as the remote is used, you align it to the circle or hoop if you will and press A and this step is repeated every time you hit the wire, follow the wire trying not to touch it over a handful of rounds. You have five minutes to complete the rounds and you get a ten second penalty every time you touch the wire with the hoop.

Coconut Topple.
The goal is to topple as many coconuts in the time allotted, the control stick on the nunchuk is used to aim, the Wii remote is used in a throwing action. There are a lot of coconuts to knock off and the game keeps going until you run out of time so you just have to throw like mad and get as many as you can.

Sky Cannon.
NOTE: this is unlocked by purchasing all of the prizes at the first prize stall in carnival the area.
Free to play and a pretty simple game as you are fired from a cannon into the sky you must pass through as many rings as you can [don't worry you are safe you have a helmet]. Each hoop requires a type of move, you just have to pul the right move for said hoop, best advice I have is write the moves down so you know what to do, each different move is assigned to a single button on the remote.

This is where you exchange your tickets for prizes, all prizes purchased in the carnival area unlocks the cannon, aside from unlocking the cannon you also can get two passes for other areas in the Wonder World.

Fairytale Zone

Just as before we have the same layout but the design and the games are of course different in this area and you do not start with any tickets, they need to be won.

Since this game is free to play it was my first stop. Unfortunately it is a rather poor game, you have to keep the spiders away from miss muffet, there are three of them and they drop pretty quickly and a bar on the left fills up when miss muffet is scared. Well it fills up pretty quickly, you are supposed to grab a spider by pressing A and then releasing the button with the remote in motion to the left or the right and although this works it is too slow, still I got ten tickets which was enough for me to play a different game.

Bug Off.
Ten tickets to play this one and here you are playing basically whack a mole again but via a different system, this game has a bunch of flowers that change to a colour in the background and in the foreground are nine flowers with ladybugs on them. Both the bugs and the flowers change on every turn, you have about five seconds to whack all the correct colour before they change, this game has the same controls as the Rodent Riot game but because of the wait between colour changes this one is not as much fun but it is a good way to earn tickets.

Bumble Rumble.
A ten ticket game where you have five minutes to get the five queen bee's to the hive using your own bee while attempting to use a set of swinging flowers to your advantage when possible. Sure this may look and sound simple but believe me that five minute time runs down quickly and momentum is not very nice [putting it oh so politely here].

This is a fifty ticket game but it is pretty easy and a favourite of mine. You just use the Wii remote to aim the stick you see on screen with something nice for the bugs on the end. Against the clock you try and get as many of the bugs that are flying around on the stick but avoid the red ones as they explode and take a few bugs with them. The more bugs you have attached to the stick the higher the score will multiply so a late on red hit can be quite costly to your points score.

Sleepy Hollow.
This is another timed point and shoot game as you will see a tree with the willo-the-wisps coming out of the holes and swirling around the tree, you just have to target them and Press A on the Wii remote and that is that.

Sweet Tooth.
This game is like the coconut one but it has more interactivity, you have a witch in the middle and lots of lollipops around the place rotating in different directions. You use the stick on the nunchuk to aim the cross-hairs and throw with the Wii remote in a likewise motion. You can get more points by knocking all the witch's teeth out where she will make all the lollipops worth more points for a short time.

Tunnel of Love.
This is another freebie an on the rails style shooter where you aim the cross-hair using the Wii remote and fire using the B button underneath. The goblins jump out all over the shop so there is no shortage of targets, as for tunnel of love more like a fancy sewer if you ask me.

As before you will find all the prizes you need to unlock the Tunnel of Love plus a few tickets more to buy the Space Zone pass.

Spooky Zone

So the same layout again with the same number of games and again you must start with the free game which in this case is...

Shut Your Trap.
The free to play game in the whack a mole style again with the same controls as in Rodent Riot, this time you have to zap venus fly traps that have gone and taken on a life of their own. The one difference in the controls from the other games like this is you jab at the plants instead of using the hammer motion, it works well but I would not say it was as fun as the hammer motion.

Bah Bah Boo!.
Ah this one sucks, ten tickets to play and you are supposed to use the Wii remote to guide the ghostly looking lantern to herd the ghost sheep into a pen but with no point of reference I found it very hard to get the lantern where I wanted it.

Brain Dump.
This is a fifty ticket game, it is not that interesting though. You are firing brains into zombies using a catapult. You use the stick on the nunchuk to rotate left or right and use a pulling motion on the Wii remote to fire but it often goes off target with too much power, I can hit enough to get fifty tickets out of it but it is not worth the play price.

Mummy Twist.
This is a twenty five ticket game, it is a funny one. You have an AI opponent for this one, each player takes a turn in turn and at the beginning of a round they can stick or spin. The idea is to remove as much of your mummy's bandages without going bust, to do this you grab the mummy by pressing A on the remote and then spinning it left or right and waiting to see the result, the amount of bandage removed is displayed along with how much remains, the first player to go bust is the loser.

Where the Heart Is.
A twenty five ticket game and it is all about guess work. You have to stake the vampire in the hear using the remote to target where you think it is and the nunchuk to launch a stake, you see the hear at first and then the lights go out and the vampire moves around in the dark so all you see is his eyes. When he stops you fire and hope you got it right really, not an interesting game at all.

Stake Out.
A ten ticket game, this is another shooting game and it is not bad but it requires a high score to profit from the tickets. You only use the remote to aim and the B button to fire at a series of vampires popping up around the screen and the occasional bat, shooting doves and maidens lose you points.

Castle Terror.
Once you buy all those lovely prizes you are then able to enter the gates and Castle Terror. This is one of those lift you up to the top then drop you... like a stone rides, but here you are on the controls. You first have to jab using the remote to power the lift, then rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise still powering the lift, then whacking motion still powering the lift and lastly press B when the lift drops but not too early or you will lmost likely lose. Personally I though this ride was pants.

All spooky related of course, once you have them all you get to enter castle terror and for one hundred and fifty tickets you can purchase the Pirate Zone pass.

Space Zone

This one I hoped would be fun as after all it is a great theme, but again you have to find the free game to start earning tickets...

Android Attack.
This is your free game and it is another point and throw game like the coconut one seen in Carnival Zone. This time you are aiming at robots with an occasional space ship and alien [that is where your big points are]. This game is tougher because all the targets move, getting a high score makes the old launching arm a little sore mind you.

A twenty five ticket game this one and it is another whacking game but this one is different, you are manoeuvring a flying saucer that has an arm under it with a boxing glove style of fist. As you move with the nunchuk and smash down using the motion with the remote you squish the aliens running around. It is not bad, best points come from the red guys that if left alone for too long develop a drum style top preventing you from bashing them into oblivion.

Buzzer of Doom.
This is a ten ticket game, this is a survival game where you rotate the remote to stay away from two points on a disc, it is as dull as it sounds.

Alien Gate.
A ten ticket game where you use the remote to move tiles like the classic slide puzzle game. This time there is no picture the arrows display where the pieces need to go and they change as you move the pieces always indicating the correct location they need to be. This one is a bit of a head nipper, you have five minutes to complete the puzzle but the faster you do it the more tickets you will win.

Tongue Tied.
The fifty ticket game for this zone is a shooter using the remote, you lock on to targets using the B button. Releasing it sees the bug or bugs getting eaten, you can lock up to three targets at a time.

Airlock Scramble.
A twenty five ticket game and here you are up against AI, you use the nunchuk and remote alternating pulling them towards you, the game sees you pulling your escape pod towards you while avoiding the gas vents, whomever gets the pod first is the winner.

Bumper Ships.
The ride for this zone is a version of bumper cars,free of course but only available after you buy all of the prizes. You use the remote in this game horizontally in it's driving style, you can zoom around and use speed boosts to help you get more points.

The shop here has one extra prize since the last zone ticket was available at the previous zone, the prizes here are pretty pricey and so it was a bit of a grind to get the tickets for everything.

Pirate Zone

Aye me hearties we are finally at the last zone in this game so weigh anchor and let's find that free game.

Piranha Bites.
This game involves catching piranha fish, this is of course the free game in this zone. You use the remote to aim your line and the nunchuk to reel in any caught fish, it is that straightforward but attempting to do this at a rapid pace is not easy.

Hit Me If You Can.
This is a ten ticket aim and throw game. The goal is to hit the moving clams and the skulls atop some masts, it follows the same controls as the Coconut game and the other similar games in the other zones.

Stuff Your Face

This is your fifty ticket game, this one is all about eating you must move the nunchuk and remote up and down rhythmically to eat, you get points for each mouthful and each cleared plate. Sure it is fun but fifty tickets is too much of a price.

Island Defender.
Ten tickets here, you have to shoot as many boats as you can within the time limit just using the remote.

Mongo Bongo.
A twenty five ticket game that requires you to keep a steady drum beat using the remote and nunchuk, interesting but a downside to this is you can lose score by missing beats.

Treasure Hunt
Twenty Five tickets for this and you must dig to find the keys to open the chest before you run out of time, sounds easy but I tell you it is not. For one thing a lack of information at the start left me digging up keys but what to do next as they just went back into the sane, too strange.

Pirate Ship.
The final ride and like the others this one is also free, it is a four player food fight. Using a combination of the remote and nunchuk is required for aiming and dodging incoming items.

The shop here is not as bas as the previous one and getting the tickets is actually not a chore as I played the ten ticket Hit Me if You Can game but was getting fifty tickets back on average per game so they built up quite quickly here.

Party Mode

For up to four players this one.

After selecting this option from the main menu you then choose the number of players and the number of rounds [3, 5, 10 or 15]. When everyone is connected you are good to go, the interface is the same as the main game but all games are now two player or players alternating, the prize shops are not available here and of course all games are free to play in this mode.


This game is easy enough to play for the most part, many of the games involve aiming. The best ones are the whacking, shoot and throwing games though. In each zone in the game there is certainly one game that a player will be particularly good at to earn tickets to progress, a downside to the gameplay in this game is that there are a few games that are really similar to their counterparts in other zones, then there is also the one or two that do not make any sense at all. Still each game has a decent set of instructions to let you know what the controls are and ninety percent of the games are straightforward to understand, but there is the odd one that had me scratching my head even after reading on what was required. All in all the gameplay experience was not riveting for me, I did enjoy the games at first but when it came to the other zones I felt like it was a case of rinse and repeat for the ones I liked, and a bit of a nightmare for the ones I did not really like.


This game look great, nice selection of settings and plenty of themes in the games.


Once again pretty decent, the wonder world track is the only one that is likely to get on your nerves but that is only because it is the same track that is used in all of the zones, the music that plays in all of the games is different though and well done. Sound effects are likewise well done too.


For me this was a decent game for a rock bottom price and if I had the same opportunity to buy this over again I would, I mean £2 is nothing. As for others in recommendation terms I would say yes if you are into these carnival style games because the majority of these games take little skill and in some cases no skill, at all this means anyone can play them and have fun for many of them without the frustration of not understanding what is going on. That being said there is very little longevity in this game and it is best suited as one of those lets get together and play something silly nights in at least my opinion.

Thanks for reading, ©jb0077 2017 a massive thanks if you rated.

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