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Worms (PlayStation)

Genre: Action/Adventure - Publisher: Ocean - Release Year: 1995 - For: PlayStation

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Review of "Worms (PlayStation)"

published 13/04/2005 | gingelou
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Move to back to Birmingham is finally complete, now I just need to find time to write! I have lots of catching up to do, reviews of pets, pet products, many video games, books and travel are all on the way... Eventually! ;)
Pro Great fun, very addictive and cute sayings!
Cons Very Addictive!
very helpful
Difficulty & Complexity

"Worms, Worms Everywhere!"

Worms Box

Worms Box

I was first introduced to this game for the Playstation one by a friend who was completely nuts about it and I really only started playing it to shut her up! However I soon became hooked on the cute little wormies and their mad killing ways! So here’s what the game is all about…

*** The Box ***

I’ll get the boring bit out the way first. Worms comes in a playstation one box, with the word Worms on the front with the ‘O’ replaced by a hand grenade. The main picture is of two worms loaded up with weapons wriggling away from an explosion in the background.

The back of the box contains the usual clips taken from the game and a paragraph about the game printed in English, French and German. Also on the back is the info about the copyright protection and the age restriction for the game, which is ages 3 and over.

*** Instructions ***

An instruction book is included in the box and is printed in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

I found the instruction book to be reasonably helpful as it includes information about weapons used, gameplay itself and some other technical info about setting up the game and the three different controller methods you can choose from.

*** Main Menu ***

When you first turn the game on you are taken to the main menu screen where you will be given the following options:

Play Game – This takes you straight into a new game. Pick your team and up to three others to play against and your off.

Team Entry – This is where you personalise your team and can re-name your worms and team name.

Worm Options – In here you can change sound and visual options and also control methods and other game settings such as weapon quantities available to use during a game.

Worm Rankings – This is where the top ten performing worms along with their team name are given a bit of recognition.

Credits – These are the credits to the people who have made the game.

*** Worm Teams ***

As I previously mentioned you play as a worm team. There are a number of teams available to play as or you can customise your own team. The pre-set ones are as follows:

1 up, 2 up, 3 up and 4 up: These are four teams available for you to edit to your liking with your own team and worm names.

The following teams are already named and set up as teams for you to play against, however you can edit them in the team entry section from the main menu if you want to.

Fab Four – This team are all named after the Beetles, they are Ringo, Paul, John and George.

Royalty – These are named after various members of the royal family, Elizabeth, Philip, Charles, and Diana.

Top Dogs – This team is named after famous dogs from TV and film, Scooby, Beethoven, Rebel and Lassie.

Take This – Named after the members of old boy band Take That (after Robbie left!) Gary, Mark, Howard and Jason.

Cool Cars – A team of worms named after sports cars, Testarossa, 911 Turbo SE, Espirit and Diablo.

All 4 1 – This team is named after Dartagnan and his men, Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

Waterloo – Abba have turned into worms!! Bjorn, Benny, Anna-Frid, and Agnetha.

F A B – A team named after Thunderbirds characters, Scott, Parker, Brains and Lady Penelope. Thunder-worms are go!

Merrymen – These worms are named after Robin Hood and his merrymen, Little John, Maid Marion and Friar Tuck.

Utensils – I think they must have been getting desperate for team ideas here, as this is a team named after kitchen utensils, Wooden Spoon, Wisk, Fork and Teaspoon. (I’ll never look at cutlery in the same way again!)

Teddies – This team are named after famous teddies, Rupert, Paddington, Pooh and Yogi.

Team 17 – This team is named after the creators of the game and they have some pretty unusual names! Spadge, Beefy, Clogz and Boggy B!

I find all of the teams are about the same difficulty level wise, which I think is a shame as it would be good for the game to get more challenging as you play your way through the teams.

*** Worm Weapons ***

During game play your worms get to use a whole variety of weapons to wipe each other out. The performance of each weapon will vary greatly on aim accuracy, wind speed and power put into the shot. The weapons available are:

Bazooka, Grenade, Shot Gun, Firepunch, Dynamite, Airstrike, Blowtorch, Ninja Rope, Girders, Homing Missile, Cluster Bomb, Uzi, Dragonball, Mines, Teleport, Drill, Bungee Rope, Kamikaze.

There is a cheat you can use in the weapons screen off the main menu which will change cluster bombs to banana bombs, uzi’s to mini guns and mines to sheep! I would recommend using this cheat as it makes the game much more comical than it already is! The banana bombs explode releasing exploding bananas everywhere and the sheep bounce along until you press the button then they explode (no gore!) sending little worms flying!

The cheat to change the weapons is to go into the weapons options screen and press the X and the square button alternately until the weapons change on the list on screen. It usually takes about 8 – 10 presses of each button.

*** Playing A Game Of Worms ***

Ok, that’s all the technical stuff out the way and now you’re ready to play. So pick you team and you opponents and press start. You will then be shown a short video of some cartoon worms trying to kill each other in various ways; pressing X can skip this.

Next you will be taken to the Setting (background) selection screens. This can be done randomly or automatic by the computer, and there is a choice between Scrap yard, Snow, Beach, Jungle, Satan’s Lair, Chocolate and sweets or the moon as your background. Each setting comes with its own combination of bridges, cliff edges, hidden mines, water, fire and other worm harming devices! There are thousands of variations in the settings so unless you choose to; it is very unlikely you will play the same setting twice… unless you play the game all the time!

The only way I am going to be able to describe this game to you is by playing and typing at the same time, so here we go…

I’m playing as team 1 up wit the default worm names as it can take too long to input all the manes individually. I am playing on a sweetie land against Take This (TT), Top Dogs (TD) and Waterloo (W). Each worm starts the game with 100 life points, which will decrease with any injuries.

The game screen has now loaded up (this takes less than 5 seconds) and a red arrow is pointing at Garry (TT) to take a turn. Gary chooses air strike and injures Beethoven (TD), Lassie (TD), Agnetha (W) and Bjorn (W).

Next up is Benny (W), choosing firepunch Benny punches Howard (TT) off a ledge into the murky brown waters… that’s the end of Howard.

My team are next and Ginger is first to go. First I press the square button and a direction to have a look and see what worm is where, then I press select to get the weapon menu up at the bottom of the screen, I have chosen banana bomb and I aim it using the little cross which has appeared on the screen, then I press and hold the X button until the power meter is as far as I want it – in this case it is about three quarters full as the wind power meter is showing as high winds in the opposite direction, on release of the X button by banana bomb flies nicely through the air landing by Anna-Frid (W) BOOM!!! Banana’s exploding all over the place and Anna-Frid is wormed out, her life points have just gone from 100 straight down to 0! This is the cute part now, the little worm blows himself or herself up accompanied by the words “Oh Dear” in a really cute squeaky voice, then a little tombstone appears. Also in my attack I have injured Smidge from my own team knocking his points from 100 down to 70, Smidge calls me a “traitor” in the same little voice and the game continues. Lassie (TD) is next choosing to Bazooka Agnetha (W) knocking her points from an already low 51 down to 0 – another “Oh Dear” and tombstone for Waterloo!

This action will continue until there is only one team left, this team is then the winner of that match, then you do it all again, playing to the best of 3,5 or 9 matches.

At anytime in the game you can see which team is the strongest by pressing square and up which will reveal a KO bar like the ones you get in fighting games like Street Fighter or Dead or Alive games.

If you pause the game then the word pause will simply flash in the centre of the screen, also the current worm and number of the land you are playing on will be displayed at the bottom. If you press select in the pause screen this will take you to another menu where you can choose to go to Extra Time, Draw The Round, Resume Current Game or Exit To Main Menu.

After a match finishes you are given the option to continue or quit. If you quit you will go straight back to the main menu. If you continue, you will carry on until your game finishes.

When a game finishes you are given match statistic for the best worm, best shot, most violent and most useless worms. These stats give individual worms points and a chance to appear in the top ten worms in worm rankings.

The teams are listed in a league table (like the football ones) showing how many games played, won, drawn, worms killed for and against and total points. Your aim is to stay at the top and win all your games!

Saving you game is simple. From the main menu go to the worm options area and select Save/Load Options; in here you simply need to press save. Saving your game will use up one Playstation One Memory Card block. At the start of a game you won’t need to load your stats up as it is done automatically if the memory card is already inserted.

*** Other Info ***

Price: £19.99 when I bought it about 5 years ago! Now you can pick up a copy for around £5 second hand or £10 new.

Age Restrictions: The age rating for this game is 3+. I think this is a good restriction as although this sounds a violent game it really isn’t and there is no blood, gut or gore. It’s just wormin’ good fun!

Players: 1 – 4. There is a maximum of 4 teams per game so this is pretty suited.

Memory Card – Uses one playstation one memory card block.

Manufacturers: Infogrames and Team 17.

82/84 rue du 1 er mars 1943,
69100 Villeurbanne Cedex,

Helplines and Support:

Technical Helpline Infogrames UK,
21 Castle Street
M3 4SW

Tel: 0161 827 8060
0161 827 8061

*** Worm Sayings ***

As I mentioned earlier the worms talk when you kill or injure them or are firing a weapon. The little things they say are really cute and bring some more comedy to the game. Here are a few you are likely to hear:

“Oh Dear” – The worm has died and is about to blow up leaving you a tiny tombstone.

“I’ll get you for that” – A worm who has just been hit and survived.

“Nooooooo!” – This worm has been blasted, shot or punched off the screen to their death.

“Leave me alone” – this worm is being continually targeted and is fed up of it so they tell you to back off.

“Revenge” – A wounded worm has just got revenge on their attacker.

“I got ‘im” – the attacking worm has hit the intended target.

“Bye Bye” – Another dead worm saying!

“Stuuuupid” – A worm went wrong and blew himself up!

*** My Overall Opinion ***

Overall I would say this game is fantastic. The graphics aren’t perfect, but the gameplay is. This game soon becomes very addictive to anyone who plays it, and it isn’t something you will get bored of easily. There is no blood and guts at all in this game, it is all fun-loving fun with some cute worms with funny sayings to add to the humour!

If you haven’t already played this game I would recommend you give it a go. It may be an old game… but I love it!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. The picture Ciao have for this game is actually for the second worms game - worms Armegedon, I have hecked if Worms Armegedon has it's own section so I don't post this review in the wrong place and it does, it also has the same picture!

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  • buffy1986 published 08/11/2005
    Another exceptional review! I have Worms 3D for the X Box - but this one sounds fairly similar.. lol :o)
  • clownfoot published 07/09/2005
    Ah Worms, a classic from my youth when the game first appeared on my Amiga. Simple stuff, yet it generates such great gameplay. A true classic! Alboy
  • darkangelwing published 29/08/2005
    Gosh one of my first psx games i bought this and enjoyed it allright and had some fun but i never felt engaged in it as i'm more of a fan of the pc versions,a brilliant review absolute tons of detail and info. splendid structure also,well done(-:
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Product Information : Worms (PlayStation)

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