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Worst Mario Characters Ever

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There's no doubt Mario's solo adventures always deliver the goods, even the slightly disappointing Super Mario Sunshine was still a game worthy to be mentioned along side any great platforming experience. Recently Super Mario Galaxy put the old plumber back at the top his game delivering a ... Read review

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Mario's Many Mistakes

AdvantagesLeast you can throw them off cliffs in Mario Kart

DisadvantagesThey Exist

"...2. That's one of the worst bosses ever surely? Bowser takes a break just once and this laughing stock turns up. Peach The brunt of decade old jokes about her actually wanting to be kidnapped by Bowser and just stringing Mario along for the fun will never go away. Peach is rather useless for little else but being kidnapped and has no real means of defence. I mean even Zelda (guilty of being kidnapped a lot too) puts up more of a fight than this ..." Read review

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Worst. Mario. Characters. Ever.

AdvantagesGood for knocking off the track in Mario Kart.

DisadvantagesUseless, no point in them.

"In every gaming series, there's some characters that we wish never struck Nintendo's, Sega's or any other game company's mind. These are the characters that I want taken away from the Mario series. Luigi No point in him. Just another version of Mario except he's slightly taller and green. Luigi's voice also sounds a bit too high. Flying Goombas They're Goombas that bounce up and down, (hardly leaving the ground) no point in them, next! Peach There ..." Read review

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