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Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (PS2)

Genre: Racing/Driving - Racing Action - Publisher: Activision - Developer(s): Bunkasha Games

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Review of "Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (PS2)"

published 02/10/2017 | jb0077
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Pro Simple game to pick-up and play.
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"Wreckless the Yakuza Missions on PlayStation 2."

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (PS2)

Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (PS2)

When I originally had a PlayStation 2 it was the old skool large console and I got it on a store card when it was £200, after almost a year it was on its last legs and actually failed the day before the warranty ran out. I contated SONY and got a replacement sent to me, when that console arrived I had just gotten Wreckless the Yakuza Missions as I had seen the game in a sale while waiting for my replacement console.

The Game

Wreckless the Yakuza Missions is a driving action game where you can play in over forty missions and a further twenty bonus missions. In this game the streets of Hong Kong are in need of help as the Yakuza are firmly in control you can play two separate game types with a similar mission layout. You have the flying dragons team who are going to clean up the streets or you play as a pair of supposed spies who are also against the Yakuza but more for their own gains although they can also save the day as well from time to time. During missions you have free reign to do as you please so long as you get the job done before the timer runs out.

There are two play options to this game from the start...

Spy Story.
So you are working against the Yakuza mostly for your own gains, some mission may require you to save the day though as the good guys. All missions are timed even although some don't really need to be like in one mission that is a race for example. Still there are ten missions that you play one easy then on hard, beating a mission on har gives you a third bonus mission, so in total there are thirty missions to complete in this mode. Each mission also has a sub mission [better known as a task you must complete to get a higher award than actually just beating the mission]. In Spy Story you have six original cars you can use with three of them locked plus an additional nineteen bonus cars that can be accessed regardless of the game mode you are playing in.

Dragon Adventure.
As the Flying Dragons you are effectively doing whatever you can to put the Yakuza down for good. The missions are different from the Spy Story ones which is good but again you have the same missions on easy and hard before you can unlock each of the ten bonus missions, this mode also has six unique vehicles with the same bonus cars you get in Spy Story.

There are seven multiplayer missions for you and a friend to have some fun with. Well I say fun but... it is well flawed. The game takes place on the same screen which means if you split up it will reset a player when they get too far away. One mission for example is called speedy bus and it works with one player driving and armoured police vehicle clearing a path while the other player follows behind with the bus. Now if player two loses player one on the path then he or she is stuffed as the bus has to keep going if it does not it is a fail. I will admit it would probably be tougher in split screen but this is just an example, it is neat they have put a two player option in the game but it sucks that it is not realised properly.


All missions in this game are against the clock and they include, races, collection and drop off, safeguarding a vehicle or cargo, and collecting specific items. The best mission are of course the ones where you get to destroy Yakuza cars but there is a wide selection here. Despite this unless you cheat there is an unlock order to the missions which sucks but gives true players that incentive to plug away at this game.

The driving in the missions is about as far from realistic as you can get really, all vehicles in this game turn loosely but you have two features that help you in some missions too. Bullet Time can be used at any time and this slows the pace of the game right down, you are limited to three per mission though, you also have eight rockets at your disposal which are useful for taking lots of damage off a target or clearing obstacles in your path. To me this game has a little of that feel that Carmageddon did except here you actually can hit pedestrians [they are not zombies], there is no blood or guts when you do this but despite the gore freeness in the game you know what you are doing and are not supposed to have any regard for anything but completing the mission.

The thing is though it would be impossible not to hit anyone anyway as the streets in Hong Kong are packed with vehicles as well as pedestrians, there is a definite lack of realism here though and with the driving this game feels like an Arcade title. having nothing but timed missions makes the game a pain though and even on easy you have your work cut out for you. Some missions actually seemed impossible to me and in some cases even to get bronze was a challenge never mind gold. Still if you are not trying to properly beat this game it can be lots of fun, especially by cheating and having your pick of the missions. If you are hardcore and want to do it all legit then I say good luck and well done to anyone who managed to pull that off, this is not a difficult game to play but to master it is a challenge for sure. If you do not want to cheat too much just activate the no traffic cheat and you will see a vast difference in the levels, because there really is far too much traffic in this game.


Well this game is made by Activision and so you can imagine it looks pretty decent, I mean they know how to deliver a game when it comes to detail. The Hong Kong environment looks the part and there is often lots of traffic about and again these vehicle have a good level of detail on them. You have like vans with graphics on the side rather than being plain plus there are loads of railings and barriers around that can be smashed along with lots of general items in the environment itself. There are also a good number of cut scenes in both of the play modes which look great too, the only thing in the game that is actually pretty bland are the menu screens.


The audio in the game is excellent, the backing music is a high powered electric/techno vibe with the sounds of police sirens and car horns though it and occasionally other sound effects too. You won't notice that much out of the main menu screens though as in the missions you will be too focused on the action and your goal. When doing so though you will hear loads of different sound effects all of which give you that feeling of traversing through a busy metropolis.


This is a fun game but some of the missions I felt were tiresome because they were either too difficult by asking you to complete something in an unrealistic and short space of time or were just not that interesting to begin with. The biggest problem I had with the game though is the overpopulated traffic in levels, in this game traffic hinders you and it hinders you more often than I think it should. I mean there is so much of it that you can't even get through in some areas and to me that is just not right in a game where you are constantly up against the clock. Regardless of this though the game is quite fun, there are forty unique missions and a further twenty can be repeated on a harder difficulty [and have to if you want the bonus ones without cheating]. Cheats can be unlocked by getting gold in missions or you can get the code from the next that unlocks everything. My verdict on Wreckless the Yakuza Missions PS2 is satisfactory, it did not thrill me in anyway for any decent length of time but I did enjoy parts of the game and with traffic off enabled I enjoyed it even more.


Undecided is my choice here as some gamers will be up for this and other will not want to go anywhere near it, thankfully this game was released before achievements became a part of gaming as an achievement for gold on all missions would have been a quality incentive but a royal pain in the rear to actually achieve. I am fairly sure the developers at Activision would have known this hence why you have the cheats option in the first place. The two player option is a great idea in theory but with no split screen... what were they thinking.

Thanks for reading, ©jb0077 2017 a massive thanks if you rated.

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Genre: Racing/Driving - Racing Action - Publisher: Activision - Developer(s): Bunkasha Games

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