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...widerfitshoes.co.uk): 'Wider Fit Shoes Ltd is the mail order arm of DB Shoes Ltd, a long established UK manufacturer of wide fitting footwear since 1920. When you talk to us, in effect you are talking to the manufacturer of your shoes. We are able to discuss your issues and help advise the ... Read review

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AdvantagesMade to be comfortable and fit wide and even extra extra wide feet.

DisadvantagesNone really

" '''Nice And Warm With Room For My Toes-Ultra Wide Velcro Boots From Wider Fit shoes'''. '''I don't think anyone who isn't in a similar position can understand how upsetting and frustrating it is not to be able to buy a pair of shoes''' shoes. Something that almost everyone I know takes for granted. Not a luxury but an essential. I could visit every shoe shop in the West End of London and not be able to buy a pair. And that's even if I were looking ..." Read review

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Type Clothing & Accessories
Domain Extension .co.uk


Listed on Ciao since 09/12/2010

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