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...widerfitshoes.co.uk): 'Wider Fit Shoes Ltd is the mail order arm of DB Shoes Ltd, a long established UK manufacturer of wide fitting footwear since 1920. When you talk to us, in effect you are talking to the manufacturer of your shoes. We are able to discuss your issues and help advise the ... Read review

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AdvantagesMade to be comfortable and fit wide and even extra extra wide feet.

DisadvantagesNone really

" '''Nice And Warm With Room For My Toes-Ultra Wide Velcro Boots From Wider Fit shoes'''. '''I don't think anyone who isn't in a similar position can understand how upsetting and frustrating it is not to be able to buy a pair of shoes''' shoes. Something that almost everyone I know takes for granted. Not a luxury but an essential. I could visit every shoe shop in the West End of London and not be able to buy a pair. And that's even if I were looking ..." Read review

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Type Clothing & Accessories
Domain Extension .co.uk


Listed on Ciao since 09/12/2010

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Fast delivery, easy to navigate, you can be a star (I know you are one)!
Some items are banned for outside UK delivery, you can spend way to much! (*)
Easy to order, easy to use website & more
Pay for delivery (*)
An excellently laid out website with excellent products and customer service!
They have some colours translated so it does not give the true colour's names (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.co.uk)
Seem very organised and provides an efficient service. Cheaper than most independent retailers.
Quite often out of stock on many models. About a month's wait. (*)
Very easy to order, good customer service
None really (*)
Easy to use, easy to follow instructions, clears the clutter
Some of the fee's are high (*)
cheap stationery - but at a price!!!!!!
they will take £9.95 a month from you and you wont know about it! (*)
Lovely Site, Massive Product Range
Shipping and Products often expensive! (*)
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Great prices and products,easy to use website and free and fast delivery.
Takes a long time to get through to a real person. (*)
Branch or home delivery, clubcard points and a much wider range than on the high street.
Confusing subsidiary companies, poor site design and mistakes. (*)
Low prices. Easy to use site. Fast delivery.
None. (*)
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