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Title X-Men: Proteus
Author Chris Claremont
Publisher Marvel Comics
EAN 9780785137689
Release Date 27.05.2009
Type Comics
ISBN 0785137688


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similar by Price (5 GBP to 9 GBP)
Real Marvel Universe? The art in the halloween story is amazing
The interaction with the real universe is a bit contrived! (*)
The overall storyline works well
The artwork is patchy, new (rubbish!) characters are introduced (*)
A well paced and rewarding read. Plus: pretty!
Some iffy artwork towards the end (*)
Great Characters and fun football stories
World Cup Special but not much actually in the World Cup (*)
similar by Publisher (Marvel Comics)
Excellent story and art
None (*)
Excellent retelling of a classic story for a new generation
Some pop culture references are already dated, Inconsistent artwork in places (*)
Likeable characters, good artwork, diary section included is helpful for new readers
The stories in this book are not as exciting as the ones that preceeded it or follow it (*)
A different side to some major villains
The lack of a real heroic antagonist for said villains (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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