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Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Wax Tart

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"Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Wax Tart"

As you may see from previous reviews I am very into my Yankee products especially wax tarts, personally I find the wax tarts firstly make excellent room fresheners and also allows you to try out new fragrances cheaply without spending a lot of money. One of the Yankee Wax Tarts I brought over Christmas was the Christmas Cookie Wax Tart, this was a fragrance I hadn't tried before and thought it would be an ideal time to try it.

As a lot of people will know the Yankee Wax tarts as basically a small wax tart with fluted edges. The Wax Tarts have the appearance of a small flat candle but without the wick and are made from a smooth plain wax. The wax tarts come tightly wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper which allows you to see the shape and colour of the tart inside. Each Tart has a small square sticker on top of it, in this case the Christmas Cookie Wax tart has a creamy colour label, the word Yankee Candle is written at the top with "Christmas Cookie" written at the bottom of the label. The labels on the Yankee Wax Tarts always have a small picture on them which is designed to fit with the name of the tart, the Christmas Cookies Tart has a picture of candy canes, stars and other Christmas items on it so this does fit in well with the name of the product. This particular wax tart is a plain creamy white colour which again I feel fits in with the name of the tart.

The Yankee Christmas Cookie Wax Tart appealed to me due to its rich vanilla fragrance, a description of it said the fragrance was of "holiday sugars" although I'm not too sure what this is supposed to smell like. To me the Christmas Cookie Wax Tart did have a rather sweet fragrance to it and one which reminded me of vanilla, it had quite a rich fragrance to it, personally I do not think it really smelt of actual cookies, to me a cookie fragrance should be a smell of fresh baking and maybe a chocolaty smell, this wax tart was nothing like this, it had a sort of buttery fragrance to it mixed with strong vanilla extracts. Although the fragrance of this particular wax tart wasn't what I was expecting I did really like it, I quite like the sweet smelling wax tarts, although some can be a bit over the top, this however was not, it had a warm comforting fragrance to it ideal for a cosy night in on a cold night. This to me is definitely one for the winter months, I would say it is a bit heavy for a summer fragrance, for me its more the sort of fragrance I would enjoy in the winter rather than summer, for me summer fragrances should be much lighter.

I used my Christmas Cookies Wax Tart in the usual way by placing it in the dish of my burner and lighting a tea light underneath and allowing the tart to melt into a pool of wax. As the wax tart started to melt, I gradually started to smell the fragrance spread around the room, to start with it was quite a delicate fragrance, however this developed as the wax heated up. The sweet vanilla smell soon filled the room, it was quite strong as I could detect it in several rooms throughout my house, however it was not what I would call over powering at all, the strength of the fragrance was just right in my opinion.

Each Yankee Wax Tart has 8 hours of burn time, I haven't had my Christmas Cookies Wax Tart burning for that long yet, but I have used it for several hours and the fragrance is still strong and has not faded, personally though I have found that the Yankee wax tarts do last for the average 8 hours as promised so I have no doubts that this one will be the same, however you do get to a point where the fragrance starts to fade and you have to replace the wax tart with a new one, but I think I have a good few hours left in this one before it need replacing.

Yankee Wax Tarts are quite cheap to buy, the Christmas Cookie Wax Tart cost be around £1.00 from a local gift shop, I happened to spot it whilst doing a bit of Christmas shopping, however it is also available in several other shops which sell Yankee products as well as online from the official Yankee website and other sites, the price does vary a little depending on where you buy it from, however they price is usually around £1.00.

Personally I find the wax tarts an ideal way to try out the different Yankee fragrances without spending a fortune as some of the larger candles can be quite expensive, if you buy a wax tart in a fragrance you are not keen on you haven't wasted too much money on it. I would definitely say that the Christmas Cookies Wax tart was worth the money, it has a long burn time meaning you really do get your moneys worth.

I would definitely recommend the Yankee Christmas Cookie Wax Tart, it has a lovely vanilla fragrance to it, it wasn't quite what I was expecting however I did really like this one. It is strong without being overpowering and really does freshen up your room. In my opinion it is a fragrance suited more to the colder months as it has quite a warm fragrance to it rather than a summer fragrance, I feel this would be a bit too heavy for the summer time. As with all of the Yankee Wax tarts this particular one was fairly priced and well worth the money. The Yankee Christmas Cookie Wax Tart is definitely one I would use again in the future and one I would recommend.

Summary: A nice cosy warm fragrance for winter

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