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Yankee Candle Petal Bowl Tart Burner

What is a Tart Burner?Yankee Candle Wax Tart Pot Pourri burners are easy to use.

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published 07/04/2012 | supersonic75
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Petal Wax Burner

Petal Wax Burner

*~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

For as long as I can remember I have been a fan of scented candles, and before that I used to buy oils to burn to fragrance my home. I try to read as many new reviews on here as often as possible and time and time again the same brand name would keep popping up - Yankee. Though I have read many positive reviews about Yankee candles it was the wax tarts that appealed to me the most and I wondered what all the palaver was about. I liked the idea of these wax tarts from the reviews alone and knew that if I wanted to start using them I would need to get something adequate for burning them in, so when perusing Ebay in November last year I came across this - Petal Wax Burner in cream and though there were many different designs of wax burners available I was instantly drawn to this by it's pretty design.


The Petal Wax Burner is immediately eye catching with it's black frame and delicate looking petal holder and as mentioned I was drawn to this style as I thought it could be moved to a variety of rooms without looking out of place. The design is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye being made of a sturdy black metal frame and an equally sturdy ceramic style dish which sits on top of the framework. The framework itself, which is all in black, consists of a circular disc with four slightly rounded legs which curl inwards at the base and at the top all join together onto a hollow circle where the ceramic dish sits.

The ceramic dish is deep and plentiful being at least 1 and a 1/2 inch deep at the tallest point and quite capable of holding a full wax tart without any chance of spilling over (unless dropped or knocked). Whilst I opted for the cream bowl version of this, it is also available in a few other colours including Yellow, Green, Pink and Blue as well as of course as the Cream colour. I felt the cream version is not only the best colour to choose as it blends in with any decor but the other bowls had a slightly cheaper appearance to them in the other shades and just didn't have the air of class that the cream one does, which is really simply stunning.

*~*Price, packaging and availability*~*

I chose to buy this from the Yankee Store through Ebay where it cost me the grand sum of £4.99 inclusive of P&P which I deemed to be very reasonable for a branded product. Before looking I had imagined a product of this nature to be around the £10 mark so was pleasantly surprised that it could be bought brand new for under £5. Having searched around I have seen it can be picked up for a similar amount so I feel it is very good value for what is a very good quality product.

On ordering my wax burner I was pleased that it was sufficiently packed in a tight fitting sturdy cardboard box with plenty of bubble wrap surrounding the petal dish, and an equal amount also surrounded the metal framework. As this comes in two parts it is simple to build up and the dish simply sits on top of the framework so there was little in the line of assembling it once unpacked.

As mentioned I purchased this through an Ebay store though by simply typing 'Petal Wax Burner' into a search engine there are many places to order from and all seem to be around the £5 mark so availability wise there should be no problem picking one of these up.

*~*My experience of using the wax burner*~*

A school mum friend I knew had previously mentioned a discount Hallmark card shop not too far away from my home that sold the Yankee brand candles and wax tarts from as little as 50p each. I had never been in this shop before so when I did finally go I stocked up on quite a few different varieties of the wax tarts (mainly Christmas ones) to test out in my new burner when it arrived.

The wax tarts fit neatly when placed in the centre of the bowl and though I have started recently to just half each time I find that a full one has plenty of room so when it does start to melt there is no chance of it 'boiling over' so to speak.

I have found that the disc at the base is very straight and seems very sturdy when placed on a flat area as it doesn't rock about or look like it will easily knock over which is a consoling thought.

The petal dish is smooth and even both inside and out and feels almost polished even though the appearance is off a matte effect. Because of the smoothness, particularly inside the dish, when the wax tart has solidified it is easily removable by tipping the dish and tapping the underneath. On the odd occasion I have had to loosen it slightly by getting a sharp knife around the edges and this has left a slight waxy residue but it is easy to wipe away.

Because I use my burner on an almost daily basis I find that the base underneath of the dish can become tarnished with the heat of the tea lights but a quick gentle scrub with some soapy water soon brings this up looking like new again.

The wax burner generally resides in my kitchen, which is quite open plan anyway, and sits neatly on my tiled window sill where it not only looks attractive but it is central in my house meaning whichever tart I'm burning the fragrance is easily distributed throughout my cottage though I have moved this to both my bathroom and occasionally my living room where it has fit in perfectly and hasn't looked out of place in any of my rooms. I do still have an oil burner which is now resigned to occasional use though I don't think there is any reason why oil couldn't be used in this petal burner, as I haven't tried burning oils in it myself I cannot comment though I do think in the future I may be tempted to try as the deepness of the bowl would stop any splashes which I find to be a common and messy problem with my current oil burner.

I love my petal wax burner and am so happy I chose this design as it is lightweight, easy to clean and took seconds to assemble when I purchased it. There is a ridge underneath the bowl that sits neatly inside the metal framework giving even more peace of mind of it's stability when the wax tarts are burning and is just as easy to remove as it is to place in in the first instance.

The only slight negative I have, and I use 'slight' here very loosely, is the fact that it is quite difficult to place the tea light between the legs of the framework as though the look wide there isn't much room to place between to sit neatly in the middle - especially when lit. I have tried to place the lea light unlit in first and faff around with a lighter/ matches to light afterwards but it seems both ways are equally as tricky. It's not a major problem and certainly doesn't deter or restrict me from using this but I thought it was worth just mentioning.

Overall this is a lovely addition to my home that is worth every penny and I would purchase again in the future and would make an ideal gift to anyone starting out burning wax tarts.

Highly recommended by me.

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  • CheekyCharlie08 published 12/04/2012
    My mom's got the yellow one
  • Jake_Speed published 10/04/2012
    Can only be an E :-)
  • Meggysmum published 10/04/2012
    One day I will actually buy myself some Yankee Candle products, had a couple as a gift once and liked them but never think to buy myself some! E x
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