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Year of the Gentleman - Ne-Yo

1 CD(s) - Soul - Label: Def Jam, Mercury - Distributor: Universal Music - Released: 18/06/2008, 15/09/2008 - 4988005517821, 602517749849

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Review of "Year of the Gentleman - Ne-Yo"

published 13/10/2008 | XICripZ
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"2008 - The Year Of The Gentleman"

"Year Of The Gentlamn" is the third album from the singer-songwriter Ne-Yo who has come out as one of the top players in the R&B game despite coming into it merely two years ago on the release of his debut single, "So Sick". Since then, "In My Own Words" and "Because Of You" went on to have him successfully earn himself platinum sales and chart-topping records.

As you can probably tell by the title, Ne-Yo is changing things here by bringing some class to R&B with all of the recent influence which it has taken from the world of Hip Hop, and all the collaborations it makes with artists who perform in this genre. Ne-Yo has said to have taken lots of infleunce from the greats of the 1960s with Frank Sinatra, the Ratpack and Sammy Davis Jr all being a part of what Ne-Yo's music has become, however some have dismissed this attempt at orginality as he basically did it in his last two album, but here made it much clearer.

1. "Closer"

This was the big first single from the album and a perfect way to kick off the record. The first time I heard this track I was made by it, and thought that due to it unorthodox production, was a 2-Step UK Garage remix at first, it wasn't until I realised that he was changing things up here with some UK-influenced house tunes for this one that it was actually what he originally made it to be.

**Five Stars**

2. "Nobody"

I heard quite a lot of Michael Jackson through this tune as Ne-Yo goes for something with has appeal to just about everyone, no matter what their musical preferences are. This is laso heard by the way lots of little sound effects are made by him through his voices as he fills in the gaps between sections of the song. It is a lively tune which follows on well from the first track.

**Three Stars**

3. "Single"

This track is one which I originally heard as part of the new project in bringing back New Kids On The Block, and the track which Polow Da Don produced, is re-done by Ne-Yo by himself. I have to say that I preferrred the New Kids version to this, but there still a lot to like about this one, and its probably down to the amazing innovation in Polow's beats and how he is anble to surprise you with every little detail.

**Three Stars**

4. "Mad"

The more I hear this one, the more I tend to enjoy it, but overall I don't really like it that much. I was fond of the melodies which Ne-Yo creates with his voice, and he is certainly able to nail the notes at each range. However I wasn't really that keen on the way he delivered the lyrics as it souded rather broken, and this prevents you from relating to the thme of the song, which is rather delicate.

**Two Stars**

5. "Miss Independent"

This is the second single from the album, and managed to gain quite a lot of support from fans. However I didn't really enjoy it as much as others. You can tell that it suits the album as it has him sing about his love for woman who are able to support themselves and don't rely on others to get around in life. I found it too plain to be that special, as opposed to a the other tunes here.

**Three Stars**

6. "Why Does She Stay"

The LA production team, Stereotypes bring a very interesting track as they play aroudn with lots of little sounds in this one to build up to making a full track, I have to say that I was impressed by how well it worked when all combined. With all these spacey sound, Ne-Yo gets emotional as he puts thought into the situation of his relationship, and how much his girlfriend has to put up with, making him want to change if she isn't going to leave.

**Three Stars**

7. "Fade Into The Background"

You get some funky beats with this tune as Sho takes over with the beats. I found that with these foudnations, you were going to have to heard something special from Ne-Yo. I wouldn't say that he didn''t achieve this, but I'd have to say that he was very close to getting where he neede to be. I liked how Ne-Yo painted picture of the scenes in this one for the lisnter, really involving you in the music.

**Three Stars**

8. "So You Can Cry"

You get some changes in Ne-Yo's music as Scyience does the beats here, and with this comes some live instruments, making a change from the Electronica which usually accompanes his voice. I found this transition to be rather forced and really didn't fit in with what Ne-Yo is about, even though it didn't really hinder him in sining a nice song for a woman who has recently split up with her partner.

**Two Stars**

9. "Part Of The List"

You have Ne-Yo going into a nice little number as he talks through all the little things which he misses now he has parted with his girl. I really like the writing of this one, but I am unable to say that I felt the same towards other aspects of it such as the way it is performed and the beats which go along with it.

**Two Stars**

10. "Back To What You Know"

This one is on a similar level to a lot of the other tracks where I can say that I like it, but it doesn't really have a lot going on in it. Ne-Yo talks to a girl in this one about how they shouldn't feel obliged to stay with him when they would truly prefer to go back to the man they knew and loved before.

**Two Stars**

11. "Lie To Me"

This is amongst the best material on this album, and definitely one which I expect to go on to being a future single for him. Shea Taylor seems to really know what she is doing with the beats as she makes it a very dramatic piece, in which Ne-Yo is able to express his annoyance for being lied to by the one he loves.

**Four Stars**

12. "Stop This World"

In the past I've expressed my dislike for ballads in modern R&B albums, and things don't change here as Ne-Yo decides to end this record with one. For a conclusion to the piece, it is really below the standard which I would expect from him, but he obviously had a vision his release to be done in such a way.

**One Star*

I have to say that I expected a lot more from this album than what I received. Ne-Yo is rather repetitive in his direction for the album as he does all of the songs just for the women, but that is the target listner for the album. However I would expect him to at least try to win over male fans of his music. This absence of male-suited tracks means that there is very little for me to enjoy and engage with.

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  • blackmagicstar4 published 13/10/2008
    I dont really like Ne Yo but i do really like Closer, i agree with SweetTooth think hes growing on me too. Great review cheers soph x
  • SweetTooth93 published 13/10/2008
    I have too be honest, Ne Yo is actually growing on me....something I never thought i'd say. Super review xx
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