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published 04/04/2010 | SusanLesley
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"Good exercise and free fuel!"

Now I know that this is an unusual category for me to be writing in so I'll start by giving you some background as to why I would be found using a bow saw!

When we moved into our cottage we had a multi fuel burner installed although we actually use it just as a wood burner. We have a friend who is a gardener and he lets us have the wood from any trees that he either prunes or cuts down so we end up with free fuel and that can’t be bad can it?

Dave has made a saw horse for us - for the uninitiated amongst you that's a sort of frame on which the wood is put for sawing and it keeps the wood still so that there is less likelihood of accidents which is a good idea for the accident prone like me!

Now the really large pieces of wood are cut by Dave using the chain saw and there is NO WAY that I will be having a go with that one! I like having 8 fingers and 2 thumbs thank you! The chunks of wood then get chopped with an axe - now I did try this but managed to hit myself with it quite quickly so I gave up on that! Incidentally I did only give myself a small cut and still have all my digits!

This leaves the smaller branches which need to be cut into pieces with a hand saw of some description and initially we were using the small tenon saw that we had in the workshop, but this wasn't very efficient to say the least so we decided to buy a bow saw.

I initially used a bow saw purchased from £4.98 from B & Q which, to be fair I still have, but I also have a Yeoman Bow Saw which I received as part of my Christmas present. I grant you it isn’t a typical girlie present but it is a very useful one which is exactly what I wanted!

I have done a search to find out current prices and these are available new on EBay at £9.99 plus £3 postage and packing.

The saw is described as being 'general purpose pruning of mature and dead wood' and it will allegedly cut stems up to 300mm in diameter although the ones that I cut tend to be somewhat smaller than that.

The metal support for the blade is black with a black handle attached along the metal at one end. The saw blade is steel and is 620mm long, or for those of you like me who still think in old money about 24 inches! By the way a replacement blade will cost you about £3.50 and they are very easy to change too!

The blade that was in the saw was for cutting wood from trees (yes I know it all comes from trees!) but I also have various bits of planed wood such as old floorboards to cut so I use the old B & Q saw for these as the blade in that one is specifically for treated wood. If you are interested the arrangement of teeth is different – the one for cutting treated wood has a regular evenly spaced set of teeth and the other one has longer and shorter teeth in a sort of pattern along it. Using the correct blade for the type of wood does actually make quite a difference too.

Anyway I can use the bow saw easily. Obviously the thicker the wood the more difficult it is for me to saw through so I started with the thinner pieces but I found that, once I had got used to it, even the thicker pieces were easy to cut! Incidentally it is also easier to cut the drier wood rather than the greener wood.

As I said earlier it is easy enough to use - you just have to draw the blade backwards and forwards across the wood until it is in two pieces - the wood not the saw!

The saw is also ideal for cutting the branches from trees that are just too thick for the loppers to cut. I haven’t actually tried this as we don’t have any trees to cut in our own garden but I am assured that this bow saw is an excellent piece of kit for the job.

The other advantage is that it is good exercise and it certainly warms me up and makes me glow (us ladies don't sweat do we?).

At the moment Dave is working on a contract in Scotland so I am trying to get as much done as I can whilst he is away so he isn't left with everything to do at the weekends when he gets home and of course whilst I am working in the garden Mew comes out and keeps me company! I keep asking him to go and put the kettle on for me but he just says 'me? how?' (meow get it?)

So, if any of you out there have an open fire or a wood burner I would certainly recommend this piece of kit!

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  • mumsymary published 05/04/2010
    mines white no sugar Mew
  • Andyoz published 04/04/2010
    I sometimes use one of these for cutting up wood for our fire. Is very good exercise! Well reviewed!
  • Autarkis published 04/04/2010
    Not something I am ever likely to need, but it sounds useful. Well reviewed :)
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