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published 05/02/2005 | Rabid
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"Yes car grief - yes car threatening phone calls"

In March last year my old car (a Hyundai) was written off by my insurance company after i was hit by another car, i was therefore car-less and needed to be mobile as quickly as possible but my current insurance policy wasnt inclusive of a temporary replacement car and i would have to wait a while for the payment of my written off car so i was pretty desperate to be 'back on the road' asap - enter Yes car credit...

2 days after my accident i quite surprisingly got contacted by phone by Yes car credit (i have no idea how they got my number or how they knew i needed a car, it did seem odd and extremely coincidental at the time, however i didnt really think about it too much).

The phone converstaion we had was very polite and a time was arranged for me to visit my local Yes car credit office in Birmingham so i could look at what they had to offer, i got to the showroom and was a little dissapointed that most of the cars they had were too new and therefore would be out of my range even on finance, the majority of the cars were within 3 years of age and i knew i couldnt pay for such a vehicle but i thought i'd listen to what they offer and see where it led, after all i was there now so i may as well bare them out.

Firstly after i was greeted i was asked to take a quick look at the cars on offer and told that someone would come to speak to me in 10 mins after i had looked at the cars, well i had already seen the cars on offer before i went into the office as the cars were all outside the main offcie area on arrival, anyway after 10 mins a lady came out to me and asked 'have you seen any that you like?' i replied 'well, yes theres a few lovely cars here but im sure i cannot afford them' she replied 'dont worry, lets go into the office and see what we can do' so off we went...

After taking a while to check my financial status (all monies incoming and outgoing) she then handed me a figure of what 'they' said i could or should be able to pay each month and this figure would dictate which cars were in my price bracket - she was still very polite at this stage.

The monthly figure i was given that they thought i could afford was £150, i chuckled to myself and said 'im sorry but i cannot afford that each month' she said 'well lets go and see the cars together now and then you can decide'. so off we went back outside.

I must say i had semi-fallen for a lovely Ford Mondeo year 2000 and pointed that car out to her as soon as we got outside, she looked at me and said 'oh no Mr xxx, im afraid that car would not be available for £150 a month, more likely closer to £250 a month' instanly i knew i was wasting my time, she then added 'over here we have some older models that you may want to take a look at' and we walked behind the main showroom to a place i hadnt seen upon my arrival.

This was clearly the budget section of cars and probably cars that other people had part exchanged, we walked over to a 1997 model (which looked nice enough at first glance) and she said 'of all the cars we have and your current financial position this is probably the only car we would be able to offer you finance on'.

I thought to myself, 'of all the cars you've got you are trying to palm me off with some old banger that you obviously cant clear' there was perhaps around 100 or so cars in total including the budget section and i could apparently only afford just one of them... odd, quite odd.

Anyway we went back into the office and she said 'so do you want the car?' in somewhat desperation of needing a new car i said 'yes, but i cannot afford your estimation of £150 a month and certainly not for a car as old as that, its not what i expected' After much conversation which involved her going to speak to her boss and coming back to me at least 5 times, we eventually agreed on £80 a month, i wouldnt buckle from £20 a week and they clearly wanted to shift the car, i got to feeling that they wanted it gone more than i needed a car, and thats saying something.

I was in the office for a total of 2 and half hours and at the end of it depsite having signed for the car and paid the deposit i was told that i couldnt take the car away with me until the next day, so the next day (at noon as told to) i arrived back at the office and was told that i wouldnt be able to take the car until tommorow as it 'wasnt ready for me yet' i questioned what they meant and they said it was just cosmetics, they only allow the cars to leave when they are happy to let them go... i was miffed beyond words at this point but said 'ok' and went home car less (again).

The next morning i decided to call them first to check if i would at last be allowed my car and was told 'yes', so i went to collect it and was given 1 set of keys (not 2) and absolutely no service history whatsoever, the woman dealing with me on that day said 'dont worry sir, all our cars are checked and serviced here before they are sold', i just wanted to get in the car and go so i said 'fine, thankyou' and off i went.

To cut the story forward 3 weeks, i now had a car, i had nothing but problems with it initially, but it was under 12 months warranty and i certainly took advantage of that, 4 times the car was in the garage with faults including the car refusing to start, tyre constantly going flat, horn not working, side lights not working, mostly small stuff but annoying things that should have been fixed before the car was available from the showroom you would imagine.

Moving on another 6 weeks and several more trips to the garage which included, a new tyre fitted due to it being punctured and too small a hole for it to be isolated and repaired hence the flat tyre since day 1 (which i had to pay for - £40) horn fixed again as it had stopped working 'again' new spark plugs and leads fitted (which i paid for) as my random non starting problem wasnt completely cured (i thought these cars all came with a 121 point check or something like that???).

Moving on another 4 weeks (i had now had the car for about 3 months) and the exhaust quite literally fell off, it turns out that a bracket that supports the exhaust had completely rusted thru, i saw it myself and was shocked that it had gone thru a MOT just 3 months earlier, anyway because the problem was down to 'wear and tear' i was once again responsible to pay for it, i was again not covered by the 12 months warranty for this.

It was now June and i recieved a phone call from Yes car to ask me to switch my payments from the monthly cheque over to direct debit, which i did and didnt mind doing, this is where the real problems started... or should i say where the insulting phone calls started.

Because the direct debit was setup between payments somehow the next payment due didnt get taken by Yes car credit, i didnt know about this at the time, i just assumed they would take it, thats the whole point of direct debit, i put the money in the account and they take it out, its supposed to free up the hassle of missing payments? or so i thought...

Out of the blue i recieved a letter in September stating that i had missed a payment and that unless i made the missing months payment to them including the current months due payment that i would be in breach of contract and steps would be taken to reclaim the car... imagine my shock and surpise!! i genuinely knew nothing about this non-payment for the month when i switched over to direct debit but they wasnt having any of it, this is when things started to get really nasty.

I phoned them and explained the situation etc but they refused to even want to listen to me, i was told to bring my account upto scratch immediately or the car would be reposessed and i would be taken to court for the entire outstanding balance which would involve my employer being asked to pay directly on my behalf for me via my wages, the guy i spoke to on the phone was deeply insulting, very patronising, highly accusing and extremly non sympathetic and very reluctant to try and resolve the problem other than i make 2 monthly payments the same month, which was very difficult for me to do, they didnt care at all.

I couldnt believe what i was hearing, i was made to feel very very small and fully to blame for their sheer incompetence, i walked away from the phone call feeling like a criminal, when my only crime was ever agreeing to buy one of their cars in the first place !!

As things currently stand i am now upto date with my payments and deeply regret ever stepping one foot near to their office to begin with, it was so not like how i had expected things to be, i know you could argue that the missing payment had to be paid (which i obviously agree with) but i wanted to make increased payments on what i was currently paying each month to help clear the outstanding owed monthly payment, they wasnt having any of it... every day for a whole week i had the most insulting phone calls imaginable, i am now black listed for the non payment (which was in the bank at the time awaiting them to take out just as it is every month but they didnt take the payment, then accused me of not paying).

The car itself has given me problems which i have had to pay for myself and the grief i recieved regarding the missed payment (not my fault) is simply over the top... i cannot stress how insulting, threatening and rude they were to me about this.

Sorry for a long review but this is my expericence with Yes car credit and i wouldnt wish it on anyone else.

I only hope this review may be of help to someone.

Thankyou for reading, Paul.

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Comments on this review

  • reddragonflame87 published 07/11/2006
    As below, I read every single word. They truly sound like criminals! Direct Debits are their own responsibility to set up and sort out; that IS the point of them, you're quite right, that's exactly why often DD's are taken out irregulary at first.
  • computerxpert published 01/10/2006
    Paul, I took my time to read every word of your review and thought it was very informative and well wrote. I've awarded you an exceptional cause it was a fantastic read. A few thoughts on your review. I can understand Yes Car Credit's views on people who fail to make payments. They must get it a lot doing what they do. However, people shouldn't be able to talk to you like that on the phone. A direct debit takes a month or so to get going so remember that in the future. I never did like the look of this company from their bad TV adverts. If the company hadn't gone bust I'd been looking at every law in the book to get my money back. I don't know if the fit for purpose act applies to second hand goods.. but would have been worth looking into :) Once again a fantastic review and I agree Yes Car Credit suck... x x x
  • MagicGordon published 04/01/2006
    Fortunately they've gone bust!
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