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published 28/09/2005 | hamishette
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After our bad experience with Yes Car Credit I wanted to let everyone else know.

Through some fault of ours and the fault of others our credit score was really low and we were having problems getting a car. We badly needed a car as we had a baby and we needed to ferry him about to babysitters so we could work.

Yes Car Credit are a company that specialise in dealing with people who have a low credit score or no credit score at all, they have their own finance company and do not have credit checks that is why they are able to offer finance plus the fact that they charge an over the rate 29.9% APR. They are not a showroom you do not get to pick the car you want, they tell you what car you can have, they give you 2 cars to choose from, the cars are all bought from car auctions so anything can be wrong with them, they have their own mechanics who are supposed to check the cars but I do not think they do. They tell you that you can drive away the car the same day, this is not true as one the car is not ready for you, two you need to go and get insurance for it if you do not want their insurance and three they do not give you road tax so you need to get that to.

Our Story
We called YCC and they gave us an appointment to go down and see them, which we did and at first we thought they were very helpful and nice they worked some figures out and they then told us that because we did not have a car to part exchange we would need to put down a £200 deposit, this was a problem as we did not have £200. They gave us a direct number and had to phone when we had the money. We manage to get the money, as we had to ask my mum and dad if we could borrow it.

We then went back down to YCC and they went through our finances again, they worked out what money came in what we had going out and then they came back with a figure that they said we could afford a month. We had to fill in forms and give all our personal details - work, address, wages, rent etc also we had to give names of 2 different references each what for I do not know as they did not contact any of them. During all this being worked out the salesman kept disappearing for only a couple of minutes but it was like 20 minutes later before he came back and he kept doing this. This was starting to get on my nerves as we had my little one with us and he was getting bored.

Finally he came back and said lets go look at the cars when we went out their were some cars not very many and none of them had prices on them so we did not know what we were actually paying for the cars. He gave us 2 to choose from a Rover 800 or a Peugeot 106 we had to go for the Rover as the Peugeot even though it was a smaller car it was more expensive per month than the Rover.

We went back in to the little room that we had been confined to for ages with no windows water etc; they then went over the paper work. We were told that we had to take out the payment protection insurance and the GAP insurance, which we did not want and we were told that if we did not take it then we could not get the car. This I found to be a joke, as they know that people only go to them because they are desperate, as they cannot get credit any place else so they have to take it. We had to then sign the papers and were told that we could pick the car up a few days later. We were told that they do not give you road tax so we had to organise that before we could get the car also we had to organise insurance as we would not take theirs, plus they told us that we were only aloud to get fully comp insurance to be aloud to take it away. But they told us that insurance for the Rover 800 would not be expensive.

We finally got the car and about a week later we had to take it back as it kept cutting out, turns out there was something wrong with the start plugs but they were not going to fix it but as we only had it for a week they did.

Months started to go buy and we noticed the car was getting rather expensive to run it was £150 for the car insurance was £60 and we were having to start putting in about £40 a week petrol and we were only driving the normal work, nursery and town runs. So it was starting to cost us about £400 for the car. Also the driver's window was not working properly and we kept hearing a clicking noise but they were not willing to do anything about it.

It had just come to the point that we could not afford it so we decided to terminate the contract and hand it back, my parents got credit for us and we pay them (should have done this in the start), we wrote to them back in the end of June and the car is still sitting outside our house waiting on them collecting it. Because they said we did not write the correct words on the letter they would not accept it, so we wrote another one, which they still would not accept as it still did not have the correct words on it but hey would not tell us what to write as they are not aloud to, finally I looked at our contract and basically took practically every word from it and put it down. They finally accepted that one they received it back on 15th September and we were told it would only take 7-10 days it is now 14 days later and they still have not taken it.

Because we have not paid it for 2 months now nearly 3 they keep pestering us on the phone, I lost the plot with them one night and told them to stop phoning as it was harassment and it is illegal for them to keep phoning me this made no difference and I was told tat we are on an automatic call back system and we can get anything up to 10 calls a day, but when you come home from work to umpteen bleeping empty message son your machine it is a bit to much.

Last night was the final straw I completely lost the plot with them they told me that they would cancel it in their own time and that I was being ridiculous for wanting to cancel the contract after only 11 months. They then told me that they have 10,000 customers and we are not the only ones wanting to cancel they have hundreds wanting to do the same thing. So that says it all.

So to sum it all up,

they prey on you because they know you can not get credit anyplace else
they make you take out insurance etc when you do not want to
they make you take fully comp insurance
they do not get road tax for you
they are only after your money
there customer service is pathetic
they will not entertain you if there is something wrong with the car
they pester you with umpteen phone calls
if you want to cancel the contract they take as long as they want to do it
once the contract if finally cancelled they will still expect a stupid amount still to be paid

I just wish we got my parents to take credit out for us before we went there, they have got to be the worst company, customer service stinks and they do not care about anyone but themselves as long as they have your money they do not care.

Please I beg you to reconsider contacting them and if you can get someone else to take credit out for you then do that.

I hope I haven't bored you and thanks for reading.

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Comments on this review

  • reddragonflame87 published 07/11/2006
    From reading these reviews, they sound like grade A bumbercluts
  • Spabes published 21/04/2006
    Hi i know exactly where your coming from these people have given me and my husband the same treatment right down to telling us that they wouldn't give us the car without us taking out the insurances! we've been in touch with the finance company and they've told us they we didn't have to take them out and it was optional. so we complained about being lied to and were asked to prove it! awful customer services. at the moment we are seeking help from the sfa and trading standards. if you dont mind i would like to include your review so we have some sort of proof that this didn't get happen to us and we didn't get make up an accusation. from now on i will avoid these companies like the plague! xxxxxxxx Jules xxxxxxxx
  • MagicGordon published 04/01/2006
    Fortunately they've gone bust!
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