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Your Garden in Wartime - C.H. Middleton

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The book "Your Garden In Wartime", combines two of my passions - history and gardening. It is a reprint of a 1941 gardening guide, written by the king of Dig for Victory himself, C.H Middleton, or Mr Middleton as he was often known. I bought my copy from The Works a couple of years ago, with ... Read review

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Your Garden in War-Time - C.H. Middleton

Your Garden in War-Time - C.H. Middleton

Your Garden in War-time A reissue of Mr Middleton's wartime gardening advice. Full ... more


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Your Garden In Wartime

AdvantagesInteresting guide to gardening as if your life depended on it

DisadvantagesSome advice is now out of date, but that is almost the point of the book!

"...a sensible way of ensuring your supply. "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst." It is in this and other period advice such as not having a bonfire at times that it would upset an ARP warden, that make the book different form just any old gardening book to me. I think this historical aspect is the most interesting, which isn't to say that there aren't useful tips aplenty. It is just difficult to find those that you can still apply, as there ..." Read review

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Publisher Aurum Press Ltd (25 Oct 2010)
ISBN 978 184 513 6048
Author C H Middleton
Edition Hardback


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