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... When my renewal came through and I realised that it had increased significantly for no apparent reason, and the insurer couldn't either price match the policy or offer a sufficient reason for the price increase, after doing some shopping around I ended up with Zenith. I purchased the policy ... Read review

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Cheap as Chips - but you get what you pay for!

AdvantagesComprehensive cover

DisadvantagesSlow to react when pursuing a claim, absolutely useless

"...was then passed through to Zenith themselves, where I gave what little detail I could of the accident, and was given a second claims number. As the car had been too damaged to drive after the accident, it had been recovered by the police to one of their depots. Zenith asked me when I logged the claim with them to let them know where the car was as then they would take it to a garage for estimated repair. I was given a number to call them back on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cackman

Quick review of Zenith Insurance

"after 4 months being insured with these incompetents,they now tell me that i made a mistake on my application (which i didn`t),and that i am not entitled to the amount of discount they gave me,and that they want another £70. i think this is a con,just a way to offer a cheap quote that they cant deliver. do yourself a big favour-AVOID

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DisadvantagesTo many to note

"It is hard to discribe the level of incompetance and total lack of customer care this company provides without reverting to swear words and symbols, I have been trying to get my money back since Aug 28th after they decided that because I had made a claim against someone who had ran into the back of me 5 years ago they could not insure me. Avoid at all costs as god help you if you had to make a claim against your insurance. I am sure that it has cost ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tobs

Quick review of Zenith Insurance

"I agree totally with the previous review, I also had insurance via the AA with Zenith and I wouldn't touch them again with a barge pole. I had to make a claim with them recently and they were inefficient and incompetent (losing information, not progressing my claim at all, appearing to have no knowledge of previous conversations/information given to them) - they even passed on my details to an accident management company without my knowledge or permission (who sent me a text message demanding that I ring them immediately if I wanted my claim to progress any further). I would never use this company again. - they have to be the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. AVOID IT!

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Beware Beware of this insurance company

AdvantagesNone would never recommend them

DisadvantagesWould never trust them. Five months later and still not resolved. They owe us money!

"...elderley mother had an accident, Zenith said the car was not worth repairing. Eventlyally after 2 months they agreed a figure which was low to replace the car, We accepted although we were unable to replace the vechicle with a like for like. they agree and offer in writing which we accepted. the cheque arrived 3 months after the accident but was not for the amount agreed. They took a further £300 off my mother as she couldnt find her service book. ..." Read review

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