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published 27/03/2008 | rachela81
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"Finally Acne free (fingers crossed!)"

For the first time in my life, at the age of 26, I suddenly developed adult acne. I tried everything I could to get rid of it, but to no avail. I have had dry/combination skin for most of my life. The spots mainly affected my forehead and chin, with some around my nose. The marks that these spots left are long lasting, too.

I tried loads of different products to try and rid myself of my acne, but it seemed to get worse and worse. Eventually after seven months, and with a face full of spots, I consulted my GP who diagnosed adult acne. He suggested the use of a topical solution, Zineryt. I have to admit that I was sceptical and thought that it wouldn't work. I took the stuff anyway and thought that I would have nothing to lose.

I went to the chemist with my prescription as this is the only way that you can get Zineryt. The current price for a prescription in the UK is around £6.80. The pharmacist advised me that the solution contains Zinc (known for it's healing properties) and erythromycin which is an antibiotic. It is dissolved in alcohol and will 'go off' after 6 weeks. The pharmacist makes it up on the premises and it comes in a small bottle with a blue sponge tip applicator. I was given an 'owing' note to bring in to collect the rest at a later date.

I took the solution home and followed the instructions. It said to use twice a day after thoroughly cleansing the skin. I washed and then patted dry my face and applied the solution using the applicator. To apply you simply rub this over your face, being sure not to press too hard. The main reasons for not pressing too hard are firstly as too much product is likely to come out, and secondly it is possible that you will burst a spot! This did happen to me the first time I used this- since then I have been careful not to press too hard! The instructions state that should too much product be applied that you should gently blot the skin with a tissue- this has never happened to me and it is easy to apply. The instructions state that this should be applied to the affected skin and surrounding areas. I would say that less is more than not to apply this all over your face as it will dry it out.

The instructions look pretty scary, in that they make specific reference to ensuring that none of the product gets in the mouth, eyes or inside the nose. I think as long as you wash your hands thorougly after use and avoid touching your face (very hard, I know!) there is no need for concern. The product does have a chemically/ alcohol smell, and you can kind of taste it on your lips. However, you do quickly get used to this and no longer really notice it after a week or so.

When I applied the product I have to admit that initially, for the first few times, it did sting a fair bit! After a few days I noticed that my skin was quite stiff and dry. Therefore I would recommend that you invest in a good moisturiser- but make sure that it is non- comedogenic (doesn't block pores) as this will just make your acne worse! I have also been using a very gentle exfoliant about twice a week to get rid of any dead dry skin.

After about two weeks, I had what I believe is a reaction to the solution. My skin became inflammed and 'scaly'. In this circumstance, I would recommend that you consult your GP. I did so and it was recommended that I use the solution just once per day.

Within a week this inflammation had subsided. After 5 weeks all my spots had gone. Since then I have developed just two more spots which have been fairly minor and have disappeared. I have experienced some scarring from old spots, but I am hopeful that these will disappear in time. I currently still use my Zineryt once per day, usually before bed time.

Although I have at times felt that my skin was sore and uncomfortable whilst using this product, it has made me feel so much better. I was at a point where I started to feel incredibly self conscious about my skin and was worried that people were looking at it. I had also spent a small fortune in spot creams and cleansers. To finally have found something that has got my acne under control (and so cheaply too!) I am delighted. The only thing that I regret is waiting to go to the doctor for so long. I think this product is an excellent one so long as it is used under the supervision of a GP.

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  • April_Angel published 12/04/2008
    woo for zineryt i use it too! good review :)
  • Maestrolover published 02/04/2008
    Very helpful review with useful comments.
  • marymoose99 published 27/03/2008
    Hope it continues to work for you. I hope I don't develop acne.....
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