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Zipvit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite - 700g Pouch Fruit Punch Fruit Punch Pouch 700

Zipvit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite - 700g Pouch Fruit Punch Fruit Punch Pouch 700

New 700g pouch great for training trips or refilling your 1.4 kg tub. Increases power and ... more

endurance whilst helping prevent dehydration. The
ultimate energy drink for improving performance
during exercise. Formulated using a scientifically
proven carbohydrate blend to speed up energy
delivery improve performance and prevent fatigue
without stomach upsets. Key Features: The perfect
choice for endurance events such as road racing
and long time trials. A special electrolyte blend
speeds up fluid absorption helping to prevent
dehydration and allowing rapid rehydration after
exercise. Also prevents cramping by replacing key
minerals lost in sweat including sodium magnesium
iodine copper iron manganese and phosphates.
Designed to be taken pre and during exercise. 32g
of carbs per serving. Natural and refreshing
taste. 3 tasty flavours available. No artificial
flavours colours or preservatives. Dairy and
gluten free. 700g Refill Pouch.

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Availability:  1 Day

Zipvit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite 700g Pouch -

Zipvit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite 700g Pouch -

The ultimate energy drink for improving performance during exercise. Formulated using a ... more

scientifically proven carbohydrate blend to speed
up energy delivery, improve performance and
prevent fatigue, without stomach upsets. This
makes it the perfect choice for endurance events
such as road racing, long time trials, mountain
biking, triathlon and distance runningThe ZV1
special electrolyte blend speeds up fluid
absorption, helping to prevent dehydration and
allowing rapid rehydration after exercise. This
comprehensive formula prevents cramping by
replacing key minerals lost in sweat including
sodium, magnesium, iodine, copper, iron, manganese
and phosphates. Nutrition, per 100g (1 Serving=
35g): 368 Kcal 0.1g Protein90.2g, Carbohydrates(
of which sugars 29.1g)0.1g Fat( of which saturates
3g) Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Sucrose, Natural
Orange Flavour, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Beta
Carotene, Sodium Sulphate, Magnesium Glycinate,
Calcium Glycinate, Copper Glycinate, Sodium Iodide
B.P, Iron Bisglycinate, Manganese Sulphate,
Tri-Sodium Phosphate.Please Note:Nutritional
information shown here ' on wrapper may differ.
Information on wrapper reflects actual contents.

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ZipVit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite Orange - 1.4kg Tub Orange Tub 1.4

ZipVit ZV1 Energy Drink Elite Orange - 1.4kg Tub Orange Tub 1.4

Increases power and endurance whilst helping prevent dehydration. The ultimate energy ... more

drink for improving performance during exercise.
Formulated using a scientifically proven
carbohydrate blend to speed up energy delivery
improve performance and prevent fatigue without
stomach upsets. Key Features: The perfect choice
for endurance events such as road racing and long
time trials. A special electrolyte blend speeds up
fluid absorption helping to prevent dehydration
and allowing rapid rehydration after exercise.
Also prevents cramping by replacing key minerals
lost in sweat including sodium magnesium iodine
copper iron manganese and phosphates. Designed to
be taken pre and during exercise. 32g of carbs per
serving. Natural and refreshing taste. 3 tasty
flavours available - please note the Tropical
flavour is labelled as 'Fruit Punch'. No
artificial flavours colours or preservatives.
Dairy and gluten free. 1.4kg tub.

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Availability:  1 Day

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Product details

Long Name Sport ZV1 Energy Drink Elite
MPN EV148091-NA-FFRT; EV148091-NA-FCIT; EV148091-NA-FORG; EV148092-NA-FFRT
Type Energy Drink
Manufacturer ZipVit


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