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Hi, I hope you like my review and find it useful. I must admit I really enjoyed doing this one as I am an animal lover and have to admit I treat my pets as if they are part of the family. So I would say I am very critical of all animal products (only the best for my babies).

***********WHATS IT ALL ABOUT************
Well is quite simply an online pet shop that offers hundreds of pet care products from manufacturers that are renowned the world over. The idea is that you can buy everything you need for your pets on-line to make shopping both easy and fast.

*****************WHO IT CATERS FOR************
At you can buy lots of products for dogs, cats, small animals, birds and fish.

***********WHATS FOE SALE************
Basically they have dry food, canned food, scratching posts, treats, cages, outdoor accessories, aquarium equipment and much more, but I will go into more detail next. The top brands include Pedigree, Purina, Royal Canin, Happy Dog and many more well known names. They also have great discounts and promotions for certain items.


***********DRY DOG FOOD**************
First on offer is Dry Dog Food which is probably the most purchased form of dog food these days. The reason for this is the nutritional value in the dry food and means that you don't have to suppliment it with fattening canned food. I used dry food for my babies and every now and again I add a bit of tinned food for a wee treat.
They do all your top brands of dog food including Almo Nature Holistic, Bosch (not the drill !!!), Bozita, Defu Organic Dog Food, Eukanuba, Farm Food, Happy Dog, Hill's Nature's Best, Hill's Science Plan, Markus Mühle, Mera Dog, Nutram, Nutrience, Nutro, Orijen, Perfect Fit, Pedigree, Premium, Purina Pro Plan, Rinti, Royal Canin Breed, Royal Canin Size and last but not least Yarrah.
All I had to do was pick my brand, which is Pedigree Chum and then see which size or flavour I wanted to buy. As simple as that.

*************CANNED DOG FOOD***************
This is where you'll find a very good selection of canned dog food. It really doesn't matter what breed you have, or his/her size or age, you're sure to find the right food in the right size for your dog. You can buy various sizes of packets from 6 packs to 18 packs !!!.
Again they are featuring super brand names like Almo Nature, Animonda, Bozita, Happy Dog, Hill's Science Plan, Pedigree, Pedigree Pure, Rinti, Rocco, Schesir and yet again last but not least Yarrah Organic.

**********DOG TREATS & CHEWS************
Treats are not a taboo food. They are a good supplement to your dogs food, as long as you use them sensibly !!!. I would give my dogs a treat as a reward for being good or for dental hygiene (you can buy treats specifically for this, as it helps to scrap the plaque of their teeth). With Zooplus I was delighted to see I could get anything from the good old dog bones to chocolate drops.
I would never deprive my dogs of a treat or two and believe me they love it. A few different type of treats on offer from Zooplus are -

"NATURAL TREATS" - As the name suggests these are super natural chews like dried beef, pork, or poultry. I personally prefer these as they are a healthier reward option. Also they don't spoil the appetite and dogs love them.
Zooplus have a very good variety and some super offers, EXAMPLE -Pizzle, 12 cm, Natural dog chew in 12cm pieces - 5 pcs. WAS £2.39 now £1.99 OR - 25 pcs. WAS £9.99 NOW £8.59 OR - 100 pcs. WAS £29.99 NOW £25.99 (Good savings)

"DENTAL CARE TREATS" - Obviously just like you and me dental hygiene is extremely important for dogs. One way you can aid in this is through chew snacks. Zooplus has a good selection to choose from. These should not just be treated as snacks but also as part of your caring regime. Not only do they help clean the teeth, they also strengthen the gums. My dogs love these and again Zooplus has a good selection and happily some good offers. EXAMPLES - Pedigree Denta Rask
Chewing fun and dental care for dogs, in 2 sizes, bags of 2
- medium (approx. 140 g) WAS £1.19 NOW £0.99 OR - large (approx. 240 g) WAS £1.39 NOW £1.19
ALSO Rawhides & Chews which are very good chews that are made to help strengthen the jaw muscles and help maintain healthy teeth. These are super and do last quite long. EXAMPLE - Rolled Chew Sticks (Dried and rolled beef raw hide), diameter 7 - 8 mm - 100 Pc. WAS £5.79 NOW £4.39
OR - Soft Treats - Just ask yourself how much you like a tastey wee treat ? Well your dog is no different and believe me neither is mine !! I Zoloved the variety to choose from. They have the ever popular chocolate drops and vitamin drops, just to name a couple. Remember these types of treats can help maintain a good bite. EXAMPLE - Pitti Boris Dog Snacks - 12 chew strips - Beef £0.59, Chicken £0.59, Multipack - 3 x Beef flavour £1.59 or Multipack - 3 x Chicken flavour £1.59 . These are an inexpensive treat.

**********FOOD SUPPLEMENTS*********
As with people animals do need a well-balanced diet. It is our responsibility to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. Food Supplements work just as well for animals as they do for us. If you add these supplements to their food every day, it will help to ensure your pet gets everything he/she needs. Delightfully this site really does have a super selection and sells the more well known brands including Luposan and Hokamix. Just as for us you buy certain supplements for certain parts of the body or ailments, EXAMPLES -

"BONES & JOINTS" - Luposan Joint Power which is to help fitness through healthy connective tissue - 600 g £15.90 (£2.65 / 100g) OR - 1200 g £25.90 (£2.16 / 100g). I personally buy this and the price they are charging is about £1 less than I pay at my local pet shop.

"HAIR & SKIN" - Garlic-Granules which is a natural nutritional supplement and aids in reducing fleas and ticks and helps promote good health and well-being in your dog - 400 g £2.99 (£0.75 / 100g) OR - 3 kg £10.99 (£0.37 / 100g)

"VITAMINS" - Gimborn Multivitamin Drops which are a sugar-free supplement formula that can be used every day (even as a reward treat) - 200 g £2.99 (£1.50 / 100g). Again I buy these and the cost is cheaper (although only a few pence) from my pet shop.

"BISCUITS & COOKIES" - I have to say that my dogs are not unsimilar to my child as far as these go !!! Both love Biscuits & Cookies (although abviously not the same brand!!!!). These are great, but always in moderation. EXAMPLE - Eukanuba Healthy Extras - 700 g - Puppy & Junior WAS £3.90 NOW £2.99 (£0.43 / 100g) - Adult WAS £3.90 NOW £2.99 (£0.43 / 100g) - Adult large breeds WAS £3.90 NOW £2.99 (£0.43 / 100g) OR - Adult Light WAS £3.90 NOW £2.99 , Good Savings.

**********DOG ACCESSORIES INDOOR*************
Next there is the Dog Accessories Indoor section. Having a dog to me, as I said earlier, is like having another child. So with my "extra child" comes extra household items. I must say that Zooplus really does cater for all needs. They have a great selection of dog beds, grooming supplies, toys and food bowls, to name but a few. EXAMPLE - Oster Golden A5 Clipper WAS £99.00 NOW £79.99 OR Dog Basket with Cuddle Pillow WAS £37.80 NOW £29.90
They even cover Dog Cushions & Pillows, Beds, Baskets & Blankets, Bowls & Feeders, Grooming & Care and Toys. Super selection and happily some super offers. Now I must say I am very happy with the selection on offer, I have alot of these things but by NO means all !!!.

**************DOG ACCESSORIES OUTDOOR****************
Not only do you need to cater for a dog inside the home, but you also need to think about outside too. So I was pleased to see that Zooplus cater for this area and quite adequately too. They have everything from collars and leads to folding travel bowls and seat belts. I have the seat belts and my dogs love them. It is good to see such a good selection to ensure your pets safety and again they do have offers (always a plus in my book). EXAMPLE - Flexi New Giant Dog Lead Was £25.90 NOW £21.99 OR Dog Safety Belt WAS £7.99 NOW £6.59.
They really do cover all the basics plus some !!! Other little gems that I think every responsible dog owner should look at are - Carriers & Kennels, Travel Products, Collars, Leads & Harnesses, Dog Flaps, Safety Products, Flea & Tick Protection, Training Aids and finally the Dog Houses if you don' want a house dog.

""""""""""""""""""""""""C A T S""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

The next animal that Zooplus cater for are Cats. I personally don't have a cat but I do know that along with the necessay food and cat litters, toys and accessories are just as appreciated by your cat as they are with dogs! Happily Zooplus caters for all of these including beds, scratching posts, cat carriers, and cat bowls. Just another area that Zooplus seems to tick the right box !!! ............

*********DRY CAT FOOD**********
On studying this section I was again pleased to see the varirty that Zooplus had. Also similar to the dog section there where various brands, sizes and quantities you could buy. Also several offers !!! A point that every cat owner must know before choosing a food is that they need to find a food that matches the nutritional needs their cat. This is based on the age, breed, or special health needs of each and every cat.
The selection at Zooplus is super and I really do think that anyone would find the appropriate food on this site. The brands they sell are - Almo Nature, Bozita, Eagle Pack, Eukanuba, Happy Cat, Hill's Feline, Hill's Nature's Best, Iams, Kattovit, Nutro, Orijen, Perfect Fit, Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin, Sanabelle, Smilla, Whiskas and good old Yarrah Organic.

***************CANNED CAT FOOD AND POUCHES*************
|Again nothing to complain about in this section with regards to variety. Simply find a food that matches the nutritional needs of your cat (same as before based on its age, breed, or special health needs). I did like the fact that this section does caver all types of needs, ie if you prefer to buy big cans of food if you have a number of cats or the single-serving pouches. Although as I said I am not a cat owner, I do know that some of the following brands are the market leaders - Almo Nature, Animonda, Bozita, Catessy, Cosma, Felix, Happy Cat, Hill's Feline, Iams, Kattovit, Kitekat, Miamor, Perfect Fit, Porta 21, Schesir, Schmusy, Sheba, ShinyCat, Whiskas and again Yarrah Organic.
I thought I would also put in a couple of examples here to show you the kind of offers there are on the go - 3 kg Yarrah Cat Food + 10 g Premium Catnip Free WAS £12.89 NOW £10.90 OR Fresh'n'Easy Cat Litter Granules WAS £11.99 NOW £9.99 (good savings).

**************SCRATCHING POSTS*************
Even I know that cats LOVE these. So I do think this was a must for Zooplus to cover!!! Cat trees are the not only the ideal toy for cats, they are also a favourite sleeping place for them. Another important factor, and maybe the most important is that they are a necessity for your cat's daily claw sharpening. Zooplus does have a wide variety to choose from and again some of the savings are superb. EXAMPLE Catt Tree Zeus - RRP. £139.00, Zooplus £99.90 OR Cat Tree Cordoba WAS £59.99 NOW £49.99 .
I thought I should also mention here that they also have Kitten Cat Trees, Small Cat Trees, Medium Cat Trees, Large Cat Trees, Ceiling Cat Trees and finally Solid Wood Cat Trees. Certainly no shortage of choices !!!

**********CAT ACCESSORIES INDOOR***********
Ok then. Next up is the indoor cat accessories. I know I seem to be repeating myself here but again the variety is really good (don't blame me, blame Zooplus !!!) This area has beautiful cozy beds for sale and cute heater seats (maybe I'll come back as a cat in my next life !!!!) They have bowls, brushes and grooming products, toys and catnip and the all important Cat litters!!!! It's only fair that I show some examples, so here goes - EXAMPLES - Cat's Best Öko Plus £5.69 OR Pet Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder WAS £56.90 NOW £35.99 (now thats a great saving, even if I do say so myself).There is even a Cat House Toilet - Jumbo WAS £21.90 NOW £17.99 .

************CAT ACCESSORIES OUTDOOR**************
If you ask a non cat owner what they would need for a cat outdoors, they would probably say nothing. I have to say that I found this section very interesting and it opened my eyes to the needs of the feline world!!! Not only do they sell cat flaps (which I may have thought off), but also things like nets for the balcony, travel accessories like carriers and kennels, collars and harnesses, and leashes, also flea & tick collars. EXAMPLES - Staywell 500 Cat Flap WAS £49.99 NOW £39.99 OR Protective Cat Net, Transparent WAS £13.99 NOW £11.49.

************TREATS & SUPPLEMENTS************
Now I'm not that niave to think that cats wouldn't need these so I was glad to see they where catered for. As like dog owners, cat owners have a duty to ensure that their cats have a balanced diet and make sure that they get all the vitamins and nutrients they need. They have things like pastes, drops and crunchy treats. EXAMPLES Feline Greenies, 110 g £5.30 OR Gimpet paste Malt-Soft £3.59 OR Gimpet Paste Multi-Vitamin Plus WAS £3.59 NOW £2.99 . There are lots of others to choose from and I can't see any cat owner being disappointed.

OK NEXT ......................

"""""""""""""""""""""SMALL ANIMALS""""""""""""""""""""""

Here we have the small animal section. Small animals I know have always been popular, but there is a definate rise in owners due to the rise in the apartments market sector of housing. So Zooplus have been smart to include this area.
They sell things like Cages, rabbit hutches, guinea pig food, chinchilla sand, they even sell Rat Cages !!!! (Yes thats right I did say RAT!!!).

Every small animal has it's own food requirements. It is very important to get the right food for the right animal immaterial of whether you have a guinea pig, bunny, or mouse. Zooplus sells Ferret Food, Hamster Food, Rabbit Food, Guinea Pig Food, Rat Food, Mouse & Gerbil Food, Degu Food and Chinchilla Food. I can't even think of another small animal, so I reckon they have them all covered !!!

****************SNACKS & SUPPLEMENTS***************
Small animals are no different to a dog or a cat, they love to get little treats and snacks as much as the next animal !!!! With small animals a little treat can be used as a supplement to its daily food. I used to have rabbits and always counted in the treats I was giving them as part of thier daily balanced diet. I searched through the various snacks and supplements on sale with Zooplus and can't tell a lie - Once again they really do seem to have done their homework and covered all the bases with their variety !!! They have my favourites, the Natural Treats, they do Mixes, have Vitamins, Salt Licks & Mineral Licks and Small Animal Drinking Water holders. Good choices!!!

***********CAGES & HUTCHES**********
The thing I always thought about when I had a rabbit hutch was that it was her home. You must always make sure it is safe and secure inside and out. Also that its the right size !!!! There is a good selection, again nothing to complain about. They cater for everthing from a rabbit to a rat. They even have Transport Cages which are great if you are taking them to the vet.
They also have Pens & Fencing. I personally think the more room your pet has to run around in the happier they are.

Just because the animal is small does not mean it doesn't need to be kept amused !!!! You know the old saying - "a happy pet is a healthy pet !!". Zooplus has alot to offer including stairs and toys for the cage, and care products and water dispensers.

TOYS - There is a varied selection of toys and tunnels on sale and they are loved by small animals.

BRIDGES & STAIRS - I know that Rodents are real lovers of climbing, so I was pleased at the selection of bridges and steps.

CABINS - Small animals love a safe and cozy place to sleep, just like you or I. Zooplus happily appears to have aknowledged this fact.

***************CARE & GROOMING***************
The right level of care and grooming of a small animal is very important and Zooplus has a number of essentials for sale ..........

FEEDER & WATER BOTTLES - There is a selection of water dispensers, as well as bowls, dishes and hay containers on offer.

TOILET - This is a majorly important area for any animal. The health of your pet and indeed you and your family is greatly dependant on the cleanliness and hygiene of your pets home. So again it is good for this site to cover this area.


The next animal type this site covers is birds. Again a good type to cover, as with small animals they are increasing in popularity. Zooplus does cater for all sizes, from parrots to buggies, and their prices are reasonable.

I do seem to be repeating myself, but a fact is a fact !! and the right bird food is essential for a healthy bird. In this section Zooplus reckonises issues like the importance for parakeets to have a rich and varied diet to prevent deficiencies, and that along with fruit and vegetables, a seed mixture is very important in a parakeet's diet.
They also appear to realise that Canaries and tropical birds/exotics do need well-balanced mixes of food.

*********SNACKS & SUPPLEMENTS**********
Just because you have a bird does not mean that you don't have to think about snacks and supplements. For birds you can also use snacks as rewards or as food supplements. As for the other supplements on offer by Zooplus, they will help make sure your bird gets all the nutrients it requires. Zooplus does have a good selection of these, EXAMPLES - Vitakraft Kracker Sticks 3-pack £0.90 OR Vitakraft Lovebird Kracker Sticks WAS £1.40 NOW £1.19
It really doesn't matter what type of bird you have, they will all love snacks and food sticks.
Zooplus covers a good variety of vitamins and nutritional needs, like Pecking Stones and Vitamins, even Digestion.

*********BIRD CAGES & ACCESSORIES*********
As with every other animal we are talking about their home. I was pleased with the selection on offer here. They certainly look safe and of a good size at a reasonable cost. EXAMPLE - Hagen Vision II Model M11, Medium Bird Cage RRP. £46.00 Zooplus£38.99 OR Canto Parakeet Cage, Brass WAS £59.90 NOW £56.93
Another thing I liked was the amount internal cage items they have like Perches, Food & Water Containers and Nesting. They even have fun things too !!!! EXAMPLE - Wooden Ladder Playground, Large
WAS £11.99 NOW £8.99 OR a Bird Toy Lava-Wood Bell WAS £5.50 NOW £3.79
They even cater for claw care and flea and tick protection. This is a well catered for section.


This site also caters for fish and ponds. I used to have an aquarium, so I was interested to see what they had to offer in this section. I wasn't disappointed as they had aquarium plants and decoration, fish food, and filter products.

I was happy enough with this section as they do have a good variety of food available, including the bigger named brands like JBL, Sera, and Tetra. TIP - Always make sure you get the right food for your fish, eg bottem-dwelling fish need tablet food.
They have even thought about covering Speciality food including food for raising and breeding fish, medication & vitamins!!!

*************WATER & PLANT CARE*************
Obviously the quality of the water is essential to the well being of your fish, so I had a good look at the products on offer at Zooplus. I was pleasently surprised at the variety. They even had cleaners for sale - eg Eheim Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner WAS £55.99 NOW £45.99

***********EQUIPMENT & ACCESSARIES************
Having an aquarium is by no means a cheap option for pets. There are alot of types of equipment and treatments needed to keep an aquarium in tip top shape. Happily Zooplus did not let me down in this area !!! They have all you need, like filters, pumps, etc and not too badly priced either. EXAMPLE Aquarium External Filter RRP. £53.90
Zooplus Price £45.99 OR Fluval External Filter 05 Series
RRP. £50.00 Zooplus Price £44.00
Also available are items for the maintenance and provision of oxygen in your aquarium, ie - air pumps and airstones. Along with pumps for use with filtration systems and ponds.
They also have great ideas for decorations such as live aquarium plants, as well as artificial plants, caves, and more.
I must say I was happy with this area.

Now I don't have a pond, but do think they are beautiful in a garden. This site caters for this area quite well. I spoke to a friend of mine who does have a pond and asked her what she would buy for her pond. Everything she said (ie - filters, food, pump) was on this site, so it certainly appears to be adequately covering the pond issues. As for cost she has assured me that again Zooplus has come up trumps on this.

"""""""""""""""OTHER INFO""""""""""""""""""""

There are a few other areas I thought you would like to know about ..............

1) Myzooplus - this is your very own account which you set up with them, with your own password.

2) Shipping - Cost are £2.90 for orders under £29 and FREE for orders over £29 ( i don't know about you, but I very rarely have a shop for under £29).

3) Newsletter - you can even subscribe to a free newsletter. You can even tailor it to your needs by selecting what you are more interested to hearing about, ie - Dog / cat /small animals / fish

4) £3 welcome coupon - As a little incentive they are offering all new customers £3 off thier 1st order (£3 is better off in your pocket than theirs).

5) Pet Forum - They have a Pet Forum which I think is a great idea, where you can chat and post your opinions.

6) Jobs - They even have a section covering jobs. You never know, you could be ordering some dog food and find your perfect job !!!!

7) Delivery - As I am based in Northern Ireland I was delighted to see that they not only deliver to the mainland, but also here !!!! However they do not deliver to Gibraltar or the Channel Islands.

8) PRIVACY & SECURITY - You will be glad to know that your order, personal data as well as your credit card details are protected by technical encryption and an additional authorisation process - both when transferring data and saving data on thier servers.

9) The Zooplus Guarantee - All zooplus products are covered by a 2-year warranty.


I must say that this site does offer a super choice. When you choose the brand you want, you are transferred to another page that gives you the full selection of this brand, ie- puppy, adult, light, senior, etc. It is great to see the full range for each brand and the many different flavours, as you don't get this in all pet shops. This is purely because they don't have the room to store them all!!!!
Another great idea they have on this site is the ability to click on the product and read all about it. It will tell you the nutritional value, flavour, ingredients, etc. Also you can read buyers reviews on that product. I love this as it is great to hear how their pets reacted to the food and can sometimes really change your opinion on trying a new product.
Another point I do like is that you have the option of purchasing various sizes of packets as well ( 5kg or 12.5kg).

Do you know what, I had a really hard time trying to find something that would make this site look a little less than perfect !!!!
The only thing I could come up with (and I am really nit picking here!!) is the fact that it doesn't cater for anybody who has reptiles.

I really hope this review has been of use to you (SORRY IT'S SO LONG !!! ). I think it's only fair to cover everthing to give a true reflection.

I look forward to your comments. Thanks again for taking the time to read it.

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