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Big Growth on your lip.


Active in tingle against causative virus

NOT ACTIVE against virus all time, doesn't eliminate it .

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Cold sores caused by herpes simplex virus. Once you’ve caught it its yours for life. It lives in nerves and breaks out most commonly at times of bodily or physiological stress including menstruation (period) or colds and flu. These items can’t be stopped in reality but other things that trigger are ultra violet rays of the sun which you can at least partial block using good sun blocks etc.

Aciclovir is the active ingredient of the brand Zovirax its active in the “tingle” stage of the cold sore. Anti-virals are known to be extremely slow to work, there also not very good, by this I mean you need frequent applications (not large amounts) just frequent, zovirax is four times a day this is the most important thing I point out to my patients but still if I ask most use it wrongly:
- I put twice as much on when I got home from work because I forgot to take it with me. Wrong
- I use it every morning to keep them away. Wrong and very expensive (you can’t even attempt yet to damage the dormant virus.

If you’ve missed the ‘tingle’ stage and are in the blister stage “please don’t use Zovirax” its very expensive and of no use know. The virus has ‘been out to play’ its gone again and you wont be able to damage it now. Zovirax will be a very expensive drying agent (which it does well). A this time it is more appropriate to use something like the cytex or Boots do an alcohol drying liquid which is good.

At this stage with your big fat lip it maybe nice to know:
- 12 million people in the UK get cold sores.
- They get them only 2 to 3 times a year.

To help mainly others remember a few key things.

It’s a virus and highly contagious, don’t touch it if you can help, use separate drinking vessels etc. No sharing.
Kissing the boy or girlfriend could give them it, just think it might be bad you have it but both of you at the same time! Its only 10 days.

Do not touch the eyes or genitals of yourself or another person if you think you have touched your cold sore.

I intend to write this statement at the base of any of my medical reviews

I feel its important to get an objective view point from a healthcare professional, your pharmacist been an easy choice. Reading these types of reviews may lead you to believe you've a condition you've not got, or even worse underestimate other symptoms. As a pharmacist myself I still find I run "what’s up with me?" past a college. This review type information should not be trusted explicitly as your an individual and by this definition DIFFERENT.

Get well soon
Eatcha (Andrew)
BSc Hons MRPharmS

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suttinreal 04.09.2007 21:42

Great review, but could do with a little more info. This stuff really helps! :)

MichelleScott 06.05.2001 00:11

Superb review. Well-written and very helpful.

wulise 26.02.2001 15:09

My cat was using this on his good eye for a deep rooted viral infection. I know it says not for eyes, but the vets at the Cambridge Vet School is having good results, for this type of infection and it is a lot cheaper than eye drops from Moorfield Eye Hospital. Informative opinion. Thank you. Louise(BA(hons), Rgn, ENB998 etc....)

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2 x Zovirax Cold Sore Cream tube-2g

2 x Zovirax Cold Sore Cream tube-2g

Zovirax is an antiviral for use on the skin. It is used to treat cold sores, a viral ... more

infection occurring on the lips.  When treatment
is started at the first sign (tingle) of a cold
sore, it prevents the cold sore from appearing. It
can also limit the severity of cold sores and
speed up the healing process.  What are cold
sores?  Cold sores are a very common illness
caused by the Herpes Simplex virus (HSV).  Cold
sores usually occur on or around the lip, or nose.
Unless there is a secondary infection, cold sores
usually clear up within 10 days, and do not leave
a scar.  The virus remains in the body and cold
sores may recur if the person is stressed, tired,
feverish or injured. Exposure to sun or wind can
also trigger the cold sores. Cold sores are
contagious, especially by direct contact, eg.
Kissing. Cold sores are usually preceded by a
feeling of tingling, burning, itching, or numbness
in the spot where the cold sore is developing. As
the cold sore becomes visible, small red spots and
fluid blisters appear. There usually merge
together into what looks like one sore.  What are
the symptoms?  The primary infection can progress
in different ways. Some people only have very mild
symptoms or none at all. The first outbreak starts
one to three weeks after the virus has been
contracted. It subsides spontaneously within a few
weeks. Later, if HSV is reactivated, the blisters
will return  The first symptom of an outbreak is
an unpleasant tingling feeling in the skin. After
a short while, a number of fluid-filled blisters
appear  The sores become covered by scabs which
typically fall off after eight to ten days. The
virus can spread until the sores are completely
covered by scabs.  Around 20 per cent of the
people with HSV antibodies have recurrent attacks
of cold sores throughout their lives.  In
children, the virus can infect the mouth and
throat (gingivostomatitis herpetica acuta). The
infection may be accompanied by a fever and
general aches and pains.

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Long Name Cold Sore Cream
Manufacturer Zovirax
Type for Subname Mouth Ulcers & Cold Sores
Dosage Form Cream

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