• Ciao Quality Seal
Ciao Quality Seal
The Ciao Quality Seal is an accolade that we developed specially for consumers as well as companies. Only particularly outstanding products or services receive this accolade from Ciao.

The Quality Seal is comparable with the Trusted Shops trustmark. The only difference is that consumers, rather than Ciao or miscellaneous test centers, rate your product.

The English Ciao Community is made up of over 550,000 highly Internet-au fait members, who test around 4,000 products and services a month and review and rate them in reports about their personal experiences.

We only award our Ciao Quality Seal to products or services that our members rate recommended (4 stars) or highly recommended (5 stars).

Continue reading to find out how the Quality Seal is integrated and what criteria your product has to fulfill in order to obtain this valuable accolade from us.


The Quality Seal is an image which contains a dynamic URL to your product on Ciao.co.uk. If you place the Quality Seal on your website, the status of this button will be automatically updated once a week through your connection to the Ciao website.

If 4 quality stars were previously displayed in your product's image and several members then rate your product with 5 stars, your star rating automatically changes into 5 full stars.

2. Step: Criteria

Before you obtain this valuable accolade, your online product has to fulfill certain criteria:

• at least 4 out of 5 possible stars
• 10 reviews

From this moment onwards your product can display the rating "recommended in consumer tests". Only the best products and services qualify for this particular commendation.

If your product has not yet been rated by 10 members and you have not yet reached at least 4 stars, there is the following possibility: the Ciao Feedback-Button. Integrate this onto your website and prompt your visitors to write reviews of your product on Ciao. This button also contains a dynamic URL: as soon as you have fulfilled the criteria mentioned above, it will automatically change into an image of the Quality Seal displaying the star rating.


Online: Get your individual URL for the Ciao Quality Seal and/or Ciao Feedback Button here. Due to the dynamic URL, the most currrent rating of your product is always shown. The button is directly linked to your ratings on Ciao.co.uk.

Just write us an e-mail, using the following registration form, and we will send you a link with the tag for the integration of your personal Ciao Quality Seal onto your website! We will incorporate your website into our catalogue so you will be able to integrate the Ciao Feedback Button (as soon as possible).

Offline: If you would like to include the Ciao Quality Seal in a print campaign, trade fair or other project, please send us an e-mail and we will send you a printable version of the Quality Seal.

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