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published 02/01/2002 | Daimonion
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"The best book shop in the internet"

Hello dear Ciao reader,
today I might have presented the probably largest and best Internet internetversandhandel. It concerns itself and no smaller names than Often I already placed myself the question of conscience, am I my books, Video's or also D'S in the Internet to rather order, or am I the trouble to make itself with one bus into the city to drive. There are advantages guaranteed on both pages. In this report I try to make tasty for them, why exactly Amazon is somewhat special.

*Mike surft to Amazon, a new world for it born... * ********************************************

How did I come at all to CIAO? It is already longer than 4 months ago, than I for the first time mean buy-rubbed with Amazon satisfied. A friend, who eingaufte already for a long time with Amazon and had drawn the attention of me to CIAO also, announced to me that all customers, who announce themselves at Amazon a welcome coupon received from 10 Marks. There I imagined: " I must try out nevertheless directly times ". The reasons why I it to test, am quite simply, first of all wanted I wanted of the large supply to convince itself. Does Amazon offer really as many products, how they always announce in the advertisement and in magazines? Secondly I wanted to take the reliability with the dispatch a mark under the magnifying glass. My first book was by the way a English-language star Trek book, which had cost knap 9 Marks and me within 2 days one dispatched.

*The first impression...*

Which impression does the Internet user experience, if he heads for the page The loading times are actually rather small. Must they also, because everyone possesses fast DSL a line. On the start page is above a beam with different options. So they have the selection between books, videos, music, DVD, photo & electronics, software, computer & video games to select auctions and z-shops. Among them is a type fair. Here some products of most diverse category are presented. Thus one finds e.g. the newest digital camera, the new Harry Potter book or the even published DVD of the successful film named Chocolat. As advertising slogan to this Christmas Amazon could the following message be broken in: " discovering, buying, giving away - easing ". We take times these three words more exactly under the magnifying glass. Discover is probably unique. If one liked books durchstoebern, one mostly goes in a book trade. The disadvantage in a book trade is however that mostly too many impressions affect a mark there on the viewer. Often at first attempt the book is not found, what looks the respective person up even. To buy might be also well understandable. Nachmdem one selected that or the desired articles, can one easily to and IE virteulle checkout go and pay. Give away, has particularly at the winter season the popularity on its page. Many imagine: " what is I to my children this year to Christmas to give, perhaps the new book of Harry Potter or nevertheless rather the DVD " a kingdom for a Lama "? The selection is relaxing over Internet all all this. Two weeks before Christmas turn most humans at the wheel and ihen break in on a mark that they forgot nevertheless still another gift. Fast they run into the city. Then a situation with those does not come it arrives itself clear (if e.g. a book is completely out of print), meckern probably-possible still the salesmen or the fellow men. ++Ein particularly pos titer impression develops with the safety warranty to Christmas. This means that all articles, which are ordered up to 19.12.2001 at 20 o'clock are sent away punctually up to 24.12 within Germany. There one asks oneself nevertheless, what one wants mehr?++

*where I find which with Amazon?

A labyrinth is Amazon in no case. Everything is ueberichtlich arranged and might leave open for no possibly which questions. Now will I them however times the " departments " from Amazon admits to make... -- books: Like the name regains one already says a virteulle book world here. Only books in German language, but also books in other language e.g. English or French do not find paragraph reisseneden here. Particularly to recommend is the " English Bookstore ". Here one finds really almost each book in English output. The maddest: All books are forwarding expenses-freely home sent! -- music: In the music department one finds to D'S. not only current single or Ablen Charts can be recalled here and ordered, but also older or limited D'S can with direct search be found easy. Enttaeu Fabs from the EBM scene might experience a small. The supply is often much too poor equipped. ++Hierzu I recommend the page -- DVD: DVD's are largely written here. Everyone might that find here which it looks up. Often can be ordered for a few Marks more a limited DVD. Fan packages with DVD, t-Shirt and Sticker are available occasionally likewise. Tip: Nevertheless times section looks past with the DVD music. There there are Live concerts and many more... -- video: One finds videofilme of all kinds into the department. One finds UK of imported goods almost to each film. Now only those is missing the import version from Japan; -). Good deal hunters can absahnen the more frequent one fat. 4 weeks ago ago I ordered myself the Science Fiction classical author for schlappe 12,99 Marks. Insanity! Electronics & photo: Here one finds many photo cameras for regarding. Also video cameras there are to admires here. One can likewise acquire photo films and memory cards here. Storage media as for instance D-CBlanks, diskettes or also ZIP diskettes are often there at the verguenstigten price. Software: Look a new virus scanner or a print program up. Here you become surely fuendig. A complete assortment of most diverse application programs are available here! Discharge models, e.g. Norton anti gives it to virus 2001 surely at the verguenstigten price... Computer games: How the name already says, one finds one fills here at computer games. Not only the newest Games such as Fifa 2002 or max of Payne gives to order it here, but also classical authors such as Sim town center or Civilisation 1.

*Which are now the before, - and disadvantages?* ***************************************

Advantages - buying without stress. Products can be easily durchstoebert - selection, which is not to be found otherwise anywhere. Usually is there only special drawer loading for the individual areas, or you in the Media market a mark of books already saw? - coupon internal messages belong to. I have already often with befriend into my E-Mail p.o. box looked and to have thereby a purchase coupon of the Amazon discovered. For Christmas I received 30 Marks a coupon for the department of electronics & photo given. Fair service - prices are small written. Many products are sold at a good price. If e.g. many people the same book or the same video recorder to sell there already mark of some can be saved - school books comfortably home. Does their that know? You are in the upper stage, get however only in the course of the first 6 weeks the books said, which you need for respective instruction. Do you run then each mark into the city to only order in order a book? No, simply and already buys one indicates the account number of parents books fun; -) - can be sample-belonged some D'S before the purchase. In the form of MP3's Amazon makes these hearing examples available. To recommend I can however only, if a fast line is available - cash saves for comparisons. Naturally there are also still different sales buildings such as Amazon. Naturally they can compare the price with the Konkurenz... Disadvantages - many small book loading is glad, if they sell a handful of books on day. Often even their existence depends on how much they sell on day. (according to the principle, the large one swallows the small one...) - forwarding expenses. Forwarding expenses at a value of approx. 6-7 Marks result leg some few articles. If you order however a value of more than 250 Marks, forwarding expenses of the past belong on - perhaps account data could fall into the hands third. Although Amazon offers one reliably to SSl connection has I to sometimes consider that viruses or Trojaner could intercept these data - liberty is included. Humans become correct putrid animal, rather order in the Internet. Is outside perhaps beautiful weather. In the winter can run ma also calmly times over the Weihnachtsmarkt.

* with Amazon buy free of charge?*

This cannot offer I you unfortunately, would have been also too beautiful. But but there is a small trick, how one can surfen free of charge on the pages of Amazon. Visited simply the homepage downloads you the keline program and clicks to you on Amazon. The connection is 100 % free of charge. The costs are by the way taken over by Amazon themselves. There times someone worries about its customers! Amazon is really the best and most reliable versandhandel in the Internet,

love of greetings, of you Mike: -)

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  • COOOEEE published 09/04/2004
    I got a bit confused by the random German words words too.
  • twinks5 published 19/11/2002
    i think you have used a translater for this message. I do that with my english into german using the internet and the translation is always into a language i dont understand-although I am sure I requested English-but good for you for giving it a bash-i wouldnt dare go into the deutsch ciao and do that.
  • a-true-ben published 03/01/2002
    Sorry for the low rating. Your German's probably a lot better than mine, but I found this so hard to read I ended up skimming parts and couldn't find much helpful at all. Ben
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