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... So show a little solidarity, and get some booty into the bargain - drop by and stay in touch with the world.... Read review

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Community Level 3kimbowa


Postal Oasis

AdvantagesIt's free and it's easy

DisadvantagesYet to discover

"...the bargain - drop by and stay in touch with the world. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2SaikatSantra


Full of Eastern Promise...but no delivery

AdvantagesIn postcards

DisadvantagesIn practice....too slow

"People end up on invariably because they have found a link that offers "free REAL postcards". The claim is this - you register with them and then you can type in a short message and an address, choose a design and then a postcard (yes, a real one) will be sent to that person with a real stamp on it! It all seems very nice - there's quite a choice of card designs including one for almost every special occcasion you might want to use. ..." Read review

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Type Free Stuff
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 15/03/2001

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