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published 08/11/2009 | stephbond89
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" lost my food and were two hours late!" Home Delivery

So this month I decided to do my first ever home delivery for my food shop, we were away when we got paid, and then my husband was working nights for the next few nights, so desperate for food, we decided to use Asda for a delivery for yesterday evening. We have often thought of doing a home delivery, thinking it would save us a lot of money by not impulse buying as we walked around the shop, and without the hassle of having to push past people chatting in the middle of the aisles.

Spending over £100, and having to pay £5 for an evening delivery as it would be the only time I would be home, £1.50 more than the usual delivery in the afternoon. I chose the delivery slot of between 5-7pm, before I would be settling down for the night, but after I had finished my Christmas shopping which I had planned for that day.

We rushed to ensure we were home for 5pm, even though I knew it would be coming up to 7 when it came a with most deliveries!

By the time it got to 6.30pm, I was getting a little impatient, when I got a phone call from Asda telling me that the delivery guy hadn’t made it back to the depot yet with the “night time traffic”, living in same town as the shop where the food was brought from, I know myself the traffic stops at about 5pm, and by 6 or 7, the roads are clear and everyone is tucked up in their cosy houses. But still, I was told that the delivery might be a little bit late, but that there was a “good chance” it would still be on time.

By half past 7, I was still shoppingless and getting a little annoyed, I had paid £5 for my delivery which was at least half an hour late.

It was 9pm before my delivery arrived, two hours after my delivery slot! The driver wasn’t very apologetic at all, and just said “did you get a phone call”, yes I did but she said he would be a “little” late, not two whole hours late! Luckily I hadn’t had plans for that evening, so I hadn’t had to cancel anything, but it was a Saturday night, so there was a big chance I would have had plans!

But, the trouble didn’t stop there!

Upon unloading the shopping, I realised there was a lot of my things missing, there didn’t seem to be enough bags but I just thought it was me been silly, until I decided to go through the invoice and tick the items off as I put them away.

When I had finished I realised all of my chilled items were not there! That’s all my fridge items, cheese, meat, creams, yoghurts, butter. I was well and truly pee’d off by this point, and called Customer service on a premium rate line, and got an Indian woman, who didn’t seem to understand anything I said, who asked me what the problem was, again no sorry, just asked me to list all the product numbers from the invoice of the missing items. So I sat there reading around 15 product numbers out. She then said she’d call the delivery man and see if he still had the food in his van, but if he didn’t the only thing they could do was to arrange another delivery for today.

It was almost 10pm when she finally phoned me back to tell me that the food had been given to someone else by mistake, and that someone would phone me at 8am get my delivery charge back, she said yes, it would be added to my online account, and also that I would get a £5 promotional voucher valid for 60 days again to use online for another online grocery shop, well for a start, even if I was going to use their online service again, it would be in more than 60 days, as my next shop will be Decembers monthly shop, and so a Christmas shop which will be done in store, to get a home delivery your order has to be over £25, so within the next 60 days I won’t be getting a shop online for that much. And I am never planning on using their service ever again! First off they were two hours late on my delivery, and then half of my shopping was missing and I was offered a £5 voucher to spend online!!!!! It’s not good enough, after complaining I have got nowhere as of yet, but it has only been one day.

Today I have as yet to get my call to arrange another delivery slot today for my food delivery, it’s not 11am, so they’re 3 hours late with the phone call, and so I have to sit in now for the rest of the day waiting to hear from them about my shopping, my friend is supposed to be coming round today for a chat and catch up, but now our day will be ruined and there will be no trip to the pub or shopping in town as I have to wait for my chicken and milk! Very annoying.

If even after reading this review, you still want to use for your shopping, then here is the info you need:

Site Navigation is quite easy to navigate, with all the aisles laid out where you can easily search through Dairy, Bakery, Frozen, Chilled, Health and Beauty, Drinks etc. You can simply click on the aisle you need and browse the items until you find what you’re looking for, the offers are all laid out at the top of the screen so you can see what food is on offer, or you can go down the brands and choose what you normally buy. To add what you want to your basket, you can simply chose how many of the item you want and then simply click add to basket, which is at the right hand side of the screen where you can review it, add to it and take from it, with your subtotal above and below so you can keep your eye on it, and make sure you don’t go over board!

When you want to order your food, you confirm your delivery slot which you will have chosen at the beginning of the shop, but will only be held for an hour, and if you’re doing a big shop, it can take a lot longer than that so you may need to choose another slot! Then you pay via card online, it seemed to take a long time for the money to come out of my account, and I’m still not 100% sure if it has gone!

Navigation is easy, but sometimes the site can go a little slow, but I think this is when the site is been used by a lot of people, but can get a little annoying when it’s going very slow and you’re trying to get your shopping done.

I definitely recommend you write a shopping list out beforehand, as it gets very easy to forget things as you’re not seeing the things in the shop and remembering to pick them up! I managed to forget toilet roll, kitchen towel, washing up liquid, all of that and flour and sugar so I’m going to have to go to the shop again anyway!

In Conclusion

The site is a good one, and when the delivery service works it’s a great idea for those who can’t get to the Supermarket, whether it be because they don’t drive, they’re ill, the car is in the garage etc. But then they mess it up, give your food to the wrong people, and then are two hours late with your delivery!

Chances are I caught them on a bad night, and I could get their deliveries another 100 times and never have a problem, but this time has certainly put me off ever getting a home delivery with them again. It’s cost me more than it would have done in the Supermarket in the end with delivery charges, I have forgotten half the stuff I needed which I wouldn’t have forgotten had I used the shop, and I am still waiting two days after I put the order in for my shopping to arrive!

Better training is needed for the staff, and they shouldn’t give so many people slots at the same time if they can’t deliver them in that time, and they should label the foods more carefully to ensure the right people get their shopping, as it is someone else has around 4 bags worth of my food whilst I have nothing!!!

I certainly won’t be using again that’s for sure, I’ll continue to shop in my local store instead of messing around online! Unless your desperate for food and you cannot get to the Supermarket, I wouldn’t recommend these as a home delivery service, but maybe that’s just me.

Just wanted to add to this, I got the re-delivery at 6pm the next day, when there were STILL 4 items missing! I phoned them again, to be told that nobody was in the shop now, as the shop closes at 4pm on a Sunday, so she would put the money back in my account, it would take 4 days for it to hit my account (went straight out into their account in the first place!), and that I'd get "free delivery" the next time I used the online shop, which will never again be happening! I asked her to leave a message with the store to call me back today (Monday), and was told they never phone back when asked, so I asked them for the number of the store to call back myself!

I phoned today, to get the money refunded to my account still in 4 days, with £10 good will and my delivery charge back. It's still not good enough though, I am very unimpressed with it all!

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  • baherbc published 10/11/2009
    will stay clear ten Excellent review
  • paulpry118 published 09/11/2009
    I've never tried Asda for delivery I tend to use Tesco the most, who now send you a text on the day of delivery giving you an expected 1/2 delivery time. On the odd occassion I have used Sainsburys but only when they send me a £10 discount voucher.
  • lds1985 published 08/11/2009
    I find Asda is a great store, not so good at the online aspect so well written! I've also had problems, nd with the Indian Callcentres not understanding what I say, didn't make me happy! Good review :)
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