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Community Quote I first visited the site when I saw a review in a glossy mag that I was reading, and I have to say that the site really is worth a visit. They have hundreds of items that you have seen on either television or at the movies, and some stuff that you haven’t seen but ... Read review

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Community Level 5Lizzii


A T-Shirt like Buffy's , no problem

AdvantagesGetting the stuff that the stars have

DisadvantagesNot finding what you're after

"As Seen On Screen - it does exactly what it says in the title! Have you ever looked at somebody on the telly and thought I love his/her top, but bugger, they’re in Hollywood so I could never get one? Or do you watch Hollyoaks and wonder where you could get the same condiment set as they have in the café? Well now you can have these things and more if you pop along to the awesome website I first visited the site when ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Guccilady


Nice condom shame about the panama

AdvantagesGreat idea, occasionally you find a bargain if you are lucky

DisadvantagesPoor range of products, a lot are dated, some are totally irrelevant

"I think everyone must have by now figured out that I'm; 1) A shopoholic and, 2) I love sites selling unusual things. So that in mind I was over the moon when I found 'as seen on screen'. The joy was short lived though. The site is THE most wonderful idea, the idea being that you can buy the exact or "in the style of" item that you've seen your favourite celeb wearing/using on screen. That means they have sourced the exact item or they've found ..." Read review

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Community Level 4annalouise


Starry Eyed


DisadvantagesDelivery length

"Whilst browsing around for inventive Christmas present ideas, I stumbled upon It looked quite exciting after pages and pages of the same old junky pressies I'd seen on other sites. The slogan of the site is "Buy What You See on Film and TV". Uh oh, this could turn out to be one of those mega expensive sites that sell you almost exact copies of Jennifer Aniston's wedding ring or stupid things like that. Well, I cast my eye down ..." Read review

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Community Level 5pauljm


You've seen it, you want it, go buy it

AdvantagesWhere else can you find these things?

DisadvantagesIf you're not interested then...

" is a site offering you the chance to buy items you have ‘seen on screen’, hence the name. It is, so far as I know, a unique concept. It certainly gives you the chance to make purchases that can be talking points as well as useful (well maybe I was exaggerating about the useful bit). The site has three classes of products; ‘As Seen On’ are the same items as featured, ‘In the Style of’ are items of a similar style and ‘Merchandise’ ..." Read review

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Community Level 2The_wizard


Affordable showbiz clothing

AdvantagesA very good saelection of products

Disadvantageswhat do you mean?

"How many films have you watched and wished that you could own them stylish clothes that the cast wears. I’m talking about those smooth leather jackets from films like ‘The Matrix’ or ‘Shaft 2000’. Or maybe something far simpler, like the red dragon shirt worn by Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The beach’. Hey, maybe you’re looking for accessories, not a problem, how bout those stylish red Oakley’s that Cyclops ..." Read review

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Type Clothing & Accessories
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 07/03/2001

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similar by Type (Clothing & Accessories)
An excellently laid out website with excellent products and customer service!
They have some colours translated so it does not give the true colour's names (*)
Good to navigate, clearance section, 30 day money back guarentee. Quality products.
None for me. (*)
Nice, stylish clothes
Veerrrrrryyyy sloooooooowwwww delllliiiivveerryyyy! (*)
Shop in your own home, Easy to use, Fast Loading, Good range of clothes!
£4 for delivery, Customer Service is poor! (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
Excellent site to browse and make price comparisons
none (*)
Quality, Service (*)
Choice of phones, all tariffs and networks in one place
All bit of fib telling going on! (*)
gets items sold
junkies in your house, bad design, overpriced (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (A)
Lingerie to die for in every size from tiny to my size.
I could not find any. (*)
easy to use, cheap things, fast deliveries, refunds
it depends of you! (*)
delivered to your door
you dont always get what you ordered! (*)
Excellent customer service, brilliant products
You need the website to choose if ordering by phone, can only pay by card. (*)
Fast delivery, easy to navigate, you can be a star (I know you are one)!
Some items are banned for outside UK delivery, you can spend way to much! (*)
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