Community Quote Essentially the website acts as a channel for distribution for all sellers, trade and private, and therefore this makes the search a lot easier than identifying and searching lots of individual garages. All the big car supermarkets appear to be represented here along with ... Read review

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Trading up...?

AdvantagesChoice, easily navigated, availability of reviews and car related links

Disadvantagestoo much choice..!

"Since landing myself a new job opportunity 55 miles away (nice career development move!) I have been on the car buying merry go round with a vengeance. Obviously for that distance both fuel economy and comfort are of utmost importance and I am looking for something quite rare - notably a diesel automatic vehicle, budget was stretching to a 3-5yr old vehicle depending on how prestigious a model I elected for, and low mileage was a factor - as I will ..." Read review

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So You Want More Choice Diamond review

AdvantagesHUGE choice of vehicles. GREAT search facility

DisadvantagesNone that I experienced

"~ ~ As most of you are already probably aware, I am a taxi-driver here in the Fair City of Dublin, Ireland for the past seven years or so. And any of you who have read my car reviews will also be aware of my obvious attachment to Nissan motor cars. In July 1999, I found myself on the lookout for a replacement for my trusty 1991 Nissan Bluebird, which was long past due for an honourable retirement. I had a notion that I could just possibly manage ..." Read review

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Community Level 4MikeWhalley


Wanna buy a car mate...

AdvantagesEasy, full of features

DisadvantagesCan be slow and search doesn't work 100% of the time

"...of this kind - making the only online used car showroom you need ever visit when looking for a second-hand car. ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cabletow


The tool of the eighties in a new and useful guise

Advantagesexpansive data base

DisadvantagesNone really

"Autotrader is an icon of the eighties that has moved into the new century with grace and skill. This is not through active management but it has been driven by market forces and as such it has survived. Both a magazine and a website, it is dedicated to the sole aim of selling cars and car accessories to the Great British public and it does this very successfully. The website is found at . It has a search facility that allows ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bazza1603


The best way to sell your car privately

AdvantagesNice quick website.

DisadvantagesNothing if it sells your car.

"Ive been a fan of the autotrader since I started using the magazine back in the dark ages when I was 18.Ive tried a lot of different ways to selling cars, via free and local papers, agencys , and local shop windows.The one that Ive had the most success out of by a long way is the Autotrader.I how this as I always ask the person whom have bought the car where they saw it advertised, so I know where to look advertise in the future. I have to say ..." Read review

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everything and i mean everything for the vw campervan
not very pretty (*)
Comprehensive web site, buy from main dealer, good prices
No trade in facility, but helps sell online (*)
Fast, fun, curvacious,
Expensive in the long run! (*)
good if you want to buy a day to remember
bit unesciting in its layout (*)
Better equipped to bargain with car dealers
Only a rough guide (*)
quick & easy to use, good deals
not many at all (*)
too tempting! (*)
Easy to navigate website, pleasant phone operator
Will try to sell you whatever makes them most £££ (*)
Interesting source of info.
None really. (*)
Refreshing perpective, well-written
Why do we get Max Power and Fast Car? (*)
lots of useful features, descriptive adverts, easy to use
currently only for UK (*)
fantastic signage products and printable displays.
The car search functionality needs improving so you can apply filters. (very minor) (*)
Helpful to any motorist in Edinburgh
None really, though folk outside Edinburgh might be jealous! (*)
Cheap, Reliable
Site out of date and unusable (*)
Easy to use, Informative, Fun, Huge Choice of cars, Full directory of dealers
no comments on celebrity cars, site colours and feel could be better, no video (*)
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