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published 24/02/2017 | backman
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Pro The best movie ever? The best characters ever? Camera? Postproduction, music of course...
Cons I have to admitt, that it´s a bit hollywoodish at some points.
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"It´s not about the music, it´s about psychopaths"

This is about the movie Whiplash, not about the DVD. And you know why? Because every dvd is the same. You have the movie, some subtitles, directors cut and bla bla bla...Who buys dvds these days anyway?

Really? No one gets it?

I won´t talk about the story. Visit IMDb for a story.
The director is obviously a big jazz lover (as he prooved in La La Land) so he put the great story and even greatest characters into the environment he knows and loves. However, the most greatestestest thing about this movie is how every single character is a bad person and still, somehow, we like them all.
True, we love Fletcher as we love lord Voldemort, not as we love Hermiona, but it´s there. You know what I am talking about.
This story is about two psychos who does whatever it takes to make their carrier fulfilled. The young (and kind of pathetic to be honest) musician Andrew threw away his GF, his father and the whole family, his friends etc. just to be a, to be the best drummer ever. WTF? He is a psychopath, it´s not even questionable.
The old (and rly muscular) teacher Fletcher already threw away all his friends, family and everyone else. He hates people, he yells at people and he doesn´t like anyone, just to raise the best musician know what´s next, right? PSYCHO ALERT!
This film is NOT ABOUT JAZZ

It´s a masterpiece which describes two different approaches to be a psycho. You think they are completely different persons? No, they are completely the same. Ok, one difference, one is younger.
I watched this movie 3819 times and everytime I find something new, which fascinates me. I love everything about this film and when you realize, that you, as a viewer, are not suppose to admire the musicians skills, but you have to focus on the absolute devotion to the thing (whatever it is, if it´s jazz, or basketball, or playing hopscotch (which btw origins from Czech words "Hop" and "SkoÄ", literally "jump" and..."jump" - yea I am czech, mate), you ll be blown away by how genius this movie is.

And the last scene?? Mindfuk. Look at their looks! Look at it! PSYCHOS! GENIUS!

And my favourite line from the movie? "There are no two words in the English language more harmful than "good job"."


P.S. How the editor did it, that you look 10 minutes at one band on the stage and you still enjoy every second of it??

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  • skyelightsmoke published 26/02/2017
    What thedevilinme said. Pls move.
  • AndrewLeith44 published 25/02/2017
    Need more information
  • fatboyslim published 25/02/2017
    Off topic.
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