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published 18/06/2003 | Honey_Bee
Member since : 04/03/2002
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Pro Game which takes little time up, Could win £100!
Cons Can be addictive, must get used to the website as it can be tricky to navigate
very helpful

"It may uncover the new Bill Gates......"

I would like to let everyone on Ciao now that I am now a multi-millionare-ess. My thanks go out to the ones who got me here: Michael Jackson, Prince Charles, The Queen, Eminem, Ulrika Johnson, Anouska from Big Brother and not to mention the fantastic author of the Harry Potter books, JK Rowling. I cant say that become a millionare was easy, it took planning, charisma and not to mention my loyal PC. For all of you wondering the secrets of becoming a millionaire, you have come to the right place. Don’t threat anyone can become a celebdaq millionaire, all you need to do is register and buy your celebrity shares wisely………

What is Celebdaq?
No I am not lying about being a millionaire, I now have three million pounds in shares, however there are a few things that you might like to know, the main one being that the money you gain is not real and you will never be able to get your hands on it.

Celebdaq can be found on the BBC website, it is a game where you can buy and sell shares on celebrities. When you register you will be given a wonderful £10,000 to buy your first shares. Like all shares you must try and decide which celebrity you think will be covered all over the front pages of the newspapers, as the celebrities gain will be measured on how many times they have appeared on the front page of major papers:

Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Star, Daily Express, Daily Mail, The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and their Sunday equivalents, plus Heat magazine and Now

Each celebrity will have a different price against their name, this all changes due to how popular the shares are amongst the Celebdaqers, and how long that have been in the news. For example at the moment David Beckham shares are at a whopping £110.76 pence! However people like Eminem who have not made a big impact on the market (yet……) are at £2.24 each. My advice is have a good think about who you buy, things do change very suddenly. However each celebdaqer plays the game differently.

You must remember that the shares do gain, but they can also lose, which means if you have them in your stock then you will lose money. The best thing to do is check your shares regularly. There is even an option on Celebdaq to get e-mails of hourly rises and falls, just to make sure you lose the least amount of money that you can!

If you keep hold of a successful gaining celebrity you may be in for some very heavy cash by the end of the week. Throughout the week the amount of press coverage the celebrities get is added up and this is where you gain money. However if you only have a very small amount of shares in a celebrity your dividend will not be high, but if you have a high amount of shares the payout will be high also. Another good point to remember is, you must have the successful celebrities shares for a whole week to get the maximum amount of cash, if you haven’t don’t worry you will gain a smaller percentage of the dividend. As your cash builds up the more dividends you will get as you have more money to buy the shares.

Once you have earned your first dividend, you should be able to up your stakes and buy more celebrities. However don’t get too comfortable once you reach one million smackeroonies, you will go back to the £10,000 you started with. However you will have a cool stack of cash by your username. This indicates to other players how well you are doing. Who knows after gaining your fourth stack of cash, you may even progress to being Bill Gates (that is if you have one billion pounds) Whooooooo!

Even though the money you earn will stay in the game and you will never actually get to spend it, don’t worry if you are successful on Celebdaq you may be the winner of the £100 that the BBC pay out each week. The winner will be the one who has made the most gain over the past week. The highest gain I have ever made is around 200% the winners usually gain around 1906.34%. Someone tell me how do they do it!!!!!!!

Remember you can only have a chance to win if you are over 16 and have registered with full details.

Getting Started
Now you know what the game involves, lets get you registered. It is easy, just click on Sign up to play on the home page of the celebdaq website, chose a funky username and there you go your there. Get your £10,000 and buy, buy, buy. If you have no idea who to buy there are a couple of ways in which you can be guided. On the home page, there is a top five biggest earners in the past hour. My advice would to be put all your shares in one of these celebrities. Think about how much you have seen them in the paper and try and work out how long they will gain for you for! If you are really stuck the celebdaq will work out your portfolio for you, just to start you off. You can get this option from your portfolio (which comes up when you log in)

Remember you buy and sell your shares whenever you want, so if your not happy with something sell, sell, sell!!

If you decide to chose what shares you buy you can check the celebrity’s gain in the last 24 hours by clicking on their profile. It includes facts and past interesting features about the celebrity and may even affect if you buy the shares or not!

When you have bought your celebrities have a look at them in your portfolio. Each celebrity should be listed with the amount each share costs each, how many you have, how much you paid for them and what they are worth after you have bought them. Also next to their names is a red arrow pointing down, or a green arrow pointing up. Which shows you whether your celeb is losing of gaining!

Personal Leagues
The main celebdaq chart includes everyone which has made a gain at the game. This could be 1%. However if your not really interested with competing with thousands, I would suggest starting your own personal league. The option to do this can be found on the pro-trader version of your portfolio. When you register you will not automatically be changed to the pro-trader version. You can swap and change to either the normal or pro whenever you want. The pro-trader page does not include the full names of the celebrities, so it is best to use the normal version until you get used to the game. The person who sets up the personal league will need to give it a name and type in the ID number of all the people who want to be in the league.

KarenUK has set one up called OpWriters, it includes people from Ciao and Dooyoo. At the moment there are 10 members. I really enjoy being in a small league as you can swap tips!!

TV Show
If you get really hooked and can’t live with just getting an e-mail alert of WAP alert if your celeb shares fall. Don’t worry there is a Celebdaq show on BBC 3 at 10:30 every week day. Here you will gain insight of how to play and even a few tips on who is going to be the best celebrities to buy. If you don’t have BBC 3 the show can be viewed through the celebdaq website, however will my slow internet connection it doesn’t look or sound very good. I find it best to video it on BBC 3. Even though the show is useful it is not a vital part of the game, you can still be successful without it!

Layout of Website
When you first get to the home page it is rather messy! I was confused when I first saw it and managed to find the toolbar on the left hand side which explains how to play and how to join. The colour of the website is purple and orange, which actually looks quite effective when you get it together! I think the website navigation is easy when you have visited the site many times. If you are a newbie have a good look around at everything before you buy your shares just to make sure that you have what you want selected!

When my boyfriend first got his million and his money was reset, he thought that someone had hacked into his account and cheated. However he did not read the instructions properly. This is a very good point about the game. To get everything sorted visit the How to play section on the left hand side of the home page. In this link there are other sections which will hopefully answer all of your questions.
e.g. What are the significance of the symbols?

There is also a message board on the website where you can discuss various points. I have never posted there but have had a peek and there are currently 6540 messages which apparently will let you into the secrets of being successful ( I may visit that later!)

If there is a celebrity that you feel shouldn’t be in the celebdaq list then you can write and let the people at celebdaq know. A month ago One true Voice (boy band from Popstars the rivals) were de-listed. However you can also apply to list people, whether they will appear is a different matter.

I really enjoy playing Celebdaq, it is a game that doesn’t take a lot of time and can be played by everyone. As mentioned before the layout of the website needs to be viewed several times before you get used to it, but overall I would recommend it to anyone who is into gossip or making money.

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  • RICOUK published 22/04/2005
    I too am a multimillionaire but I prefer Sportdaq, it is easier to get money as they are more predictable to get good dividends.
  • JayHall1991 published 01/12/2004
    I have tried this so many times, but am rubbish i just buy everyone i like.
  • mrsatchmo published 22/11/2004
    My son plays this and he really enjoys it but hes not Bill gates yet but he has a mansion, sports car and boats
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