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About me: Thanks for the reads and rates :) Not got much time for reviewing at the moment as I am currently in the process of training my beautiful cocker spaniel puppy but will return any rates, as always, asap. xx

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Can be fun to use and gives you a chance to make a site dedicated to you


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This site is very well designed, very colorful and welcoming. Its nice to look at. The page where you go to sign in changes its design frequently. It never stays the same and you can often see annoying but useful advertisements stuck directly in the middle of it. For instance right now there's a ad for a competition to win a PSP and you will also see options to invite others, upload photos and videos to your profile or to register. The site offers loads of skins to decorate your profile with including celebrity inspired ones or skins designed to advertise products and then there's also just nicely designed ones on offer, thats only purpose are purely to decorate your profile. Its also easy to find your way around.

Bebo has recently updated the complete layout for your profile making it even more attractive. You can add photos and widgets too such as blingees which are designed by adding a photo then using there various icons and beautiful glitters and cool stamps to make your photo really stand out. Then there's animated slide shows and many other choices of apps and widgets you can add to personalize and jazz up your profile so that its a dazzling reflection of you and your interests.



Users can send messages publicly in comments which means that they can be seen by anyone who views your profile if your profile is not private. If it is then only those people on your friends list will see it. In these comments you can add various smileys with simple use of a few keys on your keyboard.

There fairly easy to send and now there's a option in which you can just hit reply without going to the profile of the person who your sending a message to which is a lot more convenient. I found when i couldn't do this before i kept forgetting what i was replying to before the person who i was sending the messages profile had even loaded. You can also add photos too your comments by clicking where it guides you too.


Mailing your messages is a great option if you want to keep your conversations private. You just go to that persons profile and at the top beside where there photo is you simply click send message. After this a form comes up with there name and lots of space to send them a message. You can also send your messages to lots of people at once and you can add skins too your emails to decorate them just like you do with your profile.

Once you have written your message you just click the send button located at the bottom of the message after this it brings you to the main page where all your conversations with other members will be listed and you should get a confirmation that your email has just been sent . When your here you can also sort out your emails you can read them or delete them once your in this area by clicking the buttons supplied to do so.


Your home page is where you will be able to see if you have any new friends requests,comments or application invites you will also see updates of your friends and what they have been up to weather it be new photos or new profile sayings they are all displayed here.


There are groups and bands of all kinds ranging from ones based on music to ones based on your favorite actors,actresses,singers and even members of bebo like yourself. You can join these by clicking the option to join at the top left corner where the photo for the band or group is and you can also create your own dedicated to yourself, your favorite person or anything else that catches your interest.


There is so many of these varying from ones for photos and slide shows til quizzes and games and thats not even covering them all as that would take too long. Every app you choose to add can be a lot of fun and add to your bebo experience. Each one you chose will be visible on your profile and you can often use apps to interact with other bebo members and friends. If you add the my stuff app you will be pleased to know you can add any widgets or interesting things from other sites directly to your bebo with this.


You can upload your favorite videos from youtube to your profile bu copying the URL to the space provided and clicking upload. You can also use there own link to do this personally i think that the youtube option is a lot more straight forward and easy to use but it depends on the person really and weather they want to upload a video they have created themselves or not.


Your profile should be a reflection of you all your interests and hobbies will be displayed here and all your favorite music. Your profile can have so many different looks thanks to the many different skins on offer and there's even a option to design your own although i will say this is quite complicated and took me a long time to figure out how to do and even when i did design my own one i still preferred the skins that are already provided. On your profile you will see your photos, your music videos your applications, groups and bands. you will also see all of your comments and any updates near to the bottom of your page.


Signing up is very easy you just enter your details including your email name and all the usual things most sites ask for once you finish filling this in you will be sent a confirmation email and once clicked your account will be verified.


In your settings menu you can do various things you can choose the age limit of those you allow to contact you and you can decide weather you want to keep your profile private or set it to public, you can also choose weather your music video automatically plays when someone goes onto your profile or you can make it that they have to click it for it to go on, and you can decide weather your want to review your comments before they are accepted this gives you the option to decide before they appear on your profile weather you approve of them or not.


This is a very handy option and id say its best for concerned parents as is the age limit choice because this means you can control who accesses your child's profile and what age limit you allow the people who are contacting them to be. This is a very good thing and a plus to bebo because as i have found out myself with years off being online. You can never be too careful and there's lots of weirdos. One thing i will say is from my own experience. Especially one in particular where a guy contacted me on bebo looking for a girl who he said was missing and he said he wanted to make people aware of it and help her be found. She was later found. It turned out he had been involved in her disappearance. I even remember saying to my mum there was something about him that i just didn't like and that he was creepy when he first contacted me. I am sure when there's one dangerous person like this there is many more. One person who tried to get me to meet him wasn't even who he said he was and its lucky i knew better than to meet him. I have certainly came across more than enough creeps and iv been on almost every social site there is . It really does take a lot of monitoring by parents to prevent people like this contacting there kids because even habbo hotel is full of weirdos and thats one place i least expected to be like that. My best advice would be until your kids are of teen years or older and old enough to know who to stay away from to avoid letting them be on social sites altogether.


For more mature people there's nothing wrong with this at all. It just means anyone can see your profile which usually ensures more friends requests and visits. Mine is public although as i am writing this its getting me thinking that maybe its not a good idea after all. No matter what age or how sensible you are to let others see your messages and personal details is never the safest of things for a number of rather obvious reasons.


Bebo is a great site for the first while its quite addictive. I have found like with most things that the fascination wears off after a while though and most people on my friends list i don't have a clue who they even are. I just added them cos they sent requests lol. I think these sites have as many cons as they do pros. When i first joined i was younger and when a school friend fell out with me she used it to bully me and its easily done. I haven't been a victim off any random cyber bullying on it but i hear this happens quite a lot and it has quite a bad impact on those who it happens too. I strongly advice for this reason and the previous reason mentioned about how many creeps are on these sites that you do your best to keep your kids from using them until there older. This is difficult though due to there popularity so if that fails then just always check on them and ask who there speaking too. This can be a enjoyable site when used responsibly.


This site is free to use.
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garymarsh86 27.09.2009 16:47

Good review I have enough to contend with facebook though so I probably wouldnt join this as well.

loveofnight 27.09.2009 16:25

nice presentation, format and detail

tartlette83 27.09.2009 14:38

Never took to this one, great review x

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