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... One yellow notice in particular caught my attention earlier this year – I made a mental note to check out the site and see what it had to deliver, half expecting it to be a joke! The result however is a web directory using company logos to aid the person conducting the ... Read review

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Community Level 6whitbybunny



AdvantagesHas lots of top listings all under one roof, helps users to find new companies

DisadvantagesThat's about all it does!

"...a bad thing that the team have included this into their product. It’s known as one of the quickest and most extensive search engines out there and can be very useful to internet users. ~ THIS MONTHS TOPTEN WEBSITES. It is unclear where this information comes from as no detail is provided. It does include links to sites such as Yahoo, ebay, Friends Reunited in it’s current rundown. It would be nice if these were the top ten sites ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mervynme

mervynme, great site

AdvantagesAll the top links in one place


"Driving along in North London and saw a sign, Catchy name, got home and went on line, all the top shopping sites, news and much more, with the searching done for you. What I did like was the breakdown of links by headings, travel, news, whats on. Plus they have something called hot links which provides a further breakdown of good sources of information. This includes all the main football clubs website links, even the Premier League ..." Read review

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Type Travel Information
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 09/03/2002

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similar by Type (Travel Information)
Free. Comprehensive. Easy to use.
Maps need to change format to square. (*)
lots of free maps, free route planner
route planner slow (*)
Easy to Use, Offers Great Advice, Read Before Your Book!
Covers only Europe, Mainly Canaries, Spain & Greece. (*)
Covers just about every aspect of computer life and requirements
None (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
MANY (*)
Everything you need to know before making a trip
none (*)
good for travel planning and you can't get to a station
unreliable, no effective competition (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (B)
Great site for a virtual trip around Blackpool
I found one link that went to the wrong place. (*)
Good origional site
Lack's content, not all resort listed. (*)
Great choice of destinations.
Too big for their boots. (*)
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