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Community Level 4blackpuddi...


Photo Diary Addiction Review with images

AdvantagesGets you thinking about your photos; Nice to read back; Design is fantastic


"The sheer amount of websites on offer to display your photography skills (or lack of) is staggering. Pictures of absolutely anything can be found on Flickr (where I tend to put my shots) from shots of cats wearing penguin costumes to penguins not wearing cat costumes. What this does is create an absolutely vast catalogue that, after about 15 minutes, I get bored with. But then I found Blipfoto. A word of caution, this way obsession lies. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 2hcna


Highly addictive

Advantagesaddictive, a great way to inspire your photography

Disadvantagesfull membership and shop items pricey

"I have been a member of Blipfoto now for just over 2 years and it is now a full-blown addiction. The essence is simple: upload a photo a day, taken on that day, and build an online, photographic journal of your life. You don't have to upload a photo every day. You don't have to upload a photo on the day it was taken. We have been on a couple of holidays and I have furiously 'back blipped' on my return, uploading a photo for every day we were away. Basic, ..." Read review

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Type Photography
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 03/11/2008

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similar by Type (Photography)
example photos, easy navigation, thorough
not novice-friendly, no prices on display, no good search engine (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
Great organization, some excellent artists, friendly community
A slight tendecy to uphold 3d art over the rest, an honest opinion is sometimes a rare thing. (*)
You are given the opportunity to publish freely on the web.
It can be slow for the main index page to download. (*)
Get to own books for free
You could get addicted. (*)
Free, Blogs, Polls, Artists, Global, Uploads
Anime Fans, Comments, Badges, Childish (*)
Very comprehensive
One or two links a little sub-standard (*)
similar by Name (A-Z) (B)
Great source of markets and related information.
Some information is a bit out of date (*)
easy to browse through a large number of pieces
huge delivery charges (*)
(*) Reviews by Ciao members

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