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Community Quote It was set up in April 2001 and it is basically a way of giving and receiving books completely free of charge! Many of you may already be familiar with the American site, where a rubber stamp is used to place a message on a banknote asking users of that banknote ... Read review

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Give Some Free Books, GET Some Free Books! Review with images

AdvantagesPass books you don't want anymore onto strangers who will appreciate them

DisadvantagesIt may be a while if at all before the strangers tell you how and where they found your books and what they thought of them!

"Love books? Have too many books but canít bear to throw them away? Then youíll LOVE this site. Iíve actually been a member for some years now but only recently started to actively use it. Itís a very unusual concept but one that Iíll attempt to explain in this review. Once you get your head around what itís about, Iím prepared to bet many of you will head over there just to check it out, and a high percentage of you may even become members. Itís absolutely ..." Read review

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Love your Books? Then Set Them Free. Review with images

AdvantagesShare your books.

DisadvantagesSometimes the site can be a little slow

" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In September 2005 I read a review on Ciao about bookcrossing. I was instantly hooked. I joined immediately and I am an active member to date. Bookcrossing was created in April 2001 and it has already entered the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (in August 2004) where it is defined as 'the practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by ..." Read review

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Community Level 7moose


1000's OF FREE BOOKS ON THE LOOSE Diamond review

AdvantagesFree to join and use, superb way of recycling your old books

DisadvantagesSome books might get binned, you can't always guarantee your books will be found and registered by their new owners

"I have found a gemÖa real feel good site that I am sure will be of use to many other members hereÖand Iím dead excitedÖ.I just want to tell everyone about it! I actually came across it thanks to a freebie site and curiosity got the better of me so I joinedÖnow I am addicted! WHATS IT ABOUT THEN? The website is called BookCrossing, its been around since April 2001 and its basically a way of giving and receiving books to and from total strangers ..." Read review

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Community Level 5rachels_ra...


A Safe and Legal Addiction I'm WILD About...!

AdvantagesAllows you to share your books with others around the world and allows you to gain books from others. Increases your book reading range, in a sense you can try before you buy!


" Bookcrossing sounds like a simple enough website hey? A simple enough procedure even when you learn what itís about. But itís more than that. Itís an addiction waiting to happenÖ! ~WHAT IS BOOKCROSSING?~ The process itself is simple enough. First you need to go to the website and register. This couldnít be simpler. Chose a screen name, input a few of your details and youíre done. Nothing other than your screen name, age and location will be ..." Read review

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Community Level 1drutty


Freeing books is very freeing.

AdvantagesGreat way to find new authors, good way to clear out books you'll never read again

DisadvantagesWebsite can be a bit slow, no guarantee that your books will be picked up

"Intro ------ I have always loved reading and when I stumbled across Bookcrossing (, I was delighted to find a great way to meet like-minded people. Over the years, I found that my bookshelves were filling up quite rapidly - some with books that I hated and some with books that I loved and wanted to share and discuss with people. Bookcrossing is a movement that encourages you to do just that - by registering your book ..." Read review

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Type Literature
Domain Extension .com


Listed on Ciao since 25/08/2003

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similar by Type (Literature)
Brilliantly simple idea
None so far (*)
read for free!
not a huge amount of choice at the moment (*)
similar by Domain Extension (.com)
It's funny.
It's not as good as seeing it "in the flesh" (*)
Relive your youth
None! (*)
Gets your work shown
They don't want to know if you don't pay. (*)
A vast selection of paintings
American site, and paintings are expensive (*)
Great organization, some excellent artists, friendly community
A slight tendecy to uphold 3d art over the rest, an honest opinion is sometimes a rare thing. (*)
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